Italian Shoe Size Chart to US Size Chart (Explained) – Italy v/s US Conversion Charts for Men, Women & Children

There is no doubt that Italian shoes are of great quality and are very famous across the world. Last month I upgraded 5 pairs of the best quality Italian shoes to my wardrobe.

But it took hours to understand the system of Italian shoes and how Italian shoe sizing works. If this is your first time buying Italian footwear, No problem! I have got you covered.

In today’s article, I will explain the Italian shoe size chart to US, UK, EU and India for men, women and children and you will also get to know How do Italian shoes fit compared to US shoes?

Do Italian shoes run big or small?

You might be wondering, do Italian shoes run big or small? Yes, Italian shoes do tend to run smaller than US shoe sizes. Almost every European shoe is slightly smaller than the US or UK shoe sizes. For example, US size 8 is equivalent to size 38 in Europe and it is still slightly small.

European nations’ shoe sizes always run smaller than other nations, such as US and UK as they are following their own sizing pattern based on the European shoe sizing system.

Italian Shoe Size Chart to US  –  Shoe Size Conversion Chart

It can be quite confusing when it comes to shoe size conversion of Italian shoe sizes to US sizes between men’s, women’s, and children’s shoes. So make sure to see the size chart for all.

Let’s see how to convert Italian shoe sizes to American shoe sizes. Whether you are buying shoes from Europe or planning a fabulous shopping trip, you should know what shoe size you are.

Your requirement: your standard shoe size and a conversion chart or graph that will tell you the difference in which shoe size you need to pick.

You don’t need to be measured by a professional as I have already explained how to measure your shoe size.

You can calculate your perfect fitted Italian shoe size in 2 steps:

  1. Get your shoe size measured
  2. Convert shoe size using a conversion chart

Let’s understand this with examples

Let’s convert 42 Italian shoe size to US women’s and men’s – size 42 Italian men’s shoe is 25.8 cm long, which is the same as a size 8.5 men’s US shoe. But a size 42 Italian women’s shoe is larger, 25.9 cm long, which is equivalent to a size 10 women’s US shoe.

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Got it! Yaa, it might look complicated but the given shoe size conversion tables and graphs will help you to find the perfect one.

Italian Shoe Size to US Men’s

The below chart shows the Italian shoe size chart to US men’s. Let’s understand this with an example: Italy shoe size 43 would be 9 in the US shoe size chart and 8.5 in the UK and India, which means 26.1 cm in length. Do UK and Indian shoe sizes are exactly the same? Tell us in the comment section!

Here is the men’s shoe size conversion chart:

Italy/EU shoe sizeUS shoe sizeUK shoe sizeFoot Lenght (CM)Foot Lenght (Inches)

Italian Shoe Size to US Women’s Shoe Size Chart

The below chart is displaying Italian shoe sizes to US for women. For example, the Italian shoe size 40 would be 9 in the American size chart (after the conversion). The European shoe size 41, when converted to the US shoe size is going to be 9.5. Refer to the given table for complete information on the women’s shoe size chart Italy.

Here is the women’s shoe size conversion chart:

Italy/EU shoe sizeUS shoe sizeUK shoe sizeFoot Lenght (CM)Foot Lenght (Inches)

Image showing Italy shoe size to US women’s

Italian Shoe Size to US Women's

Babies Italian to US Shoe Size Conversion

Here is the Babies Italian shoe size conversion chart.

AgeEU/Italy shoe sizeUS shoe sizeUK shoe sizeFoot length (inches)
0-6 months1610.53.5
0-6 months17213.75
6-12 months18324
6-12 months19434.5
12-18 months20544.75
12-18 months21555

Children’s Italian to US Shoe Size Conversion

Here is the Children’s Italian shoe size conversion chart.

Italy/EU shoe sizeUS shoe sizeUK shoe sizeAgeFoot length (inches)Foot length (cm)
27.510.5C10Small Kid6.7516.9
2811C10.5Small Kid6.87517.3
28.511.5C11Small Kid7.017.6
2912C11.5Small Kid7.12517.9
3012.5C12Small Kid7.2518.5
30.513C12.5Small Kid7.37518.8
3113.5C13Small Kid7.519.2
31.51Y13.5Small Kid7.62519.5
32.51.5Y1Small Kid7.87520
332Y1.5Small Kid8.020.4
342.5Y2Small Kid8.2521
34.53Y2.5Big Kid8.37521.3
353.5Y3Big Kid8.521.7
35.54Y3.5Big Kid8.62522
36.54.5Y4Big Kid8.87522.6
375Y4.5Big Kid9.023
385.5Y5Big Kid9.2523.6
396Y5.5Big Kid9.7524.7

Italian Shoe Sizes Vs American Shoe Sizes

Are Italian shoe sizes smaller than US? – Italy follows the general standard European shoe size pattern however their shoe sizes are slightly smaller than many other European nations. And it is correctly said that Italian shoes run small in size.

When it comes to the difference between Italian and American shoes, Italian shoes are light in weight compared to American shoes. Italian shoes are very comfortable and flexible as they use the Blake stitching method and in US countries, the Goodyear welting method is used to stitch high-quality shoes.

It is very important to note that Italian shoes tend to be narrower and smaller than American shoes. So first measure your feet as explained above then find your size in the conversion chart.

Frequently Asked Questions on Italian to US Shoe Size Chart

Q1. Why are Italian shoes so small?

Italian shoemakers are specialized in making shoes with narrow heels and wide-toe boxes. Thanks to this design your heels will stay in a snug position without causing creases in your toes. All these features make Italian shoes smaller.

Q2. How do you convert Euro shoe size to US?

Unlike European shoe sizes, American shoe sizes are not unisex. So In order to get Euro shoe sizes into US for Men and Women, we need to do a short calculation. Subtract 33 from the Men’s EU size to get your perfect shoe size. In the case of women, subtract 31. If you are still confused, make sure to look at our shoe conversion charts shown above.

Q3. Why Are Italian Shoes More Expensive?

Italian or European shoes are highly priced because of their premium quality features. They specialize in making high quality durable handcrafted leather shoes. And the Blake stitching method works like “Icing on the Cake” for Italian shoes. They do not compromise on the quality for the price.

Q4. What is Italian shoe size 38 to us women’s?

If you are an Italian woman living in the US then an Italian shoe size 38 would be equivalent to 7.5 US shoe size and 5.5 UK shoe size. And when it comes to men, Italian shoe size 38 would be 5.5 US size and 4.5 UK size.

Q5. What is Italian shoe size 40 in US?

Italian shoe size 40 would be 9 in the US shoe size for women, which is 25.1 cm in length. Make sure to see the complete Italy conversion shoe size chart to the US.

Q6. What is 8.5 in Italian shoe size?

Italian shoe size 8.5 would be equivalent to 39 in the US shoe size, which is 24.6 cm in length.

Q7. What is Italian shoe size 41 to US women’s?

Italian shoe size 41 would be 9.5 in the US shoe size for women, which is 25.4 cm in length.

Q8. What is Italian shoe size 36 to US women’s?

Italian shoe size 36 will be 6 footwear size in the US for women, which is 22.5 cm in length (9 inches).

Conclusion on Italian shoe size chart to US

If you really want to buy perfectly fitted Italian shoes then it would be great to look at the conversion table of the Italian shoe size chart to US. These conversion charts will help you convert your shoe size to different Asian shoe sizes.

I hope your all doubts are cleared, but if you still have any feel free to ask in the comment section.



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