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Nike react infinity run is truly recommended for runners. As the name suggests Infinity run, means by putting on these shoes will take you to the infinity which is designed for athletes, road running, marathon and on track running etc.

These shoes are very comfortable which is designed to reduce injury and with 3 layers of comfortable and flexible foams keep your feet safe and secure.

So, What are you waiting for? tighten your laces, put on the sports earbuds and hit the road today with Nike react infinity run.

Shoe Details:

Brand NameNike
Weight(men’s size 9)291g approx.
Best forRecovery & Long-distance running
Balance/Drop9mm (Heel:33mm, forefoot:24mm)
Colours availableBlack/Dark Grey/White/Blue
  • A lightweight fit and rolls well.
  • Provides support for the 3 phases of a runner’s steps.
  • Extra rubber on the outsole helps in delivering better grip and becoming more durable.
  • The shoe provides a good grip and hence increases confidence.
  • Not recommended for trail running.

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Our Verdict:


Nike react infinity run review

What I feel about the Nike react infinity run flyknit, It’s going to help reduce injury for regular day runners like you and me.

My overall impression of the shoe is, by looks, I love it. I think they killed it on the design.

Obviously, with this new running shoe, they have the react built into it also which is a foam core that produces tons of cushioning.

The shoe is also made of flyknit material. This is something that Nike specializes in to make it feel more like a sock.


Most running shoe companies have a traditional tongue, But Nike again continues to push the limits and have created a shoe that’s just one complete flyknit upper piece, to give that sock-feel, to make your foot feel one with the shoe.

When it comes to Infinity run, the first thing that I noticed immediately was the wider midsole. Therefore, the whole point of this shoe is to help to reduce the injury.

So, Nike went with the wider midsole that prevents you from rocking back and forth. This is what they would call a stability shoe.

Looking down on it from top to the bottom, yes, you can notice the width, but as soon as I put my foot in the shoe, it did feel amazing.

I was happy with the way I felt secure, cushion and overall I was extremely happy with the way it looked on my foot and I am sure you will feel the same.

Nike react infinity run specifically does have a wider foam core bottom that does make you sit higher.

That is a little bit different from other react shoes that Nike did come out with to provide a little bit more cushioning for you.


Nike does make other shoes that have heel guards or heel clips that do prevent your feet from rocks, This model does have a little more security in the back.

This Shoe is going to prevent the rocking along with the wider toe, box or midsole, to make this a stability shoe vs. a traditional shoe – that is a little bit more narrow, that is not going to prevent from rocks. 

The Whole Nike thing is the sock-type feel with the flyknit upper, and the flyknit breathes well and extra little tongue at the top, but this shoe is made to reduce runners injury.

I assure you, It’s going to be a great choice especially if you are new to running/jogging or just getting into running then make sure to read 10 incredible benefits of jogging and running.

Nike infinity react is specifically made for road or track. Not recommended for trails. This is going to be great for everyday runner shoes. Nike trail running shoes are made from different materials and they have got different kinds of outsoles.

If you are new to running and you are trying to figure out what shoe to go into, If you don’t have time to make it into running stores, I would encourage you to check out these Infinity React Shoes and see what they are like for your first month. So, again this is going to give you a better idea of how it’s going to feel on your foot.

Summing Up

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