DMS Shoes Full Form In Indian Army (Combat Boots, Safety Boots & Army Boots)

DMS shoes and boots are safety shoes mostly used by the Police, Army, Defence Forces, Paramilitary Forces and Security Personnel during combat training.

What is DMS shoes full form in Indian army? DMS shoes and boots mean Directly Moulded Sole (DMS) shoes and Drill Marching Shoes. The soles of these boots are moulded from rubber. DMS boots are also called army boots, combat boots and safety boots.

DMS shoes are very comfortable to wear and a PU sole is inserted to ensure the gripping of the boot.

These boots have a lot of benefits as they are water-resistant, temperature-friendly etc. We will discuss the benefits of Army DMS Shoes later in this article.

Types of Industrial DMS Safety and Army Boots

It has three types but these are all sub-divisions of safety shoes:

  1. Combat Boots
  2. Jungle Boots
  3. High Altitude Boots

5 Benefits of Wearing DMS Shoes and Boots

DMS shoes

1. Temperature Resistant

DMS boots are temperature-resistant and are great to wear in all weather. Even if the temperature goes below zero, the shoes won’t feel cold, and in hot weather the air circulation is excellent and the shoes won’t feel sweaty.

Temperature-resistant boots are highly recommended for these kinds of work.

2. Comfortable

Indian army boots are so comfortable, soft and breathable. Designed with full-grain leather for a comfortable and perfect fit, they are comfortable and durable.

They are designed in such a way that they are long-lasting (sturdy). Shoes might not be perfectly fit and comfy at the beginning when you buy them but after a few days or weeks, they would get fit to your feet perfectly. So there is no need to worry about shoe sizing problems, if you find any then refer to this shoe size chart in India.

3. No Odour

Safety boots are breathable and air circulation is good enough. There is less chance of smelling shoes even after wearing them for a longer duration. Keeping them clean regularly is the best way to eliminate the bad smells from the shoes.

4. Shock Absorber

PU soles (Polyurethane Soles) are built into combat boots to absorb shock and jerks during work. These boots feature a steel toe cap that has been crafted so roughly. These types of boots are also worn by steelworkers.

5. Universal Boots

DMS army boots are universal in nature and used for different work conditions. Boots are universal because of their astonishing benefits such as temperature resistance, electricity resistance, waterproofing, shock absorber and many more. These are used by the Police, Army, Forces, NCC, steel or ironworkers, bike riders & soldiers etc.

FAQ: DMS Shoes Full Form in Indian Army

Q1. Which individuals wear DMS shoes?

DMS shoes are worn by soldiers, police, army, Defence Forces, Paramilitary Forces and Security Personnel for the purpose of combat training.

Q2. Which boots are used by Indian Army?

Indian army uses leather Combat Boots during their training, considering them safety shoes. These boots are also used by the NCC (National Cadet Corps).

Q3. What type of shoes does NCC use?

Para Commando Combat Boots are used by the NCC (National Cadet Corps). These NCC DMS boots come with a soft sole and a hard sole. Hard sole shoes are mostly recommended as soft sole shoes can damage your knees.

Q4. DMS Shoes Full Form in Hindi/ डीएमएस का फुल फॉर्म क्या होता है

DMS shoes ka full form in Hindi is डायरेक्टली मोल्डेड सोल (डीएमएस) Jo army me use kiya jata hai.

How to Tie DMS shoes and boots? (DMS shoes lace perfectly)

Conclusion on DMS Shoes Full Form in NCC

I hope that you have got the right answer about DMS shoes full form in Indian army. It has different meanings but when it comes to footwear, it is a Directly Moulded Sole or Drill Marching Shoes.

DMS shoes are not just used by the Indian Army, but also by the US military, the UK military, and other nations’ armies. If you have any questions about these kinds of protective DMS boots then ask in the comment section given below.


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