How to Fold Socks Military Style? | Learn in 4 Easy Steps

Hello everyone, in this article, we are going to talk about “how to fold socks military style” or “how to roll socks in military style”.

Almost everyone has experienced the frustration of losing socks among their clothes. You can make it easier by folding and sorting them from other clothes.

It is my personal experience of folding socks in military style. Folding socks in military style is a great method to fold socks. In addition, it saves time when looking for socks in a pile of clothes.

It needs a couple of minutes to learn folding socks in military style. Let’s know-how…

How to Fold Socks Military Style? Complete Process

1. Lay Down Socks Flat Next to Each-Other

military socks

The very first step is to lay down your socks in a flat position next to each other with the heel side up. Fold the heel bump of the socks so that it can make a smiley face.

2. Place One Sock on the Other Top of the Socks

How to Fold Socks Military Style

Next, you need to place one sock on the other top of the sock. No matter what socks you put on top, just place the socks about an inch above the top of the bottom sock.

It’s very important to put it a little bit further up. 

Now, we are ready to roll.

3. Roll the Socks Tightly

It’s time to roll the socks but it needs a little extra effort. If it is your first time then be patient because you are going to mess up a few times. But after a few tries, you will get it done.

You need somebody to hold the neck of your socks or otherwise, you can take the help of a drawer.

It’s going to be easier to fold the socks over if you are taking somebody’s help.

Roll the socks slowly about an inch at a time. When you reach the heel part you need to push the edges inside of the socks to get it right.

Keep on rolling and keep them as tight as possible.

The whole time in rolling the socks you have to make the edges even and pull and push the interior in.

4. Pull the Inside of the Socks Out

How to Fold Socks Military Style

When you reach the end of your socks with 2 inches left. Don’t lose the grip, hold it tightly with your forefingers and thumb.

Fold the remaining 2 inches of left socks to get the two openings of the socks. We need to use the opening of the socks which are on the top.

Holding tightly the bottom edge of the top sock, stretch the top edge around the back. You will have a smiley face on one side and an oval shape on another side.

The parts that are pulling apart from the socks should be pushed back together.

Expert Tip: If you wear long socks then it is a great method of folding socks military style. But if you want to fold your ankle and baby socks then it is not suitable for them. You can just keep them in a separate drawer.

We should always have a separate partition for socks for different occasions as they get lost in the clothes and we are not able to find them in a hurry.

Conclusion: How to Fold Socks Military Style

I personally like folding socks military style as it does not take up much space and storage. If you are a traveller and do not know how to fold socks military style then it is a must-learn method.

Using it to fold more than five socks can become tiring. Moreover, it requires more time to fold socks compared to other methods.

Video on How to Fold Your Socks Military Style

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