Woodland Shoes Size Chart in India, US, EU & UK | Footwear Conversion Chart

Woodland is the most recognizable shoe brand in India and the world. Many people around the globe love woodland shoes because it has so many advantages such as being Versatile, Durable and Easy to style and it is true that they can last for 5 to 6 years even on heavy usage.

But when I bought my first pair of woodland shoes, it was bigger in size (Yes – quite disappointing) and I had to wait a couple of days more to get the perfect woodland shoes. So, I don’t want the same happen to you. So make sure to read Woodland Shoes Sizing Guide completely.

In this article, I am going to cover Do woodland shoes true to size? you will know how the woodland shoe size works? and last you will get conversion tables for woodland shoes size chart in India, UK and US for Men and Women.

Woodland Men’s Shoes Size Chart

US SizeIndia / UK SizeEURO SizeFoot Size (cm)
woodland men's shoes size chart

Woodland Shoes Size Chart Women’s

US SizeIndia / UK SizeEURO SizeFoot Size (cm)
woodland women's shoes size chart

How to Measure Woodland Shoe Size? Step-by-Step Guide

If you are not sure about shoe size, follow these simple and easy steps to know the perfect shoe size for your feet.

  • You will need a pen or pencil, 2 blank sheets of paper and measurement tape.
  • First, take a blank sheet of paper and place your right foot on it.
  • Put a mark on your longest toe and one on the back of your heel.
  • The distance between these two marks is the length of your foot, make sure to measure them in centimetres.
  • Now what next, Compare the cm value to our woodland shoes measurement chart to know your shoe size.

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Do woodland shoes true to size?

Woodland shoes are more giant in size so you should order one size smaller than the usual shoes and boots. If you get confused then make sure to take the help of Woodland shoe conversion charts for men and women.

Apart from this, woodland shoes are a piece of attraction and their quality is just awesome.

As I said earlier, woodland shoes would last 5 to 6 years if you buy from the original website or Amazon, also you should not go for first-copy woodland shoes as they will lack in performance and quality.

If I talk about myself, I have 20+ pairs of woodland shoes and they all are perfectly fitted. So it is advised to see the chart before you shop for footwear from the woodland shoe brand.

Final Verdict on the Woodland Shoes Size Chart India

I hope you have found your perfect fitted shoe size. There is only one thing that needs to be kept in mind while shopping for woodland footwear – always go with one size smaller than your normal shoe size.

If you have any doubts related to this article on woodland shoe size chart India, then do comment and ask whatever you want.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Woodland Shoes Size Guide

Q1. Do Woodland shoes run bigger in size?

Yes, Woodland shoes are bigger in size compared to normal shoes. Go with one size smaller than your regular size and also see the woodland shoe size conversion chart.

Q2. How to check Woodland shoe size?

First, find your standard foot size, go to the woodland online store, select your intended shoe, and click on the shoe size chart – here you go! You must have a complete size chart to find the perfect one.

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