Top 7 Best Ethnic Footwear for Men to Dress up Like A True Gentleman in Festivals

It’s the end of august so let’s welcome the festive seasons with ethnic wear, because of the corona pandemic, we were all staying at home in slippers or barefoot! Right?. We didn’t celebrate any of the festivals with happiness so leave all the things behind and get ready for nearing festive season with excitement and with the best ethnic footwear for men to dress up like a true gentleman.

There are so many festivals which are just around the corner such as Diwali, Rakhi, Haldi, Mehndi, Wedding and pooja. You can’t think of wearing your western footwear on these festivals and occasions (I won’t), It will look awkward. You need the best Indian ethnic footwear for men.

Ethnic clothes without perfect ethnic footwear look imperfect.

Isn’t it?

Ethnic clothes are worn on some special occasions like Diwali, Haldi, Wedding etc. otherwise, we occasionally wear ethnic clothes. Still, one thing that everybody likes about them is, that they are so attractive and traditional.

We always focus on buying the best ethnic kurtas for men and ethnic printed shirts and we fill our wardrobe with all of these outfits. But we forget one most important thing for us.

Yeah, guys, you got right. That’s a good pair of ethnic footwear!

We believe that footwear is the most important part of your whole attire, without the best ethnic footwear you can imagine how you are going to look.

Even a perfect dress on your body may not be so good without having the best ethnic men’s footwear for weddings that really suits your outfit.

So what are you waiting for?

Reading this whole article will help you to get to know about the best footwear for ethnic wear that you really need in the festive season. You can wear casual shoes also but you know wearing footwear based on occasion makes us confident and cool.

Don’t have time? Get our top pick!

If you do not have much time to read this full article then don’t worry! Just check out the best pick!

5 Best Ethnic Footwear Brands in India

best ethnic footwear brands

Before looking at Indian traditional shoes online let’s know 5 classic and traditional footwear brands.

You will have a lot of ethnic footwear options from the 5 best ethnic footwear brands in India so you can trust these brands. Indian Ethnic footwear such as Kolhapuri chappals, leather Sandals, Strappy leather flats and ethnic mules etc.

1. Bata

Bata is one of the oldest shoe brands established in 1894. Now bata manufactures casual shoes, formal shoes, ethnic footwear, high-quality leather shoes and so on.

Now, they craft their shoes with the latest technology and ensure that they are not left behind by other shoe brands.

Their footwear is comfortable and at the same time, you won’t be disappointed in terms of quality. The latest styles and trends are considered first before manufacturing bata footwear.

Initially, Bata used to craft traditional footwear but it stopped, now they have understood the trend of traditional and ethnic footwear in this generation. They have started making shoes for festivals and occasions like Diwali, weddings, etc.

2. Metro Shoes

Metro shoes were founded in 1947 in Colaba, Mumbai. Started with one outlet in Mumbai and has been extended to 200+ outlets all over India.

Have a wide and extensive collection of footwear and its accessories such as bags, backpacks, totes, formal, casual, ethnic, sporty, and festive collections.

Mochi shoes have a separate corner for festive seasons. They craft ethnic footwear of different varieties and styles so we can say Metro shoes are one of the best ethnic footwear brands in India.

3. Mochi Shoes

Mochi shoes were founded in 2000 in Bengaluru. It deals with footwear and its accessories such as handbags, socks, mobile cases, belts, foot care and shoe care products.

They make shoes for different occasions and most of them are versatile in nature. It has expanded the business with 150+ outlets in 50+ cities.

It has a wide range of varieties in ethnic footwear and traditional footwear.

4. Fausto

Fausto is one of the best online e-commerce stores selling their shoes via Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and their own store site. 

Stylish and traditional, both kinds of footwear are crafted as per the customer’s needs and demands.

Their shoes are of great quality and make everybody feel special. Apart from this, they are also experts in giving style tips and fashion tips.

5. Red Tape

Red tape was established in 1996 by Irshad and Rashid Mirza. Being Indian they have kept the price affordable for everyone.

They are popular in making leather material shoes and accessories of top quality. They mainly focus on the quality, style, design and comfort of the shoes.

Apart from having lots of formal shoes for parties and formal occasions from one of the good brands, they do well in the festive seasons also. They have a wide range of collections of ethnic footwear for men, women and kids.

Top 7 Best Ethnic Footwear For Men To Dress Up Like A True Gentleman This Diwali…!

1. Handmade Kolhapuris Chappals

You are reading this article showing that you are a true Indian or love Indian culture. Because as an Indian we always try to wear dresses according to the festivals and India is a country of festivals there is no doubt about this.

best ethnic footwear for men

If you are not having any pair of kolhapuris then you should update your wardrobe with these bright homemade kolhapuris from Maharashtra. They are very durable.

We always have kolhapuris in brown colour but this year you should change your colour preference and go with the different colours you will really find them amazing. We have a lot of colour options, these will take your traditional outfit to the next level. You can choose some of the best kolhapuris chappals for men. These are some:-

2. Strappy Leather Flats for Ethnic Wear

Leather flats are good for you if you want something modern to wear in a traditional dress then this option is perfect for you. They won’t disappoint you in terms of comfort, they are really comfortable and versatile in nature. You can pair them with different types of outfits.

If you believe that “Age is just a number” then no matter how old you are you can go with strappy leather flats. Leather flats must be in every man’s shoe wardrobe as it is in trend and would be loved by every man.

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3. Criss-Cross Leather Sandals

If you want sandals for yourself or just want to give them as a Diwali gift to your loved ones then this is the perfect pick for you. Sandals are very comfortable and can be worn on different occasions such as formal and informal occasions.

They are a little more formal than slip-on. They are also versatile, flexible and breathable in nature. You can wear this at the beach, at home, or at work. People love to wear this kind of shoes on occasion.

4. Minimal Leather Mules for the Festive Season

Leather mules on your feet make your whole attire stylish. A good pair of mules are the best footwear for men.

They are also versatile, you can wear mules with traditional wear like kurtas, shirts and many more outfits.

Different types of mules are available but here I will just provide you with mules for ethnic wear. Check out some of the best footwear for ethnic wear for men below. They are affordable it won’t take much from your pocket.

5. Closed Toe Sandals

We look for toe sandals when the festive seasons are around the corner. According to us, this is also a great ethnic footwear option you should go for this.

It’s not easy to find a good pair of closed-toe sandals, it will really save you precious time.

So, we have selected some best closed-toe sandals for you. you can directly choose here. You do not need to look for the best in the market, bests are provided below. Here you will find the best Indian traditional shoes online.

6. Modern Kolhapuri Sandals – Great combination of indo-western styles

If you are the kind of guy who likes to wear a mix of western and Indian styles. Then these modern kolhapuri sandals are perfect for you.

These are neither purely traditional nor western.

These are indo-western footwear. And Indian people love indo-western styles, whether it’s clothes or footwear.

7. Classic Loafers

Classic loafers are mostly loved by gentlemen. Loafers look good with most of the clothes that we wear (from ethnic to formal wear). Most of the time men love to wear loafers because of their style and trend. Classic loafers are in trend fashion.

Styling loafers on different occasions is not an easy task for every man, these are some styling tips for men that can improve their taste in fashion and style. They are affordable. We must say that loafers in the festive season are a great choice for you.

Video on How to Style Men’s Traditional Wear

Conclusion On the Best Ethnic Footwear for Men

So, guys, we have done with this article on the best ethnic footwear for men and their brands that you can not wear only on Diwali but on all special occasions like Weddings and poojas etc. I hope that you liked and selected the best traditional footwear provided in this article.

I have covered almost all 7 best Indian ethnic footwear for men, which is always in high demand and are every man’s first choice. You might find some sellers who are selling duplicate footwear so beware of them.

We would be happy to know that if you tell us which shoe you went with please let us know in the comment section below.

And at last, if you genuinely like this article then, don’t forget to share it with your family, friends & your loved ones and tell us about your review of this article in the comment box.

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