Is Indian Shoe Size Same as UK? | Explained with FAQs

Is Indian shoe size same as UK? โ€“ Yes!

UK and Indian shoe sizes are the same. They have no differences, sizes are exactly the same.

Letโ€™s understand this from an example: If you buy shoes from Amazon or Flipkart of size 8 according to the Indian shoe size chart. It would be 8 as per the UK shoe size chart as they are exactly the same.

Now you should not have any doubt regarding UK and Indian size but when you compare Indian size to the US then you need to take care of conversions.

Is Indian shoe size UK size?

Yes, the Indian shoe size is UK size. We always look for international brands to get high-quality products whether itโ€™s footwear and shoes, clothes, electronic items etc.

Whether you are buying a pair of shoes or sneakers from an international brand then we can look for the UK shoe size chart instead of an Indian shoe size conversion table (if it is not available).

But when it comes to buying a pair of shoes from an international brand we can look for the UK shoe size chart instead of an Indian shoe size conversion table (if it is not available).

How to Measure Shoe Size for Your Feet Accurately?

footwear size chart

Well-fitted shoes are very comfortable and can take your outfit to the next level. If you are going to spend more money on footwear, then having the right pair of shoes is essential for your foot health and they must be true to size.

So how to measure shoe size for your feet accurately?

Letโ€™s see how to measure Indian shoe size in cm or inches.

What is required to measure your foot size

  • 2 Sheets of Plain paper (white would be the best)
  • A  ruler for the measurement
  • A pen or marker

How to Measure

  1. Put your left foot on the piece of paper, and make sure that you flatten your foot completely.
  2. Take the marker pen, and mark the end position of the longest finger toe and the heel.
  3. Similarly, do this with the right foot as there may be a slight difference between the right and the left foot.
  4. Now, measure both ends with the measurement scale.
  5. Add 1 cm extra to get the actual size for your foot.

The Results: How to Interpret Them?

You have now measured both of your feet. Your measurements must have been in centimetres. These will help you to determine the exact shoe size.

If you measure the shoes in cm, you will certainly get different measurements. They always have differences in size.

While measuring the foot, you could obtain two sizes to select, always go for the higher shoe size number for a comfortable fit. In this blog article, you will see the Indian shoe size in cm and inches. These tables will help you to find the perfect and accurate size.

Make sure to watch this video on how to measure shoe size at home!

Video on How to Measure Shoe Size for Your Feet Accurately

Indian Shoe Size in CM

Whether you are buying shoes online or offline, they must be comfortable and true to size. Isnโ€™t it?

Do you know foot problems like Calluses, Blisters, Bunions, Corns, Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and many more foot health problems occur from un-fitted shoes or bad shoes?

So it is very important to get the proper fitting shoe that is true to size.

Indian Shoe Size in CM for Men

Getting the right size for men in India is essential. You can calculate your size by having a US shoe size chart. What you have to do is, just reduce 0.5 from the US shoe size. For example, 8 US shoe sizes would be 7.5 sizes in India.

But there is no similarity in Euro shoe size. It is recommended to refer to the table to get the actual size.

Is Indian Shoe Size Same as UK? Yes. When you compare Indian shoe sizes to UK shoe sizes, they are completely the same with no differences. For instance, 9 UK shoe size would be 9 size in India.

UK SizesUS SizesIndia SizesEURO SizesFoot Lenght (in / cm)
676409.4/ 24.3 24.7
787419.8/ 25.0 25.6
8984210.3/ 26.0 26.4
91094310.7/ 26.7
9.510.59.543-4410.9/ 27.0
1011104411.1/ 27.3
10.511.510.544-4511.3/ 28.1

Indian Shoe Size in CM for Women

In the given table, there is an Indian shoe size chart for females in centimetres for different countries like the US, UK, EURO and India.

Letโ€™s see the conversion chart below

UK SizesUS SizesIndia SizesEURO SizesFoot Lenght (in / cm)
46436-378.75/ 22.6 23.0
57537-389.3/ 23.4 23.9
68638-399.6/ 24.3 24.7
79739-409.9/ 25.1 25.5
810840-4110.3/ 25.9
911941-4210.7/ 26.8

Pro Tip: Suppose you buy the shoes and donโ€™t like your new shoes you can return them to the store or online platforms like Amazon or Flipkart. The process is simple. The shoe condition must be good and look as new as they were before. These are some ways to make your shoes look new so that you can return them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What are the most common men and women shoe sizes in India?

In India, the most common shoe size for men falls between 7 to 8 and when it comes to women the average shoe size lies between 6 to 7.

Q2. How to convert UK shoe size to Indian?

Whether you want to know how to convert UK shoe size to Indian or how to convert Indian shoe size to UK?. The process is very simple. You donโ€™t need to do anything to convert their shoe sizes because they are already the same. Isnโ€™t it surprising?

For example, 7 Uk size would be exactly the 7 size in India but 8 in the US

Q3. What is 4 UK size in India?

4 UK size in India would be exactly 4. UK and Indian patterns of shoe size measurement are the same, therefore their conversion charts are also the same. 23 cm is 4 UK/India size.

What is UK size 8 in India?

As UK size is equivalent to Indian size, there are no differences in the size chart.

8 UK size = 8 Indian size

8 UK size = 8 Indian size = 9 US size = 42 EURO size = 26 CM


What is Indian shoe size 7 in UK?


UK shoe size in India?

Yes, there is no doubt that UK and Indian footwear sizes are the same. We discussed the topic of โ€œUK shoe size in Indiaโ€ earlier.

10 UK size in India in cm

What is 10 UK shoe size? Letโ€™s understand this with the help of a conversion table.


Is UK 10 a medium or small?

UK 10 is considered medium size. The shoe size between 8 and 10 is considered medium and from 6-8 are small and 12-14 are large. Refer to the given chart for more information. For example, 8 in the UK would be 8 in India but 6 in the US and considered small size for the US.

Letโ€™s understand this with the conversion chart


Final Verdict: Is Indian Shoe Size Same as UK

Wearing the right fitted shoe is good for your foot health. Whether you are buying shoes for running, sports, athletic, casual or ethnic purposes they must fit right.

I think your problem on โ€œIs Indian shoe size same as UKโ€ has been solved now. I have covered many questions related to foot and shoe size in the FAQs section of the article. But if you have any other questions then feel free to ask in the comment section.

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