Can You Wear Leather Boots in the Snow? [3 Tips to Care Leather in Winter]

You only have a pair of leather boots and you want to wear them in the snow. But can you wear leather boots in the snow? Whether you are going on a holiday or just to walkabout, you need a perfect pair of shoes to wear in the snow in order to keep your feet warm and dry.

Because regular shoes will not perform well in snow as they are not perfect for walking on the snow. Also, You won’t be able to stay on your feet.

Is it safe to wear leather boots in the snow? Will snow ruin the leather boots? Or What can be done to protect leather boots from the snow?

In this article, you will get all the answers related to wearing leather boots in the snow is safe?

Can Leather Boots be Worn in the Snow?

No, leather boots can not be worn in the snow and you should never wear them in the snow. Because snow contains salt and moisture which is bad for leather. Snow can permanently damage your favourite leather boots.

So, you can not wear leather boots in the snow. But can you wear leather boots in the rain? The answer is yes. you can wear leather boots in the rain. How to wear leather boots in the rain without damaging them?

5 Reasons not to wear leather boots in the snow

Let me be clear that. Here boots mean normal walking boots or dress-up boots. I am not talking about heavy-duty boots or work boots. So don’t be confused while reading.

  1. The first risk is that your leather shoes will get wet if you wear them in the snow. Normally leather boots are waterproof but snow is bad for them. You should not wear leather boots in the snow otherwise, they will eventually start cracking.
  2. Salt is the biggest enemy of leather. It can ruin your leather footwear along with the moisture. Resulting in large white circles, making them dry, hard and after some time they will start curling and cracking.
  3. Leather boots will not keep your feet warm as they are not made for cold weather. Leather boots lack good insulation and therefore are not suitable for wearing in snow or in winter. If you still wear them your feet will be cold.
  4. Leather boots are not perfect for walking on the snow as well. Because they are not going to provide you with good support on the snow.
  5. Leather boots are very expensive and are waterproof as well. It doesn’t mean that you can wear them out in any weather. Wearing them in snow decrease the life of leather boots. So, you need to be very protective in order to increase the lifespan of your boots.

After reading the above reasons, can you wear leather boots in the snow? The answer should be a big no from your end too. Because leather boots are very expensive, we should not ruin them.

How to Care for Leather Boots in Winter

Leather boots look great on any outfit whether you are going out on a holiday, at work or for a walk. However, caring for leather boots or anything made from leather is very important.

In winter, sidewalks or paths are fully or partially filled up with snow and salt. If you walk on them with your leather boots without any precaution or protection, your boots will be ruined and lose the shine and might get cracked.

So, If you don’t know how to protect leather boots from snow and salt then you must read this article.

3 Tips to care for your boots to wear them in winter:

1. Clean your leather boots regularly.

Cleaning leather boots on regular basis increases the life of the leather and prevents stains and don’t let them dry in any weather condition. It also maintains the shine of your leather boots.

There are several ways to clean and remove any stains from leather at home. You need only a few household items such as water, Vinegar and Baking Soda.

  • Water & Vinegar: Make a mixture of water and vinegar with an equal amount into a cup and soak a cotton cloth into it. After soaking enough amount of the solution, apply it to the stains in a repetitive motion without rubbing.
  • Baking Soda: Take a soft cloth and soak it in water and then dip into a cup of baking soda. After that rub the scuffs(if any) and you see them disappearing. And then Let your boots dry naturally.

You can also use a soft brush or a leather cleaner if the stains and scuffs are extra tough. If your boots are branded then you should definitely contact customer support to take advice from them.

2. Moisturise your boots with leather conditioner.

can you wear leather boots in the snow

In winter, most of the things become dry such as our skin, leather materials, Plastic pipes etc. We apply moisturizers to our skin to make them soft.

Similarly, You need to apply moisturisers on your beloved leather boots to make them soft and moisturized. By doing this you can protect them from drying and cracking. Moisturization improves the flexibility of leather boots as well.

Simple steps to condition leather boots properly:

  • Firstly, Remove the laces from the boots.
  • Secondly, Keep your boots air dry before applying anything to them.
  • Thirdly, Take a very small amount of leather conditioner onto a sponge or soft cloth.
  • Fourthly, Apply the taken conditioner on all around the boots.
  • Finally, Wipe of excess conditioner with a soft towel and let the conditioner soak into the leather boots.

3. Apply wax or seal for waterproofing.

Normally leather boots are waterproof. But in winter leather becomes dry and hard. It is important to take some extra precautions by making them water-resistant. If you don’t know how to waterproof leather shoes then follow the below-mentioned tips:

  • Apply wax-based polish on the leather.
  • Use spray which is specially made for waterproofing.

After applying wax or spray, Keep them at room temperature. Never put them near heat.

What Kind of Shoes to Wear in Snow?

Now, You know that leather shoes can not be worn in snow. So, what kind of shoes to wear in the snow to keep your feet warm and stable. Don’t worry I have found some shoes which can be the perfect footwear to wear in the snow.

5 Types of Shoes to Wear in Snow

1. Shoes made from faux leather

Faux leather shoes are perfect for walking on snow as they are made from full-grain leather and this material keeps the snow out. Shoes with faux leather are one of the best shoes to wear in snow as they are waterproof.

Faux leather is an artificial leather that looks like real leather. It does not cost much and last long. But it is considered the perfect material for making shoes in winter. 

2. Shoes with cosy lining for good insulation.

In winter, You should always wear shoes or boots which have cosy insulation. This type of insulation keeps your feet warm and safe during winter. Don’t wear leather shoes or rain rubber boots as they don’t have the cosy lining of insulation that will keep your feet cool.

3. Boots with excellent traction.

Regular boots are not perfect for walking on snow or mountain climbing as they don’t give perfect balance. Whereas shoes with rigid crampons and microspikes are perfect for mountain climbing and walking on ice respectively.

So, Try to wear a boot that has rubber soles and deep treads. This type of boots will keep your feet stable on the snow.

4. Waterproofed shoes

Your boots must be fully waterproof if you want to wear them in the snow. Faux leather shoes are made from synthetic leather and are the best appropriate option to wear in the snow. If you have pure leather shoes then always wear them after applying waterproofing spray to make them snowproof. Otherwise, your boots will be ruined by the salt and water that is present in the snow.

5. Shoes that fit perfectly

Perfect fitting shoes are best for hiking or walking in the snow. You need footwear that fits perfectly and provides good ankle support while walking or trekking on the snow. It will maintain your balance and you won’t slip on the snow. Before buying please check the size chart.

What to do If you have worn leather boots in the snow? Boots Survival Guide

Final Thought: Can You Wear Leather Boots in the Snow

I have answered almost everything to the question i.e. can you wear leather boots in the snow? And I suppose, you know leather shoes should not be worn in the snow. It’s not safe for your feet and boots.

Now, It’s your turn to share your comment below. Is it safe to wear leather boots in the snow?

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