How to Find Shoes From a Picture - Explained (Quick way to know)

How to Find Shoes From a Picture? – Explained

Are you facing difficulties in identifying shoes from a picture? Don’t worry! In this comprehensive article, we are going to explain everything about how to find shoes from a picture?

Finding a pair of correct shoes has become difficult because of first copy shoes and fake shoes. They are available everywhere whether offline or online.

First copy shoes look similar to the branded shoes so it seems hard to identify them. Many shoe lovers end up buying fake shoes instead of branded shoes resulting in wasting their money and time.

We don’t want the same to happen to you. Scroll down to know how to find shoes with just a picture.

How to Find Shoes From a Picture – For Desktop Users

Do you know Google search engine will let you know everything about your selected image i.e. shoes? Let’s know-how!

1. Go to chrome or other browsers of Google on desktop and type, You will find an interface like as shown in the image below. There will be two options of Image and Gmail.

2. Now, click on the image tab to get the google image search bar. Google search engines for images are used widely to identify lots of things from pictures as we are identifying shoes.

By tapping the camera icon will give you two options:

  • Paste image URL
  • Upload an Image

Upload the shoe image from your saved browser or otherwise paste the location or URL of the picture of the intended footwear as an image shown below.

3. You will get the final result of the picture by entering it.

How to Find Shoes by Picture – For Mobile Users

The process is exactly the same as desktop users. Let’s see!

Step1: On the android phone or tablet, open the Chrome app.

Step2: Type and select the image option from the top.

Step3: Upload a picture from your phone or paste the URL.

Step4: You will get the results depending on your shoe picture.

how to find shoes from a picture
Step by step process to identify shoes by picture – for mobile users

What to focus on while identifying a correct shoe?


While distinguishing between fake and original shoes, colour is the main criteria that you should focus on. Fake or first copy shoes look slightly different when you deeply see the colour of the shoes.

Do not worry if you are buying shoes online you can zoom out the picture to identify or read the customer reviews.

On the basis of ratings and reviews

Ratings and reviews by the customers are vital in identifying original shoes. Online sites like Amazon and Flipkart etc allow users to write comments about their product and their post-purchase experience.

So it is highly recommended to read the reviews when buying shoes online.

Is there an app to find shoes from a picture?

Yes, there are some apps to recognise shoes that use artificial intelligence (AI) to recognise the shoe picture, footwear brands and model numbers.

One of them is ‘Shoegazer’. There are many apps that recognise music, sounds, voice and artists etc but shoegazer recognizes shoes by its pictures. The shoegazer app gives a wide range of information on shoe brands, materials and the actual name of the intended shoe.

The shoegazer app is developed by Happy finish company (A creative production agency). The happy finish provides a wide range of services like content design, emerging technology and immersive storytelling. Shoegazer and Shazam are great examples to look at. 

If you love to click images whether they are shoes then the shoegazer app would help you to identify them.


We hope that your query on how to identify shoes by picture is solved. There are many ways to find shoes by picture but getting results from the google image search engine is trustable.

Whether you are a laptop user or a mobile phone user I have covered this article for both of them.

At last, don’t forget to share this article with friends, family and the person that you know of.

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