Inside lining of the shoes be repaired? [Know How in 4 Steps]

Can The Inside Lining Of The Leather Shoes Be Repaired? [4 Easy Steps]

Is your leather shoes not giving premium comfort because of the inside lining or want to know Can the inside lining of the shoes be repaired? If yes then don’t worry. Because the Inside lining of the shoes can be repaired or replaced as well.

Shoes are an important part of your look. They give you a stylish look at the same time provides a comfortable feel to your feet. But your feet get hurt when these shoes start giving you discomfort in the form of tearing down the inside lining.

You get frustrated and throw away the shoes after the inside lining of the shoes starts to fade or tear. But Don’t worry, I have found ways to repair the inside lining of the leather shoes.

Why does the Inside Lining of the Shoe tear?

First of all, you need to understand why does the Inside Lining of the shoe tear? High-quality leather shoes are mostly made up of leather linings while the cheaper ones are made with synthetic material which tears down as time passes.

The Inside lining of shoes wears and tears due to continuous friction of the skin, moisture, pressure and causes the lining to disintegrate.

The moment you come to realize that your shoes have been damaged, the first thing to do is to stop wearing them at once.

Some people make the mistake of continuing to wear the torn shoes which not only gives them discomfort but also gives them foot pain. So trust me on this and please do not wear the shoes after they are torn from the inside.

Can the Inside Lining of Shoes Be repaired? 

The answer is yes, that can be done. These shoes are expensive and you can wear them again after resolving the issue. There are two things that can be done to resolve this issue.

Firstly, you can repair the inside lining of the shoes, and 

Secondly, you can altogether(pair) replace the inside lining of the damaged shoes. The best thing to increase the durability of the shoes is to replace the lining.

How to repair The Inner Lining of the Shoes?

As the lining of the shoes is always in direct of the feet they easily tear down due to friction. At times you need to remove only some part of the shoes but sometimes you need to replace the entire lining and insert a new one.

Given below is the process of how to replace the inner lining of the shoes.

What you need to replace the lining of the shoes:

Depending on the approach you take, here is a list of materials that you may need while replacing the lining of the shoes.

  • Heavy fabric like cotton or leather
  • Water-based glue
  • Needles
  • Thread
  • Masking Tapes
  • Scissors
  • Razorblade
  • Pins
  • Cardboards
  • Paper

Process to replace the Inside lining of the shoes:

 Step 1: Cut the Old Inner Lining

Inner lining of the leather shoes

The first step is to cut out the whole old inner lining of the leather shoes. How it will be attached to your shoes differs from one shoe to another. But generally, it is most of the time stitched on top and glued on the bottom part.

You need to carefully cut out the lining by following the edges with a sharp razor blade or scissors. But do keep in mind to keep the lining of the shoes intact so that once you remove the old lining, you can use it to attach the new one that you make later on. However do not worry, if it gets torn you can still improvise as you go on. 

Step 2: Making the Pattern with the help of Iron

Mark the new lining of the leather

The next step is to take the old lining and lay it on a flat piece of paper or cardboard. You need to iron the lining on low heat to ensure that there are no wrinkles or creases on the lining to get as close as possible to its original shape.

Keep in mind not to burn or sear or crinkle the edges of the lining. Once the old lining is ironed and wrinkle-free, trace its shape on the paper or the cardboard. Cut out the shape of the inner lining and you can now throw away the old lining.

Step 3: Making the New Lining from Piece of Leather

Cut the extra inner lining

The third step is to take any appropriate material, if possible please do take heavy fabric like leather or cotton as these materials will not be harsh and abrasive while walking. Some people even use material from an old pair of shoes.

Also, choose the colour of the fabric that matches your shoes so the colour difference will not be there. At the end of the day, it is your choice. Place the cardboard or paper on the material and cut out two pieces from the material.

One piece of the material will work as the bed while the other piece will provide additional support and cushioning. However, if you are using a thicker material even one piece will work.

Then iron both the pieces so that they are flat, and attach them with some pins to hold them together. Cut out the material to match the pattern and trim if it is needed.

Then take the needle and thread and stitch both the pieces together. Please do keep in mind to keep the material tight to avoid any creases.

Step 4: Re-attach the New Inside Lining

Paste the lining of the shoe with the help of glue

The last step in the process is to attach the new lining. You can either stitch the lining or use water-based glue or use masking tape.

But we would recommend you to use stitching as it will provide better support as it will be able to withstand the pressure generated from any activities like walking or everyday use. However, you can water-based adhesive to fix the lining.

You can also use adhesive to attach the bottom part of the lining and stitch the bottom part. You need to choose the method that works out best for you.

Before you attach the new lining, please do make sure that you have removed any particles that may have come loose while you were removing the old lining. These pieces or particles can reduce the effectiveness of the glue after re-insertion.

Then tuck the lining in below the padding on the inner sole of the shoes to maximize the power of the adhesive. After applying the glue, apply pressure on the heel so that they get stuck together.

When everything is done, you must clean your leather shoes to give your shoes a new look.

The above-mentioned process is generalized and there are a lot of things you can do to improvise and customize the process according to your needs, material availability, and the type of shoes available.  

Some Tips To Increase the Lifespan of Shoes

There are certain tips that we are giving you to maintain your shoes and delay the process of wear and tear. 

  • When shoes get wet, quickly dry them
  • Use shoe baskets to store them
  • Clean them regularly
  • Wear socks
  • Always air dry them out after a long day, before taking them inside the house
  • Keep shoes upright 
  • Do not store them in a box
  • Use leather conditioner from time to time.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Q1. Can real leather shoes be repaired if they are peeling?

Normally, Real leather doesn’t peel, it can only have some cracks and get some dryness though real leather can be repaired too. And, if your leather shoes are peeling, it means they are made of faux leather and the inside lining of the shoes can be repaired by following the above-mentioned steps.

Q2. What DIY tricks can be used to fix peeling linings?

The peeling lining of the shoes can be fixed by some DIY tricks such as by using fabric glue and then attaching it back in the place where the lining has started to peel away from the shoe.

Also, You can sew them on with the help of a needle & thread This method will make your shoe a bit strong.

Q3. Can the leather shoes be resoled or is it worth resoling for the shoes?

Yes. Leather shoes can be resoled but before that, you must ensure that your shoes have some worth or not. I am saying this because if the upper portion of your shoes are flaky or falling to the pieces then there is no need to waste your hard-earned money. It’s better to replace the shoes with new ones.

Final Verdict on Inside lining of the shoes be repaired:

So, By now you got the answer to the question Can the Inside lining of shoes be repaired? So now you don’t have to throw your favourite shoes away if the lining is torn and they still look good. All you now need to do is to follow the above-mentioned method and you can increase the shelf life of the shoes.

I hope that you liked this detailed guide on how to repair the Inside Lining of the Shoes.

Please do like, and share this article with your friends, family, relatives, and any shoe lover that you know. Please do let us know which tips were helpful to you. Also, comment if I missed anything.

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