How to Turn Tights into Thigh High Socks Without Sewing? A Complete Tutorial Guide

You are here means you are looking for DIY on how to turn tights into thigh high socks without sewing.

If I am right then you are at the perfect place because In this tutorial article guide, I am going to tell you about DIY thigh-high socks.

Most of the time Thigh-high socks are hard to find at stores but we want them at any cost so no worries you can make them yourself by just using your old stockings.

Before we start there are two methods of converting tights into thigh-high socks:

  • Sewing method
  • No-sew method

But don’t worry I will only talk about the No-sew method because it’s simple, easy and faster to make. You can watch this video if you want a tutorial on the Sewing Method. Now let’s move into our DIY!

Required Items:-

  • Scissors
  • A pair of good stockings or tights
  • Two pins or a piece of chalk

How to turn tights into thigh-high socks without sewing?

1. Put The Stockings On

girl wearing tights and stockings

The very first step is to wear your stockings (they can be any color). They should be comfortable, which means that you shouldn’t pull too much or lose too much, keep them as comfortable as possible.

Step2: Marking with Chalk or Pin

cut the tights to make thigh high socks

As you complete the first step of putting the tights on, the next very important step comes which is marking your tights with chalk.

What does it mean? Let us know what exactly you need to do.

Use a pin or piece of chalk to mark how high you wish your tights to be (preferably at the crotch area). You are required to do this step with both legs and make sure they both are levelled.

Step3: Cut the Tights Using the Marked Points

how to make thigh highs from tights

The last and final step will give you the exact results you want. After putting your stockings down, take off your tights and lay them on a flat surface, marking them facing upward.

When it is done, cut the tights to the points you had marked in the 2nd Step.

Now you just have to roll the cut ends of the socks slightly. And there you have it! A pair of thigh-high socks.

DIY thigh high socks from tights

Frequently Asked Questions: DIY thigh-high socks from leggings

Q1. Can you turn tights into socks?

Yes, you can turn tights into socks whether it is thigh-high or knee-high. Thigh-high socks are very easy to make; just wear tights and mark where you want your socks to be, then cut them out and wear them. Use rubber bands if you don’t want to sew elastic on the top of the socks.

Q2. How do thigh-high socks stay up?

Thigh-high socks are mostly used in the United States. They are meant to stay high or top. Using elastic or silicone rubber bands will help thigh-high socks to stay up.

Final Verdict on the DIY Thigh High Socks

You are probably wondering that if you put them on they are probably not going to stay up so that’s what the problem is when you don’t use elastic at the top and sew them. You might be looking for some ways to make thigh highs stay up.

This problem has the great alternative of using rubber bands instead of sewing elastic on them.

Just get 2 thick rubber bands and it should not be too tight on your leg that will cut off your blood circulation and something that’s not too loose.

Take the rubber bands and slide them up your leg and you want to roll the stockings downward so that it stays. That’s it.

I hope you have found this tutorial guide helpful. So if someone asks you How to turn tights into thigh-high socks without sewing? Then recommend this blog post so that they also get the right information.

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