US Shoe Size to India (Explained) – US vs INDIA Conversion Charts For Men, Women & Kids

India is a country where tourists come from various countries to explore Indian culture and for shopping. The problem arises with US people when they shop for shoes of the perfect size because they get confused between US and Indian shoe sizes.

If you are buying a pair of shoes in the Indian market, you must know the US shoe size to India shoe size otherwise you would get the wrong size.

But don’t worry! We have got this covered in this article.

Once you read this blog, you would be able to differentiate between Indian shoe size to US for men, women & kids, how to convert Indian shoe sizes to US sizes, and some important frequently asked questions at the end.

Let’s start finding your US shoe size if you are stuck in Indian shoe sizes.

India to US Shoe Size Chart Men’s

The below chart is showing US men’s shoe size to India size conversion chart. Let’s understand this with an example, US shoe size 9 would be 8 in the Indian size chart and 8 Indian shoe size would be 8 in the UK size as Indian and UK shoe sizes are exactly the same.

You can see the shoe conversion table for other countries, which are considered international shoe size conversion charts (For US, UK, India, Euro, Italy, Canada & Philippines). Also, you will find different shoe size values in Centimeters and inches in the above conversion size chart.

Indian Shoe Size = US shoe Size + 1

US Shoe sizeIndia Shoe SizeEurope Shoe SizeUK Shoe SizeFoot Lenght (Inches)Foot Lenght (Centimetres)
653959.25″23.5 cm
6.55.5395.59.5″23.8 cm
764069.63″24.4 cm
7.56.540-416.59.75″24.8 cm
874179.94″25.4 cm
8.57.541-427.510.13″25.7 cm
9842810.25″26.0 cm
9.58.542-438.510.44″26.7 cm
10943910.56″27.0 cm
10.59.543-449.510.75″27.3 cm
1110441010.94″27.9 cm
11.510.544-4510.511.13″28.3 cm
1211451111.25″28.6 cm
1312461211.56″29.4 cm
1413471311.88″30.2 cm
1514481412.19″31.0 cm
1615491512.5″31.8 cm
us shoe size to India

US Shoe Size To Indian Shoe Size Chart for Women

The below chart displays the US Shoe Size to Indian Shoe Size chart for females.

For example, the US shoe size of 6 would be 4 in the Indian shoe size (after the conversion of the Indian shoe size into us). The US shoe size 7, when converted to the Indian/UK shoe size, will be 5. Refer to the given table for complete information on the US (American) shoe sizing guide.

Indian Shoe Size = US shoe Size + 2

US Shoe Size India Shoe Size Europe Shoe Size UK Shoe SizeFoot Lenght (Inches)Foot Lenght (Centimetres)
423528.19″20.6 cm
4.52.5352.58.38″21.3 cm
5335-3638.50″21.6 cm
5.53.5363.58.75″22.2 cm
6436-3748.88″22.6 cm
6.54.5374.59.06″23.0 cm
7537-3859.25″23.5 cm
7.55.5385.59.38″23.8 cm
8638-3969.50″24.1 cm
8.56.5396.59.69″24.6 cm
9739-4079.88″25.1 cm
9.57.5407.510.0″25.5 cm
10840-41810.19″25.9 cm
10.58.5418.510.31″26.2 cm
11941-42910.50″26.7 cm
11.59.5429.510.69″27.1 cm
121042-431010.88″27.6 cm
1310.54510.511.0″27.9 cm
1411.546.511.511.25″28.6 cm
1513481312.25″31.12 cm
1614491412.68″32.2 cm
1715501512.99″33.0 cm

Children’s Shoe Size Conversion India to US

Finding the right fitted shoe size is significant for kids. A child’s feet are more susceptible to infection than an adult’s. The rule is the same for kids’ shoes when converting US sizes to Indian sizes.

How to calculate the perfect kids’ shoe size?

Perfect Indian shoe size can be obtained by subtracting 1 from a US size. Refer to the given table for complete information.

US Shoe Size India Shoe Size Europe Shoe Size UK Shoe SizeFoot Lenght (Centimetres/ Inches)
5421413.3 cm /5.2″
5.54.521.54.513.5 cm / 5.3″
6522514 cm / 5.5″
6.55.522.55.514.3 cm / 5.6″
7623614.5 cm / 5.7″
7.56.523.56.514.8 cm / 5.8″
8724715 cm / 5.9″
8.57.524.57.515.3 cm / 6.0″
9825815.5 cm / 6.1″
9.58.5268.516 cm / 6.2″
10927916.5 cm / 6.4″
10.59.527.59.516.8 cm / 6.6″
1110281017 cm / 6.7″
11.510.528.510.517.3 cm / 6.8″
1211291117.5 cm / 6.9″
12.511.53011.518 cm / 7.0″
1312311218.5 cm / 7.2″
13.512.531.512.518.8 cm / 7.4″
1413321319 cm / 7.6″

One thing that you must remember is that shoe sizes differ from brand to brand because each manufacturer makes shoes as per their own pattern so having a slight difference in sizes is obvious. Before you select any size make sure to measure your feet size to get a perfect size.

How To Measure Shoe Size or Foot Size at Home: Step-by-Step

If you do not know your perfect foot size, watch this video to learn how to measure shoe size at home.

Is US and Indian size the same?

No, US and Indian shoe sizes are not the same. Because the US use different sizing pattern. Let’s understand the US shoe size chart pattern with the help of examples, a US shoe size 8 would be 7 in size for men in India, and 6 for female shoe size in India. US shoe size 10 when converted to an Indian size pattern, would be 9 size for men and 8 for women.

It is rightly said that UK and Indian shoe size patterns are the same. So 8 size in the UK would be 8 in India and vice versa. All these figures are fully explained in the charts above with centimeters and inches also.

Tip: Whether you are searching for shoes on Amazon or other stores and see the UK shoe size chart instead of an Indian shoe conversion chart, in this case, follow the UK size chart because UK and Indian shoe sizes are exactly the same.

What Shoe Size Does India Follow?

India follows the UK shoe size pattern which means shoe sizes are measured by UK size measurements. If you have any confusion regarding the size pattern then you can take the reference of the above conversion charts for different countries such as the USA, UK, India and Europe.

The size charts on retailer websites like Amazon and Flipkart will only show UK sizes, so you need not worry since UK and Indian sizes are the same. For example, 5 shoe size in the UK is equal to 5 shoe size in India.

5 Best Tips to Follow When Selecting Shoe Size For Men, Women and Kids

us shoe size chart to Indian shoe size chart
  • Always measure the feet’ size in the evening or at the end of a work day. It is scientifically proven that “our feet expand in the morning”. It doesn’t seem logical, but it happens.
  • While buying shoes online, reading reviews would give more information about that particular footwear size. This act will ensure whether shoes are true to size or not.
  • You must wear socks while measuring the foot size. This will help in getting the perfect shoe size.
  • Make sure to check the shoe size chart provided by the different brands to get an accurate fit for your feet.
  • Measure your foot size by following the detailed guide explained above.

Frequently Asked Questions: US shoe size to India Shoe Size Chart

Q1. Is US shoe size same as India?

No, US shoe sizes are not the same as Indian shoe sizes. US shoe size has different methods to measure size charts and India does not follow US size chart Pattern. Generally, we need to add 1 size more in Indian size for men and 2 size more for females. India follows the UK size chart pattern for a very long time. Refer to this shoe size conversion chart for a better understanding.

Q2. How to check US shoe size and convert to India?

Understanding the US size chart is easy if you read this whole article. Let’s understand this with the help of an example, 10 shoe size in the US would be 9 shoe size in India as per the US size pattern. This way you can convert the US conversion chart to the Indian chart.

Q3. Which country shoe size is used in India?

India uses the UK (united kingdom) shoe size pattern. So we can say UK and Indian shoe size charts are exactly the same. You can follow the UK shoe size chart when shopping online in India if you don’t find the size chart for India.

Q4. Is US and UK shoe size the same?

No, US and UK shoe sizes are not the same. They are close to the same but they are not the same. There is actually a surprising similarity between the sizes of UK shoes and US shoes. For more information read this complete blog post.

Q5. What is the equivalent Indian shoe size for the UK size 8?

India follows the UK shoe sizing pattern. So the UK size 8 would be exactly 8 in India for both Men and Women. If you do not how to measure your feet size and how sizes are calculated then make sure to read this complete article.

Q6. What is US shoe size 5.5 to India?

US shoe size 5.5 would be 4.5 in India and 4.5 in the UK. Read the complete article to know how it is calculated.

Q7. What is US size 7 in India?

If your shoe size is 7 in the US and wants to convert to the size of India then it would be 6 shoe size in India (deduct 1 from the US shoe size).

What is size 5 in US?

US SizeEuro SizeUK SizeCMInches
Big kid shoe size (7 – 12 years)

What is size 38 in US?

US SizesEuro SizeUK SizeCMInches
Big Kid Shoe Size Conversions (7 – 12 years)

What is size 40 in US?

US Men’sEuro SizeUS Women’s
Men and Women Shoe Size Conversions

Final Verdict: US Shoe Size to India Size Chart

Choosing the right shoe size is really important to get the proper fitting footwear. The best practice is to always look at the conversion table when buying running shoes, sneakers, formal shoes, or sandals.

In this article, we have seen how to convert US shoe size to Indian shoe size. If you have any doubts about footwear size charts then ask in the comment section given below.

If you like this information, please share it with your friends and beloved ones.

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