What are First Copy Shoes and How to Identify First Copy Shoes? (Explained)

Everyone wants to wear a branded pair of shoes and loves to collect different types of branded shoes in their wardrobe. But branded shoes are so costly and can put a heavy burden on the pocket of the middle class. That’s the main reason for buying the first copy shoes of popular brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma etc.

Replica shoes help a person to fulfil the desire to wear a pair of premium branded shoes to look classy without paying a high cost. If you don’t know how to identify first copy shoes? this article is written for you.

I have covered almost everything about first-copy shoes such as:

  • What are first copy shoes?
  • Best websites to buy first copy shoes
  • What are 7A quality replica shoes?
  • Why should you buy first copy shoes? and so on…

Please read this comprehensive article on the difference between original vs fake shoes.

What are First Copy Shoes?

The First copy shoes are replicas of the original shoes of luxury brands. Everything is copied from the branded shoes such as design, colour, material, brand logo etc. Hence they look exactly the same as the original branded shoes.

It’s become very difficult to differentiate for a normal person because they are almost similar except for the product quality, durability and price.

There are some popular shoe brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma and other brands which manufacture trendy shoes and sneakers but the problem with these brands is the High Price.

The average price of luxury branded shoes is around 10000 to 20000 rupees which is quite high for a normal person. However, when it comes to the first copy shoes then the price comes to 10000 to 1000 rupees.

Why branded shoes are costly?

Branded shoes are costly because of the following reasons:

  • The top quality material is used to enhance the overall quality of the product.
  • It takes a lot of time and money to create a Brand Value so they charge a bit high price.
  • Marketing Costs on advertisements, Packaging costs, and all internal costs are included in the shoe price.
  • They also provide after-sales service, warranty or guarantee against manufacturing and they have a return policy as well.

The above-mentioned reasons make branded shoes costly.

Also, 1st copy shoes don’t come up with a brand warranty and price tag because they are manufactured by a third party.

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The product quality is different and used materials are also different therefore the price of the 1st copy shoes is cheaper than the branded ones.

Legal Note: The manufacturing and selling of such 1st copy shoes is an illegal offence. If it is done without getting permission from brands then they can file a case in court.

How to find the difference between the original and first copy duplicate shoes?

It becomes very difficult to find the difference between the original and 1st copy shoes because they are almost similar in all contexts except quality, price and durability.

If you ever want to get yourself a 1st copy shoe and you don’t know the difference between the original and the first-copy shoe then it is very important for you to know the difference before investing in it.

The first and very important difference is the quality of the first copy is lower than the original branded shoe.

The second difference is the low price because of the low quality of the product. The price may down from 15000 to 1500 rupees in the case of replica shoes.

However, there are few manufacturers that you may find, who make the exact replica of the original branded shoe also you won’t be able to find the difference in the quality of the material.

These manufacturers make these shoes available at an affordable price.

The colour of the first copy of shoes fades away after washing and some uses that you won’t experience in original branded footwear.

Sometimes, such shoes are torn easily from the upper area because of their cheap quality material. Learn how to protect toe holes in duplicate shoes.

Another difference is, that original branded shoes are made perfectly, you will find perfect stitching, perfect laces and soles and insole etc. However, you won’t find this perfection in replica shoes.

Still, if you are not able to differentiate between the duplicate first copy shoe and the original branded shoe then what to do?

If you find a shoe that has a low price and comes with no warranty or guarantee with no return policy. Then think before investing in this kind of shoe because they are likely to be duplicated. Most people try to find shoes by pictures and get to know about fake or original shoes.

How to Identify Original Vs Fake Sneakers?

What are 7a Quality Copy Shoes?

7A quality copy shoes are the top quality first copy shoes because the material of 7a quality shoes is almost the same as branded shoes.

These shoes are manufactured without compromising the quality and there are few manufacturers who don’t make any compromise on the quality of the shoe while making a copy of the original ones.

Such shoes are durable too and cost more than duplicate shoes. But they are worth investing in. If you ever want a branded shoe but don’t have money to invest then always go for 1st copy shoes of 7a quality.

The main difference between the first copy and the 7a quality copy shoes is the material quality.

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1st copy shoes have very low quality and are made randomly with any kind of material. Whereas, the 7a quality copy shoes are the exact replica of the original ones with top-quality material.

However, 7a quality shoes don’t come with a warranty or guarantee or brand box packing.

Why Should You Buy 1st Copy Shoes?

Everyone has the right to look good & classy, feel trendy and stay updated with fashion trends. People of high-class society always look classy and updated with fashion trends by wearing branded shoes and apparel.

However, Middle-Class people can’t afford those branded shoes as they are so costly. 

But it doesn’t mean that they should sacrifice their desire to wear those shoes and apparel if they can wear similar shoes which look exactly the same from each side at a very low cost.

After all, it’s all about wearing confidence along with the first copy shoes and no one can beat this combination. 

Branded Sneakers are always trendy. A new model is launched every day by luxury brands so it’s quite difficult for the middle-class youth to invest in this costly footwear.

For fashion purposes or just for the look, I would recommend investing in three to four pairs of unique 7a replica shoes which will neither affect your pocket nor your dreams to wear branded footwear.

11 Ways To Identify First Copy Shoes?

It’s quite difficult to identify the difference between original shoes and first-copy shoes online.

When you shop for a pair of branded shoes online you might be doubtful whether the shoe is original or copied if you are not aware of the criteria to identify.

Read these tricks to identify the difference between original and first-copy shoes like a PRO.

1. Always Make Sure The Shoe is From an Authorised Seller

Whenever you are to buy a branded pair of shoes online then always make sure that the seller is authorised. Otherwise, you might get fake and duplicate items at a high price.

Similarly, if you decide to buy your first copy of shoes online then buy from an authorised seller. Because there are many sellers and manufacturers who are not authorised.

And they sell fake and duplicate products at a higher price. So, Stay away from those types of sellers.

2. Make Sure to Read The User Ratings and Reviews

Many online e-commerce stores like Flipkart, Amazon and Myntra provide options to their customers for ratings and reviews of the product.

So, Before buying anything you must read the reviews and ratings of the product that you want to buy. Also, what they are saying about the seller? This will definitely help you to get the perfect shoe with no fault.

3. Inspect the Material of The Shoe

original vs fake sneakers

The quality of the material and fabric says a lot about the shoe whether it is a first copy or a branded original shoe. Always inspect the material quality before purchasing any sneaker.

Top-quality material is used in original branded shoes whereas very low-quality material is used in 1st copy shoes.

When it comes to 7a quality copy shoes then it is good to go because the material quality is almost the same as the original brands’ use.

4. Don’t Forget to Examine the Shoe Stitching

first copy sneakers

Always examine the stitching of the shoes while selecting if you find inconsistent stitching patterns then they are likely to be duplicated 1st copy shoes.

However, the branded shoe is perfectly and consistently stitched. They have good-quality threads and their stitching looks attractive.

Most popular brands like Nike, Adidas and Puma always take care of their product quality and will never do anything which will affect them negatively.

5. Look Inside And Out Of The Shoe For Branding

nike shoes brand name and logo

Another trick to identify the 1st copy shoe is to check for the company branding i.e., brand logo and brand name inside and outside the shoe. Because big brands never miss a chance to put their brand logo anywhere in a shoe.

If you find branding of the company at the outsole, upper mesh, insoles and inside the shoe then they are likely to be an original branded shoe. But if you don’t find logos at any place or only one or two places, they are likely to be the first copy.

Note: Also re-confirm the logo on the internet because sometimes they use the logo but the design is slightly different. This means they look the same but they are not.

6. Check The Price Tag Carefully

how to identify first copy shoes

The price tag also indicates whether the shoe is branded or copied. You will always find a shoe with a higher price tag in authorised stores of big brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Vans and Reebok.

However, you will find first-copy shoes with a lower price tag because they are not original. But 7a quality footwear is of high quality so their price is slightly lower than the original branded shoes.

7. Check for the Availability of the Return Policy

Normally, Authorised sellers of big brands always have a return policy.

But don’t forget to check with the seller whether he has a return policy before buying any product online. Because sometimes, you receive a product which you might not like after receiving it.

So, It’s good to check the availability of the return policy before making payment. Otherwise, you might receive a duplicate shoe and then you won’t be able to return them if the seller does not have a return policy.

8. Make Sure to Check for the SKU Code

how to identify first copy shoes

SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit bar code and it is internally linked to the brand’s systems. SKU code contains the shoe details and price of a branded shoe. It means you will find these codes in only branded products.

But, You won’t find SKU codes in first-copy shoes because they are not branded. Instead, you will find the brand logo along with the price stamp which means they are duplicated replicas.

So, make sure to check only for SKU codes if you want to identify the first copy shoe.

9. Check With the Seller If They Provide a Warranty or Guarantee Period

Generally, Big brands like Nike, Puma, Reebok and Vans etc provide 90 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects. You can replace the shoes within 90 days if you find any defects in them which is a great service provided by brands.

So, when you shop online, firstly read the terms and conditions carefully regarding warranty or guarantee before making the payment and order.

If you don’t get a warranty period then they are likely to be the copy shoes.

10. Always Check the Brand Box and Packaging of the Shoe

what are first copy shoes and how to identify first copy shoes

Big brands always focus on their packaging and brand boxes so that the product is not damaged, dirty, or anything like that.

That’s why they use dustproof bags, and tissues to wrap the shoes and carry bags with the brand logo on them and everything is of high quality.

On the other hand, random packaging, the normal box is used in packaging the first copy of shoes. So it is also one of the best tricks to identify duplicate footwear.

Where to Buy 1st Copy Shoes Offline?

First-copy shoes are sold online and offline in India. If you live in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai or Pune it’s easy to find some offline stores for this kind of product.

1. First copy branded footwear in Delhi Market

There are many places in Delhi where the first-copy shoes are sold at big discounts and at very low prices.

Lajpat Nagar is one of the best and most popular wholesale shoe markets in Delhi and Chandni Chowk is famous for duplicate branded sneakers at very low prices.

Here, you will find very quality Adidas sneakers and footwear from big brands like Nike, Reebok, Puma etc.

Karol Bagh is also famous for the wholesale shoe market, there are many outlets which have imported shoes in their outlets. They sell at very reasonable prices and they have got a wide range of variety of shoes for men and women.

And there are many more places to explore in the Delhi region for replica shoes.

2. First copy sneakers in Pune Market

Same as Delhi, You will find some places in Pune such as The Rich bustling street market, Phantom FC Road and Shoe Trendz in Kolsa Gali. At these places, you will find the first copies of branded sneakers and footwear from Nike, Puma, Reebok, Adidas etc.

If you live in Pune then these places are perfect for you must visit and buy the best first-copy shoes, loafers and sports shoes as well.

Then, what about those who don’t live in these cities?

Online websites come into action for those who don’t live in metro cities. These online stores sell the best first-copy shoes in India and other products such as watches, sunglasses, bags etc. They deliver everywhere in India.

Where to Buy Branded First Copy Shoes Online?

If you don’t want to invest or can’t afford the branded shoes then I have found some online stores which sell and deliver the best quality first copy shoes at your doorstep. Apart from this, make sure to check the Indian footwear size chart for perfect fitted shoes, so you won’t confused while buying first copy shoes.

I did a lot of research and got to know about the 1st copy shoes online sites which sell branded 7a quality replica shoes online in India are:

Best Website to buy first copy shoes in India

1. sastajoota.com

Sastajoota is an Indian online store for 7a quality first copy shoes. This site delivers replica shoes all over India and makes the buying process easy for its customers.

If you want to buy first copy shoes online in India. Then sastajoota is the best site as they don’t charge for delivery as well as provide amazing after-sales services such as an easy return and refund policy.

2. iwantsneakers.com

Iwantsneakers is famous for first copy shoes along with other products like premium branded watches, sunglasses, bags etc at great prices.

First copy sneakers of all big brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Vans, Fila, Tommy Hilfiger etc are available in this online store at very reasonable and affordable prices.

Sometimes they offer great discounts too!

Make sure to read the reviews and ratings of the customers who have already bought.

3. Firstcopycat.in

Firstcopycat is another site that sells the first copy products of big brands such as shoes, sneakers, premium watches, Bags, Electronic gadgets etc online in India.

This is an amazing site for first copy products as they provide excellent service to its customers such as on-time delivery, easy replacement or return policy if your expectations don’t match with the product.

Overall, This is a great online store to order 1st copy shoes online in India.

4. Firstcopyshoes.in

The name of this site says everything about its work i.e., this online store sells first copy shoes online of all branded replica shoes at the best price.

Here you will find almost all big brands of footwear such as Adidas, Asics, Gucci, Fila, Balenciaga, Nike, Fila, Air Jordan etc.

They have 1st copy of premium Sports shoes, running shoes and sneakers available at very cheap prices. Also, they provide free shipping all over India along with a money-back guarantee if you don’t like the shoes.

The Verdict:

All the above-mentioned sites are in the business of selling 1st copy products online in India. I hope you understand what the first copy shoes are.

If you live in metro cities in India, then you should buy offline. Otherwise, you can buy the shoes from the above-mentioned stores. Always make sure to read the reviews of the shoes that you want to order.

Common Questions On How to Identify First Copy Shoes

Q1. Are the first copy shoes durable?

It is not necessary that all the first copy shoes are durable because we know they are just copies of the original branded shoe but they are not made from top-quality material.

But 7a quality replica shoes are durable because the material of this shoe is of good quality hence they are durable too. So, if you want a durable 1st copy shoe then go for 7a quality.

Q2. Is selling first copy products online legal in India?

Yes, selling first-copy products of brands is illegal in India online or offline. It can be done only by obtaining permission to sell the first copy of the concerned brands.

Brands give permission to sell their original products not the copy of their products. The first copy of the product breaks the trust of the customer Brands. Because the customer is always in doubt whether the product is original or duplicate.

Q3. Which site sells the best first copy products online in India?

I did a lot of research and checked many online stores which sell online first copy shoes in India. It is just not about grabbing the best copy shoes. But also we need a site that provides the best after-sales service i.e., return policy, refund policy, guarantee or warranty.

Sastajoota.com is one of the best online sites selling only first copy shoes all over India. You visit this site and check the shoes available out there.

Q4. How to check Puma shoes are original or not?

When shoes are purchased online, most people are doubtful whether the shoes are original or 1st copy. But from now on you don’t have to worry about this. If you want to know if Puma shoes are original or not then you can follow the above-mentioned tricks to identify the first copy shoes.

Q5. Does Flipkart sell first copy shoes?

No, Flipkart, Amazon and Myntra neither sell nor promote the first copy shoes. Because selling first copy shoes in India is illegal. They have not become such as big brand by selling first copy products.

You might encounter some sellers selling first copy products along with the original ones because Flipkart or Amazon don’t sell the product on their own. We can call them an agent who sells the product of a seller online.

If Flipkart or Amazon find any seller doing this illegal activity then they block their authority from their site to sell.

Should we invest in first copy shoes or not?

Well, It depends upon the income level of the person because the original branded shoes are so costly. It is very difficult for a middle-class person to invest.

Whereas, first copy shoes are so cheap and very pocket-friendly that a normal person can easily afford them.

If you are rich, then you should definitely invest in original shoes because they are amazing in terms of quality and durability. Also, they come with guarantees from brands.

But, First-copy shoes are not made from top-quality material. Therefore, they are not durable and can easily be identified. If you can’t afford the original then the first copy shoes are for you.

Conclusion on How to Identify First Copy Shoes

So, you must have got the answer to the question what is 1st copy shoe? And how to identify them. From now onwards you can easily identify the first copy product. You will select the product smartly so that never be cheated by clever sellers.

If you ever want to have a pair of first copy shoes then go for 7a quality replica shoes online or offline. I have also discussed where to buy first copy shoes in India. I have covered almost everything about first copy duplicate shoes.

If you like this article on what are first copy shoes then please share this with your friend so that they are also aware of the first copy shoes.

I am the founder and chief editor of Men Shoe Factory, a passionate shoe lover from India. Studying and researching on shoes led me to build this blog site where I share shoe care tips, detailed reviews and different types of shoe size charts. Feel free to contact me on my social accounts or through the contact form here.

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