How to Select Shoe Size on Amazon India? | (3 Easy Steps)

We love to buy shoes online as it saves us time and money. But sometimes it may be a little challenging. For example, buying shoes from online retailers such as Amazon or Flipkart can be challenging if you do not know the right and perfect size for your feet.

Now the question is how to select shoe size on Amazon India.

Selecting the right shoe size on Amazon India is easy. First, know your foot size then compare it to the shoe size available by Amazon India. You will find the perfect shoe size number and great fit.

You may wonder how to select shoe sizes for online shopping- Online shopping needs extra attention while buying as you do not touch the product physically. However, selecting the right shoe size is crucial to get the perfect and comfortable fit for your feet.

Sometimes shoe sizes differ from brand to brand. So it is good to first know the foot measurements such as size in cm and how wide your feet are etc.

How to Select Shoe Size on Amazon India

While buying shoes on Amazon India, people face difficulties in selecting the perfect size. Indian shoe size charts are not available on The US, UK, UN and EURO sizes are available, this creates confusion for the Indian people.

Do not confuse yourself if you see only the US shoe size chart on Amazon because it is very easy to calculate and convert Indian shoe sizes from US shoe sizes. Simply reduce 1 size for Men and 2 sizes for women in the US footwear conversion chart in order to get the right fitted footwear. Didn’t get it yet? Make sure to read the complete article.

What to do now?

After reading this article your queries on how to select shoe size on Amazon India? how to choose shoe size when shopping online? how to select shoe size for online shopping? Will be solved.

Tip: Indian shoe size is equivalent to UK shoe size. They are exactly the same. For example, a shoe size 9 in India will be a 9 shoe size in the UK.

1: Go to Amazon

how to select shoe size on amazon India

First, go to Amazon India and select the shoes that you want to buy. Then click on the size to get all shoe sizes that are available on Amazon.

2: See the Shoe Size Chart

At the bottom of the description section of the shoe, you will find a shoe size chart link for that particular shoe, clicking on that would give you different sizes of UK/India, US, European shoes and heel to toe measurements. India and UK shoe sizes would be in one category as they follow the same shoe sizes.

When buying shoes from other sites, there may not be an Indian size chart, but it will surely have measurements for UK shoe sizes. This will help you pick the perfect pair.

Go through that chart and find the perfect size for yourself.

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3: Select Your Size

how to select shoe size on amazon India

After understanding the Amazon shoe size chart, select your perfect footwear size with the help of that given table.

Suppose UK and Indian shoe sizes are not given then what to do? You can find Indian shoe sizes with the help of the US size chart. 6 US shoe sizes would be equal to 5 in India for men but for women, it would be 4 in India.

The Benefits of Shopping at Amazon

Benefits of Shopping at Amazon

There are thousands of online sites and stores. Do you know which is best?

They all are good but Amazon is a different and unique platform with lots of features. It is not difficult to use for a beginner.

I think everyone knows about Amazon’s presence. It deals in several countries of the world and makes sure to make available each and every item of consumer needs such as furniture, groceries hardware etc.

Amazon has a lot of benefits. Let’s look at some benefits of shopping at Amazon.

1: Huge Variety of Products

Amazon has a wide variety of products. One can find every item on this platform. Many branded companies know the craze of Amazon among people so they prefer launching their products on Amazon.

Whether small or big companies both are listed on this platform and try to make available every product to the customers.

2: Huge Discounts

Everybody likes online shopping because it saves a lot of money. The festive season brings huge discounts and sales to customers. Prices are always lower as compared to regular prices. You will find great items during sale time. In a highly competitive market, buyers benefit from the discounted price as they get the best deal.

3: Great Customer Service

It is my personal experience that Amazon has great customer service. It has a good reputation in the eyes of the public regarding Amazon so it doesn’t want to make it worse by giving bad post-purchase service.

Executives sort out the customer’s problems in a couple of minutes. Reviews and ratings of the existing customers on Amazon are great service that helps in selecting a particular product.

In short, Amazon makes the purchasing process really convenient for customers.

Conclusion on Amazon Shoe Size Guide

Amazon is really a great platform to buy shoes. I think your query on selecting the shoe size on Amazon India has been solved. Whether you are using Amazon on your phone or desktop the process is the same.

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