How to Choose Sneakers.? | An Ultimate Beginners Guide to Sneakers

How to Choose Sneakers? | An Ultimate Guide

Whether you are going for an outing with friends or going for nature walks, sneakers come in handy all the time. They look stylish and give you the comfort that you may need. But it is extremely difficult to choose sneakers.

It is extremely important that you do your research well before buying a pair of sneakers and we have done the research for you so that you don’t have to spend hours learning everything.

How to choose sneakers? It becomes a bit overwhelming as there are a lot of options available, different types of material, style, types and brands. To get your all queries solved, make sure to read this ultimate guide on how to choose sneakers?

You just have to read this article to know how to choose the right sneakers. Given below are few things to keep in mind before buying a sneaker and if you are new to buying sneakers online then this beginner’s guide to sneakers would help you in choosing the best ones.

Note: Shoes and Sneakers are different. Know difference here.

Beginners guide on How to choose sneakers?

1. Types of Sneakers

There are a lot of different types of sneakers available in the market and it becomes daunting while finding the perfect sneakers type. So here is a list of the most popular type of sneakers available.

how to choose sneakers

I). Plimsoll Sneakers

Plimsoll Sneakers are one of the most popular and most common types of sneakers. They are also known as low-top sneakers.

The important thing to keep in mind is to not show your shocks or not wear high shocks while you are wearing these. You can wear them with jeans that are rolled up and your ankle is revealed. Adidas NEO vs pace sneaker is the perfect example of Plimsoll sneakers.

II). High Top Sneakers

High Top Sneakers have been around for a while now. They have multiple advantages.

  • You can wear them while playing any sports like Basketball in shorts.
  • If you like to wear high socks then these are perfect as you don’t have to worry about the socks being visible.
  • You can wear them in winter with fitted jeans. And lastly, well, these look extremely stylish.

III). Athletic Sneakers

Athletic Sneakers are referred to as “Sports” Sneakers. These are great for everyday use and at the same time, they are a deadly combination of style and functionality.

You can use them while running, jogging, physical activities, workouts, etc.

IV). Slip-on Sneakers

Slip-on Sneakers are one of the most classic types of sneakers and they have been in high demand for the past couple of years.

This kind of Sneakers do not have a traditional lacing system, you just have to slide your feet into the shoes, and thus it is extremely hassled free.

They are extremely comfortable and you can pair them up with your casual shoes. Do keep in mind to not wear high socks as it would ruin the look of the slip-on sneakers.

V). Leather Sneakers

Leather Sneakers are trending sneakers in the fashion industry and in the world. These are expensive in comparison with other normal sneakers but they are highly durable.

These would not lose their feel even in the long run. They would work well with formal outfits. Also with these ones, you don’t wear high socks.

VI). Canvas Sneakers

Canvas Sneakers are described as a standard and casual type of sneakers. These are perfect with casual outfits and are famous among youngsters.

But one thing that is disappointing about canvas sneakers is they get dirty early but there is no need to worry about that it’s very simple and easy to clean. Make sure to read our guide on tips to clean canvas sneakers.

VII). LED Lighted Sneakers

LED Lighted Sneakers’ trend begin with women, but now men also wear them. There are LED tube that is around the outer sole and the light can be of one colour or multiple colours.

These are popular with the younger generation and people in the fashion or entertainment industry. These can be mostly worn at parties or at concerts.

VIII). Textile Blend Sneakers

Textile Blend Sneakers are mostly available in a mixture of different type of materials like leather with plastic, leather with textile, etc. These can be worn with casual outfits and can be worn daily as well.

IX). Velcro Sneakers

Velcro Sneakers are worn with not one that can be paired with all kinds of outfits. These can elevate your casual look if you have paired them correctly with the correct kind of outfit. They are also a bit affordable and available in different styles.

X). Designer Sneakers

Designer Sneakers are sneakers that are manufactured by the designer brand. Some of them are Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Valentino, etc. These are highly expensive, extremely comfortable, stylish and are perfect for formal occasions.

2. What are the Best Sneakers Brands

There are a lot of sneaker brands available in the market but some of the famous ones are:

  • Adidas:- Adidas is one of the most famous footwear brands in the world. Their sneakers are highly fashionable, comfortable, and of great quality. These are worn by everyone who loves shoes. If you have a 3000 budget then these are some best Adidas shoes under 3000.
  • Nike:- Nike is one of the biggest competitors of Adidas and they produce amazing quality shoes. They have all kinds of sneakers, running shoes, workout shoes etc. from minimalistic and simple designs to extravagant sneakers, they have it all.
  • Vans:- Although Vans started with skater shoes, they have also entered the market of street style fashion and aced it. They manufacture sneakers that are multi-purpose, stylish yet simple.
  • Sketchers:- Sketchers are known for their top-quality products which are highly durable and fashionable. Their shoes have good durability and at the same time, they are comfortable.

3. How to Choose the Right Sneakers for Different Needs

It is important that you choose the right kind of sneaker for different occasions and different needs. The one you wear for workouts cannot be worn at a party, the one you wear for walking cannot be worn for a formal gathering, and so on.

Since some sneakers can be expensive you need to be careful and think about your requirement while buying one before you go-all-out. If you understand how to choose sneakers on different occasions then it may change your outfit and style preferences.

Given below is how you can select sneakers for different occasion:

I). Walking

If you are someone, who walks as a form of workout, then the perfect one would be the one whose cushioning is soft and is comfortable.

One thing to keep in mind is that you pick the perfect size for you otherwise your feet will hurt. Apart from walking, these can be worn when you are going shopping or for running and some errands.

II). Running

If you are an individual who has a workout regime of running then it is important that you buy sneakers that are made for running as you need the apt amount of support and flexibility.

Most running injuries happen due to picking the wrong sneakers. The ideal one would be high-top sneakers or athletic ones.

III). Workouts

Workouts here refer to all forms of physical exercise accept running like Cardio, Pilates, Zumba, Weightlifting etc. The best possible choice would be to pick athletic sneakers.

One thing to keep in mind while buying is to check that the shoes are providing perfect cushioning, stability, and flexibility.

IV). At Airport

If you are going to the airport and you are taking a long flight, then you need to wear something that is super comfortable. As you would be on move from one place to another you need something like Slip-on Sneakers which are comfortable yet stylish.

V). Trips or Vacation

Trips are a great time to relax and enjoy with your friends or family. So, the important thing to keep in mind is to wear comfortable sneakers.

If you are going to a hilly, cold region or for camping then you can wear athletic sneakers or high-top sneakers. If you are going somewhere with regular surfaces then you can go for Plimsoll Sneakers. Just keep in mind to buy comfortable sneakers.

VI). Night out with Friends

When you are going out with your friends for dinner or a party then wear something that is stylish yet comfortable. The perfect choice would be to canvas sneakers or leather sneakers.

If you are someone who likes to experiment and If you are going to a party then you can definitely try out LED Sneakers and this will definitely make you the star of the party.

VII). Formal Gathering

If you are attending a formal gathering people will expect you to wear loafers but you break the conventional belief by wearing either leather sneakers or low top sneakers. It will not only make a fashion statement but also inspire others to break the stereotype of wearing only typical footwear.

4. What Mistakes to avoid while buying Sneakers?

We told you different types of sneakers and how to choose sneakers for different occasion, but now it is important to know what mistakes to avoid while buying them.

I). Buying the wrong size and style

One of the common mistakes people make is buying a sneaker that is either too tight thinking it will stretch with time or lose thinking it will be easy to remove or wear. What you need is a snug fit so that it makes you comfortable.

Another mistake is that you wear something that is in fashion and trend but is not your style. Know your style well and then buy.

II). Buying without research

How to choose sneakers can be a bit tough. So, Before buying make sure, you do your research regarding the sneaker well. Read reviews about the sneaker, know about its durability, its size, and fit, etc.

Always compare different sneakers and then only select the ones which have more pros than cons.

III). Buying without considering your needs

There are different types of sneakers for different needs and occasions as discussed above. It’s important to pick a sneaker that is for the occasion. For e.g., some people wear high-top sneakers at the airport without realizing that it would bring discomfort to them and they need to wear something like a slip-on sneaker.

IV). Switching different brands

If you like a brand then please stick to it. It is not necessary that you need to have sneaker from every brand. If you resonate with a brand and their sneakers fit you well, give you comfort, and provides support, then just buy from them.

V). Not replacing the sneakers

Another mistake people make is not replacing sneakers enough and wearing them for longer times. If they start wearing down then change them otherwise, they will cause you pain. If you bought a new sneaker that is giving you pain in your feet, hips, etc after wearing them for a few days, please replace them.

Conclusion on How to Choose Sneakers

This is everything that you need to know before buying sneakers. Sneakers are extremely comfortable and you must own at least 3 types of sneakers: everyday use, formal gatherings, and outings. Now you can check reviews on the best sneakers for men.

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Also, let us know which tips were helpful to you. We would love to know If we missed something out so please do comment.

After knowing how to choose sneakers? Make sure to watch our video on the best sneakers for men in India.

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