Best Football Shoes in India (2021 Edition) | Top 11 Boots Review & Guide

Top 11 Best Football Shoes in India (2021)- [Review and Buying Guide]

Your presence on this blog shows that you are looking for the best football shoes in India.

Football is a game of kicking a ball with your feet and scoring goals for 90 minutes. Whosoever has kicked the football barefooted, they know how painful it is.

So, to keep your feet safe and secure and also to improve your performance in the game, you need the best pair of football shoes, whether you are playing in a FIFA world cup or a league match or a normal game with your friends.

Shoes are an important factor to improve your performance in any match, you need to run fast, you need to have good footwear to hit the ball. You need the best football boots in India, which will help you score maximum goals.

As we know football is a game that can not be played without a shoe if you are doing it, means you are putting your feet at risk.

What are the Best Football Shoes in India?

A player needs to choose which football boot is suitable for them depending upon their position in the game because various types of boots, cleats, sneakers etc. are available for different types of players. For eg., beginner players should go for plastic stud boots or sneakers on hard surfaces.

Most players try football shoes from shoe stores, malls or any sports showroom but they end up getting confused.

Isn’t it?

There are various football boots available in the market but when it comes to selecting one of them it becomes difficult for us and seriously guys it’s not as easy as it looks. Don’t worry, we have come up with the list of the top 11 best football shoes in India.

If you read this whole article, your all queries will be solved regarding how to select the best football shoes? Which brands are best for football shoes? How to buy football boots online? and Buyer’s guide on football shoes at the end of the article.

Football shoes are also known as Cleats/Studs.

If you are running out of time to go through the whole article, Find the best picks from the comparison table given below. Although all are the best football boots in India which are worn by famous and outstanding soccer players like Messi & Ronaldo.

These are the Top 5 Picks of the Best Football Shoes in India – Comparison Table

Lockdown your feet

Best for acceleration or deceleration

Highly Comfortable

Best for Durability


1. Puma Future 2.1 Netfit Football Boots

2. Puma Future 4.1 Netfit Football Shoes

3. Nike Unisex's Superfly 6 Pro

4. Adidas Unisex Copa Mundial Soccer Cleats

5. Nivia Dominator Football Cleats

Key Features:-

  • Top: Medium

  • Material: Mesh

  • Grip: High

  • Weight: 200g

Key Features:-

  • Top: Medium

  • Material: Synthetic + Knitted

  • Grip: Medium

  • Weight: 160g

Key Features:-

  • Top: High

  • Material: Synthetic

  • Grip: VeryHigh

  • Weight: 320g

Key Features:-

  • Top: Low

  • Material: Kangaroo leather

  • Grip: Excellent

  • Weight: 277g

Key Features:-

  • Top: Low

  • Material: Seamless upper

  • Grip: Medium

  • Weight: 250g

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Reviews of the Top 11 Best Football Shoes in India

Here is the list of 11 top rated football boots. If you are on the low budget side, don’t worry. We have reviewed both, the best budget football boots and some premium football boots for your feet. Let’s dive into it.

1. Adidas Predator 19.4 Flexible Ground Football Shoes

Top: Low
Outer Material: Synthetic
Traction: Very High
Weight: 200g (per single Shoe)
Playing Surface: Flexible Ground
Lacing System: Laced

This men’s predator 19.4 shoe from Adidas is one of the best football boots in India. It has focused on 3 important things traction, comfort and control. Adidas has its predator series and considered the best football cleats in India.

The Upper Unit of predator 19.4 is synthetic made that makes this shoe very flexible and lightweight. Specially designed for the flexible grounds. A good amount of protection and control stitching on the upper provides you with the improved ball handling.

The Quality of this shoe is amazing. It has a securely padded ankle collar that helps to lock your feet so that you have proper control of the ball.

When it comes to the Performance of this shoe, you will get a highly cushioned insole for your feet comfort. Firm ground pitches need high traction studs in the boots which are fulfilled by this shoe, it offers moulded studs for better grip.

The Sole Unit of Adidas predator 19.4 is outstanding, the outsole is adaptable to different kinds of playing surfaces such as hard ground, firm ground and artificial grass. This cleat has got 12 triangular studs on the outsole in total (eight in the forefoot and four is in the heel area).

Fitting, size and design

It has a central lacing system to lock your feet completely and have better control of the ball. It’s true to size but is recommended to go with the half-size big to ensure better fit. This cleat is available in multiple colours, you can choose according to your interest.

  • Fully Comfortable material.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • Fits well and comfortable on your feet.
  • Comes in all sizes, has an attractive design.
  • High-performance TPU-injected layers in the outsole.
  • Less ankle support.

Our Verdict

Adidas is one of the best football shoe brands on which you can trust. Adidas Predator 19.4 is a reasonably priced cleat with a comfortable fit. It has a structured upper to enhance control and a firm ground outsole for your game-changing stability and outstanding performance.

If you are looking for the best football shoes for hard ground then go ahead with this Adidas predator 19.4 Flexible Ground Shoes.

2. Puma Men’s Future 4.3 Netfit Football Shoes

Top: Medium
Outer Material: Synthetic
Traction: Very High
Weight: 300g
Playing Surface: Firm & Artificial Ground
Lacing System: Customizable lacing

This shoe is from the future series of puma.

Puma is very famous for manufacturing good quality footwear and also making football shoes for the players which are very comfortable. This puma future 4.3 boot has a football cleat series and is highly demanded by the players.

Upper Unit: Very soft synthetic material is used to craft this shoe that is the reason behind its durability. The lacing system comes with the NETFIT technology for a customizable and optimal fit.

Quality: The overall quality of the cleat is great. It offers a knitted sock for a secure and snug fit around the ankle.

Sole Unit: It comes with a TPU (Thermoplastic Urethane) outsole that is very lightweight, supportive for natural surfaces because it is a combination of conical and bladed studs. Stud configuration improves the traction on the firm ground and artificial ground.

Fitting, size and design

A customizable lacing system makes this boot a perfect fit for players. It comes in different sizes and unique colours. Apart from this, it looks very cool in terms of design, a Puma cat logo is placed on the lateral side of the shoe, making it stylish and attractive too.

  • Affordable.
  • Good Ankle support.
  • Good ball control.
  • Soft and durable synthetic upper.
  • Lightweight TPU outsole with conical and bladed studs.
  • Lace closure for a proper and customizable fitting.
  • Also recommended for wide feet players.
  • Less breathable.

Our Verdict

If you are looking for enhanced fit and support which locks down your feet in order to beat your opponents, then grab this pair of the best football shoes in India.

It provides you with good grip and comfort while playing on artificial grass surfaces and other pitches. You would not be compromising on the comfort level if you choose any shoe from the future series.

If you like to run on the ground then this cleat will be ideal for you.

3. Puma Men’s Future 2.1 Netfit FG AG Football Boots

Top: Medium
Outer Material: Mesh
Traction: High
Weight: 200g
Playing Surface: Firm Ground & AG
Lacing System: Laced

Future 2.1 from puma is highly demanded because of the great comfort and performance on the pitch. The upper is more synthetic that is made from net fit material in the forefoot.

Upper Unit: Mesh material is used to make this boot that allows players to wear the boot whether having wide feet or narrow feet. The lacing system is even more customizable with different lacing holes, gives you a perfect lockdown with the boot.

Quality: Players called this cleat a ‘speed boot‘, ‘power boot‘ and ‘control boot‘. It is a highly durable shoe as expected from puma. The toe is a bit more coated so you are expected to get a lot more touches on the ball may be more of a speed boot kind of feel.

Sole Unit: Now let’s talk about soleplate. It has a very aggressive stud system with both conical and bladed stud (called rapid agility soleplate).

When you change the direction you get very good traction and grip on the ground and you feel very explosive with your movements.

Fitting, size and design

This shoe is designed to fit men’s feet. You will get a pull tab at the heel area for easy on and off. The Puma logo at the heel makes it attractive and cool. Size is neither small nor large they are true to size.

  • Lightweight.
  • Gives optimal feet.
  • Provides amazing traction on FG & AG.
  • Customized lacing system.
  • Pull tab at the heel for easy on and off.
  • No colour options available.

Our Verdict

This boot will take your game to the next level. If you are planning to play on either firm natural ground or artificial grass, your feet won’t feel tired even after the game. At last, I would say that this football boot is the perfect choice for any modern footballer.

4. Nivia Ashtang Football Stud

Top: Medium
Outer Material: Synthetic Leather
Traction: Good
Weight: 330g
Playing Surface: Flexible Ground
Lacing System: Laced

The Nivia Ashtang Football Stud is one of the best football shoes in India on a limited budget. Nivia is known for its best football shoes and equipment. The shoe comes with the pre-moulded Eva insole which provides excellent cushioning and comfort, on the other hand, moulded heel helps to protect and secure heel fit.

Upper Unit: From the brand Nivia, This is a very comfortable and affordable shoe. Upper is designed with synthetic leather that made this shoe lightweight. It offers great traction on the ground and helps you to run fast and goal the ball with your feet.

Quality: Very good lightweight shoe with 12 triangular studs (8 studs are in the forefoot area and rests are on the heel area). It comes with an ankle rib that prevents you from serious injuries. These ashtang football boots will maximise your performance and speed on the ground.

Sole Unit: Rubber studs are placed on the outsole of the shoe that allows players to play in the rain to achieve excellent grip. Apart from this, it has got a pre-moulded insole which gives better cushioning comfort and stability and the TPU sole is suitable for all types of hard ground surfaces.

To accelerate your efficiency and control it has used triangular studs on the heel.

Fitting, size and design

The Upper is thin so you should choose a small size compared to your standard shoe size. Comes with a very unique design with 2 different colours.

  • Long-lasting.
  • Have enough cushioning at the ankle.
  • Soft and durable rubber outsole sole.
  • Light-weight and gives excellent comfort.
  • It is Reasonably priced.
  • Provides good protection and support.
  • Fitting Issues.
  • Takes a longer time to dry.

Our Verdict

Nivia Ashtang Football Stud is one of the best football shoes for speed under 1000 rupees in India. If you are looking for the best but don’t have more budget then go with this shoe for better ball control on the grounds. Also recommended for people who play football casually.

5. Adidas Unisex Copa Mundial Firm Ground Soccer Cleats

Top: Low
Outer Material: Kangaroo leather
Traction: Very High
Weight: 277g
Playing Surface: Firm Ground
Lacing System: Laced

One of the most popular soccer cleats of all time is the Adidas Copa Mundial. Players love this because of its 100% sturdy quality kangaroo leather material which ensures overall comfort in hard or dry surfaces. It provides a central lacing system with a leather tongue to secure fit.

Upper Unit: This Adidas unisex Copa Mundial shoe comes in a very simple classic design. It is a full kangaroo leather shoe, the leather quality is just fantastic, full leather flap tongue and leather heel liner. It gives an incredible fit and touch when hitting the ball.

Quality: It is made in Germany. Adidas if you didn’t know, is a German company. So it has a very high build quality. Adidas is manufacturing football shoes for a very long period. Players get a natural feel while wearing this. Why? The shoe adapts according to the feet shapes of the players.

Sole Unit: The sole quality of Adidas Copa Mundial Soccer Boots is superb. It comes with a moulded sole and has black studs and they are all conical studs with the same length (stud pattern is turf-friendly).

Fitting, size and design

It comes with a central lacing system for secure and snug fit so do not worry about the fit of the shoe. Size is great they are true to size and looks very classy when it comes to the design of the Copa Mundial football boot. All the features made this boot the best football boots for beginners.

Note: Do you have limited budget? No worry! Check the best cleats under 3000 rupees.

  • Fits Perfectly.
  • Very classic shoe.
  • Lightweight comfort.
  • Soft and durable sole.
  • Move with explosive speed.
  • Provides great stability and support.
  • Also best for wide feet players.
  • No negative reviews are observed so far.

Our Verdict

Personally saying this shoe is the best football shoes in India from Adidas. It does not have a predetermined shape like some other shoes. This is a great benefit that this shoe provides only.

It is highly recommended for you to grab this shoe whether you are a beginner or pro-player. This shoe is highly suitable for hard or dry playing surfaces.

6. Nike Unisex’s Superfly 6 Pro Fg Football Boots

Top: High
Outer Material: Synthetic
Traction: Very High
Weight: 320g
Playing Surface: Flexible Ground
Lacing System: Laced cum Slip-on

This Superfly 6 Pro Fg Football boot from Nike is the first mid-cut takedown model on the superfly side of the new mercurial lineup. It’s a comfortable mid-cut boot.

The Upper Unit of Superfly 6 Pro Fg Football boot is made of synthetic material with tongue less construction that provides a locked-in fit that also helps you to improve the touch and game long comfort. Tongueless construction made this boot great for passing and kicking.

The heel construction is different and solid as compared to the previous Nike superfly 5 shoe. You will find it much more comfortable out of the box.

Quality: The price might indicate that it’s a lower quality shoe but it actually isn’t, they are much better than other people think. This shoe is a great option at this price.

You can avoid those painful blisters and many more feet problems, you will find that the shoe does feature an internal plastic heel counter so nothing too fancy there.

Fitting, size and design

Tongue-less construction makes the fitting of the shoe great and offers you locked in feet. It fits true to its size and the overall design of the boot is attractive. Do not worry if you are selective about colours as it comes with 6+ unique colour options, making this boot a classic Nike football boots.

  • Great looking.
  • Good ankle support.
  • Provides adequate protection.
  • Great quality with superior traction.
  • High-quality insole to ensure comfortability
  • No Cons found.

Our Verdict

This boot is designed to provide you game long comfort at the same time superior traction on the surface. Most players suggest that these are the best football boots for speed. Lace-up closure makes it a snug fit and best to play on the court and hard polished surfaces.

7. Puma Men’s Future 4.1 Netfit Fg Ag Glacial Football Trainers

Top: Medium
Outer Material: Synthetic + Knitted
Traction: Medium
Weight: 160g
Playing Surface: Firm Ground & AG
Lacing System: Laced

This puma men’s future 4.1 netfit shoe enhanced fit and support for any foot shape and lock-down your feet in order to beat your opponents. This shoe can help you to be a true game-changer.

Stud Configuration: Your acceleration or deceleration if you dribble with those studs it’s very hard to slip. It has 13 studs at the outsole (4 are placed at the heel area and others are placed at the forefoot). These shoes are very light so you don’t feel like you are wearing Soccer Cleats.

Upper Unit: Outer material is synthetically made that is very lightweight because of seamless technology. Also, you get breathable upper. It is designed with a customizable lacing system for optimal fit.

Quality: It is very comfortable but if you wear it for the first time it might hurt on your toe but after some days you will get used to it. It has got an evoknit pro-upper that provides a customizable fit and freedom of movement.

Sole Unit: It offers an ultra-lightweight TPU outsole with a combination of conical and bladed studs (13 studs in total).

Fitting, size and design

Fit is perfect as it offers a customizable lacing technology which makes the fitting great for players with any foot shape. It comes in two colours only but both are attractive.

  • Breathable Upper.
  • It has lightweight agility outsole.
  • Best for good speed and control.
  • Maximises performance.
  • Awesome design & graphic print.
  • Less colour options are available.

Our Verdict

These are the best budget football shoes in India with maximum benefits. This boot is highly suitable for players who play either on firm natural surfaces and artificial grass. Both factors comfort and traction is taken into consideration while designing this cleat.

8. Under Armour Men’s Spotlight Franchise Rm Football Shoe

Top: High
Outer Material: Synthetic
Traction: Very High
Weight: 320g
Playing Surface: Flexible Ground
Lacing System: Laced

Get your game on and get out on the field with these awesome football cleats for men. It comes with an engineered synthetic upper with a very nice unique look to it. You will love the way that the flame looking design is on the sides, making it attractive.

Upper Unit: It’s got a full traditional lace-up closure for more adjustability and perfect tight fit. Synthetic material is used to craft this cleat. You will love the flame looking design on the sides and the collar is very cushioned.

Quality: UA shoes are always great. Under Armour Spotlight Franchise Rm Football Trainers come with the traditional lace-up for more adjustability and a snug fit.

Sole Unit: It has got rubber moulded cleats which provides lightweight comfort and high traction. Apart from this, Each footballer wants their shoes to be optimal fit so with the keeping in mind it offers a three-piece rear panel for optimal fit.

Additionally, It has got a full-length EVA midsole and comfort cushion midsole at the bottom, which is going to provide underfoot cushion and support and also absorbs the pressure.

Fitting, size and design

A pull tab at the heel and tongue to help get this shoe on much easier. These come in different sizes from small to big and they all are true to size. So, I will recommend getting the exact size you wear.

  • The Collar is very cushioned.
  • Provides aggressive traction.
  • Lightweight comfortable feel.
  • No negative review is observed so far

Our Verdict

Offers great lockdown and stability to the players on the pitch. Also improves the touch on the ball and explosive acceleration leaving your opponents behind.

If you want a competitive advantage then trust this shoe. Trust the Under Armour because you will never find such kinds of best looking football boots ever under this budget.

9. Nike Men’s Phantom Vsn Academy Football Shoes

Top: Medium
Outer Material: Synthetic
Traction: Good
Weight: 340g
Playing Surface: Multi-Ground
Lacing System: Pull-on

Nike is a very famous brand for manufacturing sports equipment. It is very famous for its high-quality products. You will have highly durable and comfortable shoes if you choose from Nike.

Support: This Nike men’s phantom is one of the best Nike football shoes for men in India because it offers adequate support that you actually desire while playing football (running/skidding).

Best for: This shoe is designed for Multi-ground, can be used on short-grass or artificial surfaces. Rubber studs are placed on the soleplate for remarkable traction on the ground.

Studs Count: There are 12 rubber made studs that are placed in the soleplate. 4 studs are in the heel area and the rests are on the forefoot area.

Fitting, size and design

To give a precise touch a ghost laces system has been used. It provides a dynamic fit collar to provide a cushion to your foot on the field. It comes in 6 different colours.

  • Durable rubber made studs.
  • Lightweight boot.
  • Rubber sole gives the soecialised traction.
  • Provides good cushioning.
  • Stretchy collar gives a secure fit.
  • No negative review is observed so far.

Our Verdict

High-quality material made this shoe more durable. A Pull tab on the upper makes it easy on and off and it also comes with the Dynamic Fit Collar to wrap your ankle for a snug and comfortable fit. You don’t need to have more time to clean them it’s very easy to clean.

10. Puma Men’s Future 4.4 Fg/Ag Football Shoes

Top: Medium
Outer Material: Synthetic leather
Traction: High grip
Weight: 210g
Playing Surface: Firm Ground & AG
Lacing System: Laced

Again from the puma future series, this shoe offers you enhanced fit and support. If you have foot shape issues then this shoe will be best for you, you can rely on puma. The cleat is highly suitable to use on firm natural and artificial grass surfaces.

Upper Unit: It has Evoknit pro upper provides you customizable fit and freedom of movement. You will really have a pleasant experience after playing with these lightweight upper boots.

Sole Unit: It also comes with the TPU outsole with a combination of conical and bladed studs. When it comes to the stud configuration, they are balanced.13 studs are placed on the outsole (4 in heel area and 9 in forefoot). TPU outsole is not heavy as compared to others.

Fitting, size and design

Let’s talk about colour options. It comes in yellow colour with a black-cut design makes it very attractive. You will find a Puma cat logo on the heel and tongue which makes this shoe unique and cool. These come in different sizes with two colour options.

  • Breathable upper
  • Great looking.
  • High quality studs
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Best for versatile players.
  • Less colour options.

Our Verdict

It is a very lightweight shoe and provides you with high traction while running on the ground and helps you to beat your opponents and become a true game-changer. With lots of quality, this shoe is considered the best football shoes in India for Men.

11. Nivia Dominator Football Shoes

Top: Low
Outer Material: Seamless upper
Traction: Medium
Weight: 250g
Playing Surface: Flexible Ground
Lacing System: Laced

Are you facing a budget issue?

Don’t worry!

They are not very expensive like other shoes on the list of best football shoes in India. This football cleat has a very premium look and has a great design.

Moulded TPU material in the outsole is used to give you an excellent feel, optimal stability and good ball control. You don’t need to worry about stability and support, it comes with both features and Can be also used in mud grounds.

The feel and Comfort of the cleat are adequate, TPU outsole making the shoe very flexible. Groovy upper design for excellent ball control and tackling.

Furthermore, Stitchless Technology makes it 100% waterproof and durable. It has got Quick-dry technology – soft inner lining with quick dry out fabrics.

  • 100% Water-proof.
  • Lightweight.
  • Long-lasting cleat.
  • Superior underfoot traction.
  • Very supportive and maintains balance.
  • Studs are evenly distributed.
  • Not fully breathable.

Our Verdict

Are you on the low budget side? Yes! Definitely go with the Nivia Dominator Soccer Boots. Also liked by people who play occasionally. This single piece designed shoe from Nivea has achieved a separate base from its players. These are the best Nivia football shoes under 1000 rupees you will find ever.

How to Choose the Right Football Boots? | Buying Guide

Buying Guide is very important for you to select any kind of shoes, especially sports shoes like running shoes, soccer shoes, etc., because it looks easy but not as you think. It helps you to select the perfect shoe for you that you really need. Some important factors should be considered while choosing football boots.

I). Where are you planning to play?

The first and most important factor that you need to focus on while choosing football boots is the place that you are going to play. Football shoes are different from other shoes.

Football shoes have studs/cleats and the sole is made based on the field that you are going to play. If you play on dry or natural grass surfaces you should select a kind of studs that are suitable for firm ground.

Apart from this, If you play on wet and soft surfaces you need to choose a shoe with a better grip to eliminate slipping. So, in that case, you should choose a football shoe with a soft ground sole and screw stud.

If you are among them who play in indoor synthetic grass, hard surfaces or consolidated surfaces then choose football trainers that are made for hard ground surfaces and with rubber studs.

II). What is your requirement?

The next very important factor that you must consider while buying a pair of cleats is what are you looking for? There are four things that a football player looks into a shoe is comfort, grip, power and design.

A football shoe with great studs are perfect for power because they help you to bend naturally.

III). Quality and material of the Shoe

The next factor is to consider when buying the best Soccer Cleats is the quality and the material of the shoe. Leather, Synthetic and knitted material are used in making any football shoe.

Most of the brands use leather material to make football shoes because it is a common material, this makes them comfortable to wear because leather shoes are made up of kangaroo and calf.

The synthetically made shoe is also the most popular shoe because it makes them very lightweight and lasts for a long period.

Last but not least material is knitted. This kind of shoe is manufactured with synthetic threads. Players like this kind of shoe because it fits well like a sock.

IV). Shoe weight

You can’t ignore football shoe’s weight while buying that. Sometimes it proved to be the game-changer for the players.

If you want to run faster on the ground then you should always choose a perfectly lightweight shoe but apart from this if you go for the heavier ones, they are strong and solid and give you enough protection.

You have to decide which type of shoe you like the most, lightweight or heavier shoe because each shoe has its own merits and demerits. So, pick shoes as per your needs.

V). Your budget for the football shoes

Your budget for football shoes is important. Most shoes are expensive to buy because of their high quality and more advanced features. But if you don’t have a good budget then you can really find a good shoe for you that won’t cost much to your pocket.

Not only single-brand makes boots but many. Adidas and Nike are famous for high-quality football shoes.

At last, Your playing frequency and what kind of football player you are will decide the budget for your shoes.

Best Football Boots Brands in India

Every brand does well in its core competencies so particularly no brand is particularly good or bad but some of the best football shoes brands are Puma, Nike, Adidas and Mizuno etc.

We should not always check the brand but checking the performance, stability, control and traction of the shoes must be our first preference and very important that should not cost to your pocket much. Focusing on the all-important feature can help you to select the best football shoes in India.

What are the Different Types of Football Shoes?

Football boots are of many types and with different designs. Let’s see them one by one.

Soft ground football shoes

The Soft ground football shoes are highly suitable for a rainy match day because it is built on a six stud configuration with two metal studs at the rear and four at the front.

Therefore, this gives excellent traction on wet and muddy surfaces. This shoe also gives enough comfort to the wearer and improves performance.

Firm ground football boots

best football shoes in india

There are two types of firm ground:-

  • FG – Firm Ground with Grass
  • FG – Firm Ground Without Grass

And the Firm ground football shoes are one of the best football shoes and the most popular boot which is used on the firm ground with and without grass. It provides enough cushioning.

There are not many studs in the sole in these kinds of shoes but they can be conical or bladed to distribute the pressure of the soleplate. These shoes are designed to offer maximum grip and comfort on natural grass pitches in all types of conditions like dry or wet.

what are studs in football shoes? The studs have many shapes, designs and sizes. The studs are positioned accordingly to distribute the pressure across the soleplate. Studs have different shapes like conical, mixed and bladed studs.

Artificial ground football shoes

The artificial ground football shoes are designed to perform well on an artificial surfaces or on turf pitches.

This type of shoe has an outsole with a larger number of studs (thin) to aid the grip but still allow for turns in direction without having the outsole stick to the turf hence minimize possible knee problems.

Astroturf football cleats

Now, Astroturf football shoes are made for hard ground surfaces and for artificial pitches like water and land-based.

This shoe has very less penetration because it has short turf, which is suitable for 2G and 3G turf pitches. This shoe features patterned soles with added grip with small rubber studs.

Indoor football shoes

These kinds of shoes are designed for flat and hard indoor surfaces. Indoor football shoes have non-marking rubber.

Normally, the indoor football courts are made up of wooden surfaces, so these shoes are recommended to wear on these surfaces as like in the game of badminton.

This shoe helps to reduce the impact on the wooden floor and also offers enough cushioning and has good traction and reduces injuries.

There are different types of football pitches, let’s see with the help of a picture.

FAQ on the Best Football Boots in India

Q1. Should we wear soaks with football shoes?

Yes, we should. Even every footballer wear they mostly prefer socks over their knees (over their shins) called high socks. They wear it because of the laws of the game.

Q2. Are the football shoes suitable for any surfaces?

All those football shoes that are mentioned above are not suitable for all types of surfaces. Playing surfaces are of mainly two types example: Natural grass and Artificial turf.

Each and every shoe is recommended by their area of playing so choose shoes accordingly.

Q3. Which size should I buy?

If you have just started playing football or you are a junior then go with the one size bigger than your normal size, Junior feet size grow fast.

But adult players should choose the perfect shoe size, neither small nor large. To maximize your performance you should select the size wisely.

Q4. How to maintain football shoes?

It will not take your much time, take any clean cloth and remove the dirt from the shoes before every playing. Read the instructions to clean football shoes.

Q5. Do football shoes affect performance?

Yes, you can’t imagine playing football without a proper shoe, and if you use the best football shoes then your performance will be at the peak because of the comfortability and stability of shoes.

Q6. What are the benefits of a customizable lacing system in football shoes?

Puma features the NETFIT technology Customizable lacing system in football shoes. It ensures the optimal fit for the players and they can style shoes as they want. Players have got various foot shapes and that might be a serious problem in fittings and sizing while selecting football shoes.

With considering that, customizable lacing system works great for a lot of players.

Q7. Should I buy football shoes online or offline?

I know guys, You might be having this question for the long time.

As I mentioned earlier buying football shoes in shops and malls can be a difficult task. You have 100+ options to pick from and sometimes nobody is there to guide you. But when you switch to online everything becomes easy.

You have a buyer’s buying guide and much more information provided (shop sellers won’t tell you ever) and that does not cost much to your pocket too.

And the great thing about online shopping is you have the option to return and replace your shoes if you didn’t like them. We recommend you to buy online.

Wrapping Up on the Best Football Shoes in India

Now, readers, we have ended up with this detailed and comprehensive article on the Best Football Shoes in India. You don’t need to look in the market and worry much about shoes because we have done for you.

All shoes that are mentioned in the article are well researched and reviewed after taking feedbacks from the most popular football players so that you can select shoes confidently.

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Still, in case if we have missed something or made a mistake, kindly feel free to let us know in the comment box. I will definitely update your thoughts in the next update. Thanx for reading this article.

Also, Don’t forget to watch this video on the Best Football Studs in India.

Note: If you found any shoe is out of stock then tell us in the comment section we will update the link or update any other same category shoe.

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