How to Not Crease Shoes While Walking (5+ Easy Ways to Avoid)

If you are on this page, this suggests that your shoes have got crease on them and now you are looking for how to not crease shoes while walking.! Well, be right here my friend!

When your formal shoes, sneakers, or other shoes get wrinkles, it means they need tender love and care. And things last longer when you give the required attention to them, right?

Honestly, there is no way that your shoes can be saved from getting creased. However, some techniques can help you to delay those crimps in your shoes.

Creases are not something that you cannot treat. But before we get to the methods that you can apply to remove wrinkles from your shoes, let’s look at the factors that cause them in the first place and I will also explain to you “how do I keep my shoes from creasing”.

Why Do Shoes Get Crease? (4 Reasons)

1. Your shoes do not like the way you walk

Not literally! But the crease on them shows that they are having a hard time while being on their feet. When you walk, most of the time your feet bend at varying angles at the balls of your feet where your toes join the main foot. Your shoes too bend with your feet which results in the occurrence of the crease on them.

Although the bending of the shoes means that your shoes are soft which is a good thing and if the shoe doesn’t bend at all, it would be so rigid that it can result in pain in your feet. This means the creasing of your shoes is inevitable with soft shoes.

2. You repeat your favourite shoes

Are you one of those who believe in wearing the same shoes again and again and expect them to function properly? Don’t you think that your shoes have a limit and they feel worn out after being used multiple times?

Even if you possess some of the high-quality material, after being used multiple times, they get prone to creasing. So, don’t wear the same shoes to eliminate the problem of how to not crease shoes while walking.

3. They are not a match for your feet

Unfit shoes give themselves enough room to get creased. Well if you also have gone through the stage where parents buy you an unfit pair and tell you that they will fit you when you grow up, then you are not to blame. Even this situation is more likely to occur when your shoes get tight. If shoes do not fit snuggly, they are a no-no.

4. The quality of your footwear

If you cannot connect with any of the above-written reasons, then the most probable reason is the quality of your shoes is not up to the mark. Bad-quality material is more prone to getting crimped. So it is recommended to go with branded footwear. Check out some best footwear brands.

The likely reason that you are still reading this article is that you desperately want a solution on how to not creases in shoes, call me a mind reader!!

Before the further delay, let’s talk about the solutions to get rid of the not-so-ugly crease on your beautiful shoes.

How To Not Crease Shoes While Walking

There are many methods on “how to prevent creasing in shoes while walking” from your beautiful shoes. The below-mentioned ways are the best methods:

1. Walk Properly

I am not questioning your style of walking, but as your shoes have got wrinkles on them chances are that they do not want to cooperate with your walking pattern. Jokes apart, but yes! You might want to see the result after changing the walking methodology and then maintaining an upright posture while walking. Try to distribute the emphasis on your shoes evenly.

Even you can try putting a little more pressure on your heels to avoid the experience. At first, it might feel rather uncomfortable but as you get used to it, things will be easy. Eventually, your shoes won’t develop creases easily.

2. Give your shoes a break

how to not crease shoes while walking

Using shoes alternatively will save you from getting this experience. When you wear them on consecutive days, you will allow each pair to take adequate rest. Also, when you wear them repeatedly, moisture strikes in your shoes which is the major cause of your beautiful pair getting attacked by creases.

By using them alternatively, they will not show any sign of creases. This may sound like a financial burden, but if you see the bigger picture, you will come to this page and thank me in the comment section.

3. Go for a Perfect Fit

One of the best ways to prevent creases is to ensure that your pair of shoes engulfs your feet properly. Let us guide you on how to buy the perfect match for your feet to avoid such issues.

  • When you go to the shoe store, consider carrying a pair of socks along with you and try the shoes while putting them on.
  • Make sure that you walk a lot while wearing those shoes. Feel the material inside and check whether this shoe behaves the same way even after five minutes. If it shows any sign of discomfort, put them off your feet.
  • Twist and turn your shoes while wearing them on. Don’t do this so rigorously unless you want to face the salesman’s rage.
  • Knowing your foot size is really important. I would suggest you ask the staff to measure it first and then show you the right size. Otherwise, you can measure your footwear size by reading our blog post.

However, “having shoes that make the right fit does not mean that creasing will never show up”. The point is, that the occurrence will not be premature and you can enjoy wearing your shoes for a longer time. Sometimes shoes also get torn from the place where a shoe starts creasing to solve this you need perfect gum to fix the shoes.

4. Choose a premium quality sole

premium quality sole

Even when you apply all the aforementioned methods, if the quality does not promise you a long-lasting experience, creasing will take place. Better to buy good quality shoes rather than see your favourite pair of shoes getting exhausted and witnessing crimps. Invest in high-quality shoes, by ignoring the price, as shoes are not something you buy every day.

If you are still confused about shoe soles and want to know more about the shoe soles and their types and benefits. Please read this: 10 Types of Shoe Soles [All You Need To Know]

Some More Tips to prevent Shoe Creases

1. Use a Moisturizer

shoe polish

While you do after-purchase care of your shoes, moisturizers can show great results. Saturate the wrinkle with the shoe moisturizer or any oil. It will help the area become supple and creases will disappear or will be vague. You can select any leather oil for example mink oil or neatsfoot oil.

“A moisturizer can fix everything.” Well not everything but definitely your shoes. By massaging some moisturizer on the fabric of your boots can remove creases from your leather shoes or any other fabric. Read some tips for shining and polishing shoes.

2. Use Shoe-Trees

how to not crease shoes while walking

While storing your shoes, try using a shoe tree and get rid of this issue. Placing a wooden shoe tree adds rigidness to your shoe that will keep the shoe de-creased.

Other than this, shoe trees aid in removing moisture that gets trapped in them while you wear them. It also helps in keeping your shoes away from the foul smell. Amazing, isn’t it?

It’s not always that you are surrounded by all the things you want. So what would a shoe-lover do if he doesn’t find any shoe tree to save the day?

Here, your socks can be a saviour. Simply roll up some socks and use them as a shoe tree while your shoes are resting.

Make sure you do not put sweaty socks inside your shoe, it will allow bacteria to breed. You don’t want that at all!!

3. Use your shoes in dry conditions

This simple method will eliminate the problem of how to not crease your shoes. Wearing shoes in rainy seasons is not good for the overall health of the shoes. When you wear your shoes while they are wet, the material gets fragile and forms creases. Try Wearing your shoes mostly in dry conditions end. Also, wearing shoes in wet conditions can cause them to change colour. Overall it will be a bad deal.

4. Tightly closed Laces

Do not linger when it comes to tightening your shoes. You need to make sure that you tighten up your laces before going for long walks. Few people have the habit of keeping their shoes a little open so that they do not have to encounter sweating.

Also, to some dangling seems fancy and is the modern trend. Following fashion is good, but do not do this at the cost of your shoes’ appearance. Makes sense right?

Can we stop creasing in Shoes?

The answer to this question is creasing from shoes cannot be stopped but yes it can be minimized by walking properly, giving some break to your shoes, wearing a perfect size, having a premium quality sole, using shoe trees and applying moisturizer on them. Make sure to read how to remove tar stains from any type of shoes.

Bottom Line

Are you able to connect any of the above-written mistakes you did with your shoes?

Well, it is not too late to mend. If you are a genuine shoe-lover then make sure that you apply these methods on how to not crease shoes while walking. I am looking forward to seeing your comments in the comment section after these methods help you.

Video on How to Get Creases Out of Leather Shoes

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