Can You Wear Leather Boots in the Rain without Damaging them [Learn How]

Leather is one of the most commonly used materials while making footwear. Leather is very popular as it looks stylish, is durable, and is of great quality. But can you wear leather boots in the rain?

Yes, you can wear leather boots in the rain without damaging them at all. I know you might be thinking of water damage to the leather. But don’t worry I have done my research and have found some simple tips to protect leather boots from rain.

So that your boots are always safe in rain or snow. Just follow the pro tips to prevent your leather boots from raining during winter.

Lots of people avoid buying leather shoes as they feel that these shoes won’t be useful during rainy seasons. But you don’t need to worry about this after reading this comprehensive article.

Also, there is a class of people who buy premium leather shoes and worry about their limited use during the rainy season. I have heard many people say that they hate the rainy season because leather shoes can’t be worn when it’s raining.

One day, I couldn’t hold back, and my curiosity ended up searching about their dislike of the rainy season online. There are a lot of reasons but the reason that we are going to discuss is Can you wear leather boots in the rain?

It is also true that premium leather boots are expensive and you would protect your leather boots from water damage at any cost even If you have to avoid wearing them for a few months.

But worry not, I have covered everything in this article such as how to protect your leather shoes from rainwater damage, can you wear leather boots in the snow and how to dry leather boots when get wet in the rain etc.

Is it ok to Wear Leather Boots in the Rain?

Leather is a unique material in comparison to other materials. By unique, I mean that it is more durable and vulnerable to damage caused by moisture. When leather boots come in contact with a small amount of moisture, they do not result in any significant damage.

It is a fact that too much rainwater can be a problem for your shoes but that doesn’t mean that you store your shoes and boots closed and not take them out during the monsoons.

I am saying this because, when my leather shoes came in contact with a significant amount of moisture over a long period of time it caused some changes in the texture of the material.

Also, the other parts of the boots like glues, lining, zips, insoles, etc. gave away when they got wet. As well as the leather fibres started to get off in some areas and there was some discolouration in some parts of my leather shoes.

I was worried and did a lot of research and I got some tricks and tips to protect my leather shoes from water. 

Don’t worry guys if you have leather boots and want to enjoy wearing that in the rain?

Yes, you can wear them because I am going to discuss how to protect leather boots from rainwater.

Read this article completely and you will get to know should you wear leather boots in the rain or not?

Tips to Wear Leather Boots in the Rain – 3 Best Tips

I have discussed some tips and tricks that you can follow so that you can wear your leather boots in the rain without damaging your premium leather shoes from the water.

1. Always Keep Your Leather Boots Cleaned

keep your leather boots cleaned

Keeping your boots clean is not directly collected to protect the boots from rainwater. But the benefit is that your cleaned boots will not catch up with mud and other dirt easily.

This is a general tip, even if it is the rainy season or not, for any shoes or boots that you have, please keep that clean so that they last long and also you look presentable in them.

Work boots catch up mud and dirt while working, so the work boots should be cleaned as well so that they can last long.

2. Apply a Coat of Wax on Your Leather Boots for Waterproofing

leather boots polish

This is the most common method used by people to wear leather boots in the rainy season without damaging them from rainwater. But let me tell you, this is not a permanent solution.

You need to apply a coat of wax on your leather shoes that will act as a barrier against water damage. Waxing will protect your boots against water as well as dirt and dust. Clean your boots before applying the wax coating.

But, as time will pass, the wax will lose its water repellent capacity. You need to repeat the waxing process every fifteen days or it totally depends on the number of times your leather boots face the rain.

3. Invest in Waterproof Leather Boots to Wear in the Rain

can you wear leather boots in the rain

This is a great strategy. Whenever you are buying a pair of leather boots, keep in mind to buy waterproof boots. You can also buy rubber boots for casual wear or workboots as they are easy to stretch.

These boots are of premium quality so they may be a little expensive but they will save your precious time, a lot of effort and money that you would have invested in buying normal leather boots.

How to protect leather footwear when it’s raining?

1. Always Carry a Waterproof Cover in Rainy Season

If you live in a place where rainfall is very common or if it is the rainy season, you must always carry a waterproof shoe cover with you.

You can keep the waterproof shoe cover in your car or in your bag. It will be really convenient for you to cover your leather shoes whenever it starts raining.

2. Carry Some Plastic Bags During Rainy Season

Plastic bags are readily available or you can carry them with you. You can carry two big plastic bags with you. Whenever it starts raining, you can wear those plastic bags over your shoes to keep them protected from rainwater.

What to do when leather shoes and boots get wet in the rain?

Even if you are careful and your leather footwear gets wet, then don’t worry. I have covered this too. Check these tips below for protecting your leather footwear from rain and water damage.

1. Dry Your Boots Quickly

After you reach your home quickly remove your shoes, clean them with a soft cloth, and start drying them. Drain the water from the shoes and let the boots dry. You can hang your boots as it will help in the quick draining of the water.

After every few minutes, shake the boots to drain the water collected in the toe region. You can even use a blow dryer to dry the leather boots but please keep in mind to not let the boots get in touch with direct heat as it will damage your leather boots more.

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2. Moisturize Your Leather Shoes

After you have dried your shoes. You should apply a leather boot moisturizer or conditioner to your shoes to restore flexibility in the fibres and also it will help prevent any further cracks.

If your leather boots have laces then be sure to remove the lace before you apply the moisturizer. Also, use only a small amount, preferably coin size and smear it with a soft cloth all over the leather boots.

3. Remove Mold from Leather

This is a possibility and you should know what to do if mold builds upon leather. You need to use a scrub to softly remove the mold. You do not need to buy a scrub for removing mould from leather footwear, you can also use an old toothbrush.

While doing the process to remove mold from leather, keep in mind that there are no leftovers of the mould as it can cause the mould to grow back. After the scrubbing is done, give the shoes some breathing space.

Video on How to Remove Water Stains from Leather Shoes in 5 Minutes

Frequently Asked Questions: Can I wear Leather Boots in the Rain?

Q1. Can you wear Leather Boots in the snow?

When someone asks about, can you wear leather boots in the rain? The answer is Yes. You can! So, the next question comes to mind: can you wear leather boots in the snow? Well, it depends because leather boots are sensitive to snow as well. When it is snowing, snow can penetrate your boots through the lower end of your boots. It can cause cracks in your leather.

Q2. How to dry my Leather Boots?

You can dry your leather boots in the sun but be sure that you don’t keep them for a longer time in sunlight. You can also use a blow dryer or keep them under a fan.

Q3. Can I wear Chelsea Boots in the rain?

Chelsea boots are made from either leather or suede material. If it is completely made of suede material then you should definitely avoid wearing them in the rain as the suede will get damaged easily. But if they are made of leather material then you can wear them in rain by following the tips mentioned above in this article. There is one more type of boots i.e. Over Knee Boots for Petites you can also wear them by following the precautions mentioned in this article.

Q4. Can my Cowboy Boots get wet?

Most of the time cowboy boots come in water-resistant options and these are highly durable. But if you wear cowboy boots for the whole day in the rain, then the waterproof coat will come off and then you need to quickly dry your cowboy boots and add another waterproof coat to them.

Q5. How to prevent my Leather Boots from water damage?

If you feel that your leather boots have suffered from water damage then you can do any one of the following things: 1). Make a solution with fifty percent vinegar and fifty percent water and apply it to your boots to help your boots from water damage. 2). You can use a nano protector or polish your boots before you step out of your house.


It is impossible to resist wearing leather boots so taking into consideration the rain, I have given you all the tips and tricks that you would need before going out in leather boots during the rainy season.

I hope that you liked reading this article and it was a great help to you. Follow all the above-mentioned tips of this article on Is it ok to wear leather shoes in rain. And I am sure you are good to step out in the rain wearing your leather footwear.

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