Top 11 Best Shoe Brands in India for Men: Which one is Better?

Hello readers, there are a lot of shoe brands available in the market but do you know the Best Shoe Brands in India? Don’t worry!

We are here to serve you with this detailed article. We have done a comprehensive study on the best shoe brands in India which are the top best-selling and worth investing in all terms.

Buying a pair of brand-new shoes could be a difficult task for men. It seems easy but it is not as easy as preparing a cup of tea.

Every brand has a unique USP. Therefore, each brand has a unique style, unique price range, unique fit and most importantly unique qualities.

A pair of shoes contributes much to someone’s personality and may often lead to creating a good impression on others. As we know a good first impression is extremely important and it boosts our confidence.

There are many brands in the market – International and National.

Kindly read the full article on the top best shoe brands for men in India to get all of your queries solved. I can assure you that you will find this article very useful and interesting.

So let’s dive into this

List of the Top 11 Best Shoe Brands In India 2024

1. Nike (Just Do it)

Best Shoe Brands in India
(Image source: Nike)

Nike is one of the best world’s largest suppliers of sports shoes and apparel and a major manufacturer of sports equipment. It is ranked the number one position in the footwear Industry.

Nike is an American multinational company. Earlier, Nike was known as Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS) and was established in 1964 based in Portland, Oregon.

Initially, Nike provided only sports items to support athletes. But Now it provides shoes of all types of sports, sports products for Running, Football, Basketball, Gym & Training, Yoga, Skateboarding, Tennis and Golf and so on…

They are the pioneer of sports footwear and they are continuously introducing the latest models, new sizes, and latest colours. If you are looking for a running shoe then this is the best running shoe brand in India to go for.

However, they haven’t stopped yet. Recently, they moved into fashion and lifestyles. They are acquiring more market share and becoming more successful.

They have got some best shoes like the Air Max, Vapor Max and Zoom Air which are always in demand. If you are still in doubt so make sure to look at the collection of the best Nike shoes.

(Video source: CNBC)


  • Come up with outstanding support and comfort.
  • Very light in weight and flexible.
  • Airy and solid rubber.
  • Different fashionable designs.


  • The price is a bit high.

2. Adidas (Impossible Is Nothing)

(Image source: Adidas)

After Nike, Adidas is ranked the second-largest sportswear manufacturer in the world. It was founded in 1949 in Herzogenaurach, Germany.

Each person wants their feet to be in good condition. Adidas does the same.

Adidas shoes are the most comfortable and provide high-quality performance. It provides shoes for all sports like cricket, football, badminton, etc. If you are low on budget and want the best Adidas shoes then check some pocket-friendly Adidas shoes.

All the features and benefits of Adidas make it the best shoe brand in India. Adidas is one of the best sports shoe brands in India.


  • Flexible rubber and clothing material.
  • Extraordinary lightweight Shoes.
  • Provides high-quality performance.
  • Best Sneakers brand in India.


  • A bit expensive.
  • Lacks in design.

3. Puma (Fuel your passion)

(Image source: puma)

After Adidas, PUMA comes in the third position in the list of the top 11 best shoe brands. This is the 3rd largest manufacturer in the world.

Puma is a German multinational company. It was established in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler. Puma produces premium quality shoes in the world of footwear.

The shoes are trendy, have a unique design and are very comfortable because it puts super-soft memory foam in the sole of the shoe. Puma produces not only sports shoes but also produces sneakers of all types, sports apparel, accessories, and so on…

The famous cricketer Virat Kohli has been the brand ambassador of Puma and he loves to wear all kinds of footwear from Puma.


  • Come up with a casual look.
  • Trendy design.
  • Durable shoes.
  • High quality and performance.
  • Best athletic shoes.


  • Takes a longer time to dry.

4. Bata (Shoes for all)

(Image source: bata)

BATA is the oldest shoe brand company founded in 1894. This brand is known for its high-quality leather shoes which last for a long time. It has more than 5000 outlets all over the world resulting in high sales volume only through its outlets.

If you want to buy formal leather shoes then your first preference must be BATA as this is one of the most popular formal shoe brands in India.

Initially, Bata used to make traditional shoes. As we know Business environment is dynamic so BATA moved on and started making casual shoes too.


  • Durable Shoes.
  • Good fit for your feet.
  • Classic Leather Shoes.
  • Pocket friendly.


  • Being a leather product looks heavy.

5. Red Tape (Fashion for your Feet)

(Image source: redtape)

Red Tape is an Indian Brand founded in 1996. The famous Bollywood superstar Mr Salman Khan has been its brand ambassador.

Now, Red Tape has got a broad range of classic leather shoes and clothing. It has got a world-class high fashion range of semi-formal and casual range of shoes and sandals.

If you love to wear branded shoes then go for the Red Tape (Lifestyle Brand of India) as it is already affordable for all classes of people and sometimes offers discounts too.


  • Affordable price range.
  • Stylish and comfortable with the flawed design.
  • Come up with a memory foam insole.
  • Very light in weight.
  • Superior craftsmanship.


  • Varies in standard sizes.

6. Fila (Power Style)

(Image source: fila)

FILA is a sports shoes and apparel manufacturing company founded in 1911 in Italy, which was later brought by a businessman in South Korea in 2007. Since then It has been doing its business in South Korea.

Fila shoes are built of high quality and come up with great comfort. Its sneakers are always loved by fashion lovers.

Therefore, it is considered one of the best and most popular shoe brands in India. Indian athletes love the shoes of this brand.


  • Premium quality product.
  • Perfect in Size.
  • Provide great comfort


  • Comparatively heavy.

7. Campus (it’s all about inspiration)

(Image source: campus)

The campus is one of the leading brands in the footwear industry in India. It was founded in 1989 in India. Campus shoes are designed to fit different and dynamic shoe lovers.

Their shoes have unique and interesting patterns including Sports footwear, casual shoes, and sandals for men, women, and kids.

The campus is one of the cheap and best shoe brands in India therefore, its shoes are best for those who cannot afford Nike and Puma etc.


  • Affordable Pricing.
  • Long-lasting and perfect fit.
  • High-quality shoes at a discounted rate.


  • The quality of shoes is a little low as compared to other brands because prices are a bit low.

8. Red Chief (Real men wear real leather)

(Image source: red chief)

Red Chief is an Indian shoe brand founded in 1997. The most liked Bollywood superstar Mr Vicky Kaushal is its brand ambassador.

It came to fulfil the growing need for supreme quality leather footwear. The Red Chief manufactures high-quality leather footwear and provides us at a reasonable price.

Initially, they use to provide only leather shoes but with time they have entered the world of fashion and provide shoes for men, women, kids, and apparel and accessories.

They don’t only serve customers online but they also have retail outlets.


  • Stylish Design.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Long-lasting Shoes.
  • Looks classy on every outfit.


  • A little heavy.

9. Woodland (Explore More)

(Image source: woodland)

Woodland was founded by Avtar Singh in the 1980s in Quebec, Canada. Woodland started their business in the Indian market in the year 1992.

This is a leading and well-known brand all over the world. that is also well-known for its supreme quality leather outdoor safety shoes and boots worldwide.

Additionally, it makes different types of shoes for men like Casuals, Formals, Boots, Flip-flops, Sandals, Sports and so on…

If you are passionate about adventure then woodland should be your 1st priority. Woodland shoes are a bit costly but they are worth investing in.


  • Best for outdoor activities.
  • High-quality performance.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Worth money.
  • Suitable for rough terrain.


  • Slightly heavy.

10. Sparx (Go for it)

(Image source: Sparx)

Sparx is one of the leading and trusted Indian brands of footwear. Sparx provides Footwear products like shoes, sandals, sneakers and slippers at an affordable price.

This is also known for its active sporty design and It also has different varieties of sports shoes, canvas shoes, casual shoes, shoes for lifestyle, sandals and fabricated slippers with a lot of different colours for men, women, and kids.

One of the fittest and cool guys in Bollywood Akshaya Kumar is the brand ambassador of Sparx. It is also a cheap and the best shoe brand in India.


  • Light in weight & slim fit.
  • Affordable for every class of people.
  • Comfortable while running and walking.
  • Fashionable sporty designs.


  • Built quality is not up to the mark.

11. Hush Puppies (More Comfortable than feet)

(Image source: hushpuppies)

Hushpuppies is one of the leading American brands founded in 1958. And this brand is popularly known for its Casual shoes for women, men, and kids.

It offers Accessories, Casual and Formal Shoes, Leather Shoes, Loafers, Sandals & Slip-on.

In India shoes of Hush Puppies are trending as it offers an affordable price range, good quality and a catchy look. Hush Puppies shoes are easily on online e-commerce sites and in retail shops too.


  • Different lifestyle designs.
  • Reasonable pricing.
  • Lightweight sole.
  • Very comfortable and breathable shoes.


  • The limited collection of shoes.

Reasons to Go with the Branded Shoes:

There is no doubt that Branded shoes are the most comfortable shoes and they are always great. They are best in all terms of comfort, lightweight and breathability. Look at some benefits of branded shoes:

benefits of branded shoes

1. Known for Their Quality

Branded shoes are preferred by most people because of the high-quality material used in making shoes and this is the most important factor that they work on.

They do not compromise on quality in any way. That’s the reason behind the comfort & lightweight of the shoe.

If you don’t invest in a branded shoe brand then you might face some issues like creasing in your shoes, toe holes, etc.

2. Provides More varieties

If you go for unbranded shoes, it’s very difficult to find a lot of variety in a shoe. That’s why people go for branded shoes.

You can find multiple colours in the same design in branded shoes (a massive collection of shoes ) and it’s not enough, there are more than that. Some brands also give you a warranty on shoes.

3. Performs great in Durability

Everybody wants their shoes to be durable and work for a long span of time. And branded shoes never make you down in durability of the shoes because they use high-quality material while manufacturing the shoes.

Soles are very important in any shoe because soles are the one that provides comfort to the feet and makes the shoes durable as well. There are various sole types that are used in different types of shoes.

4. Offers the Latest and stylish design

As people’s tastes and preferences change with time, they are dynamic too. They do not stick to the old patterns rather they design their shoes according to the latest design and fashion trends in the environment.

These things make them unique and competent to exist in the market with their competitive brands.

5. Gives More variety in Sizes

Sometimes we may face problems in finding the right size pair of good shoes in the market because they do not have varieties in sizes like famous brands have. For instance – Wide, Narrow, X-wide and X-narrow, etc.

If you have any foot problems like overpronation, underpronation, flat feet, and wide feet then branded shoes will be the best choice for you because of the different variety in sizes. You can also check our article on the best walking shoes for overpronation.

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6. Offers good Protection and Support

You are spending a little more on branded shoes means you are going to get extra protection and support on shoes and also going to get a high-quality sole and cushion.

Your feet will feel very comfortable while walking and running. You will really get a good experience if you try the best brands of shoes.

Now, All the benefits that you read contribute much to making a shoe comfortable. You won’t be getting benefits if you go for unbranded shoes. You do not need to find any other brands in the market these are the best shoe brands for men that you can trust and buy shoes from them.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Shoe Brands in India

Q1. Which is the best brand for running shoes in India?

There are a lot of running shoe brands that make the perfect shoes for running in India. Each brand has got their own USP.

There are some most popular running shoe brands such as Nike, Adidas, Asics, New Balance, Puma etc. Most runners love these famous brands. I would also suggest going with these branded shoes. You must have read about these running shoe brands in India.

Q2. Which is the best sports shoe brand in India?

In India, Nike, Adidas, Asics, New Balance and Puma are some famous sports shoe brands. All these brands manufacture good sports shoes that give almost everything that a person looks for in a shoe.

You will get great cushioning, a durable outsole that provides excellent traction and grip on any surface, Proper balance and stability, and highly breathable upper material along with that you will also get 90 days warranty against manufacturing defects from these brands.

So, if you really want to invest in a sports shoe then always invest in branded shoes your money won’t get wasted.

Q3. Which is the best formal shoe brand in India?

The best brands for formal shoes in India are Clarks, Bata, Hush Puppies, Lee Cooper, Louis Phillipe and Metro etc. If you want to buy a perfect pair of formal shoes then these brands are perfect for a dress shoe.

You can go with any of these brands, they use high-quality leather, have unique and stylish designs, are fashionable, outsoles have a firm grip and make all types of formal shoes such as Oxford, Derby, loafers, Chukka boot etc.

Q4. Is there any brand that sells the best casual shoes for men?

Casual shoes have many types such as canvas, sneakers, loafers etc. If you want to have perfect sneakers then Nike and Adidas lead the industry. Both the brands are internationally famous and their sneaker is always in trend.

Most fashion freaks wear sneakers by Nike and Adidas. When it comes to canvas casual shoes then Adidas and Vans are perfect to go with.

Casual shoes of these two brands are a bit costly however, they will definitely fulfil your needs and wants. You will look amazing in them. There are thousands of models available on Amazon or any other online shopping site.

Q5. What brand sells the best sneakers for men in India?

For men, sneakers are love and every man wants to wear a perfect pair of branded sneakers but the million-dollar question is which brand makes the best sneakers in India?

The answer to this is Nike, Adidas, Vans and Skechers are the best to go with if you have a high budget. They are very famous for their sneakers all over the world. Sneakers of these brands are always in demand and very trendy because they provide comfort and cushioning along with stylish looks.

If you have a low budget then you can go with these eco-friendly brands such as Fila, Red Tape, Reebok and UCB. Sneakers of these brands are also very good, classy, good-looking and trendy.

Summing Up

So, I have explained to you about the Top 11 Best Shoe Brands in India which are always in demand by the customers.

I have covered almost every shoe brand for men but if you think I have missed any brand that should be on the list please let us know via comment box. I will add those brands in the next update.

And at last, if you genuinely like this article on the best footwear brands for men, don’t forget to share it with your family, friends & with your loved ones and tell us about your views on this article in the comment box.

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