Best Shoes for Standing Desk Jobs | Top 11 Best Picks Reviewed

If you are looking for the best shoes for standing desk then you are at the right place. Standing desk shoes must be a perfect fit and provide enough support and cushioning as you spend a large portion of your day standing.

Whether you are walking or standing, the fact that you’re not seated means you may develop injuries such as foot pain, achy arches, joint pain, blisters, and other painful conditions which puts your lower extremities under lots of stress if you are frequently wearing an unsupportive shoe.

It’s very important that everyone finds the most comfortable and supportive pair of shoes which is perfect for their job.

If you want to keep the pain away, you need to have two pairs of supportive shoes, sneakers or clogs because cushioning of a shoe becomes compressed after consistent use of six hours and no longer support.

So, having two pairs of best shoes for standing all day will allow you to change halfway through your shift.

Luckily, there are a lot of shoes perfect for people who work in a hospital, in a retail shop or in any other profession which involves standing or walking for many hours. You just need to know what to look for.

So guys, Don’t worry and be relaxed as we have reviewed and written this comprehensive article after a detailed study on the best comfortable shoes for standing desk work.

Kindly read this article till the end to choose the best shoes for standing all day men.

How to Choose the Best Shoes for Standing Desk – Buying Guide

Best shoes for standing desk

Shoes for running, walking and standing have almost the same features. These shoes are designed to support the foot, keep the foot in a stable and comfortable position, do not crease, and breathe freely and naturally for the whole day or night for many hours.

There are a few factors that are to be taken care of while selecting a pair of shoes for standing desk jobs.


It is obvious that any shoe for standing desk jobs needs to be comfortable. We suggest that you must pay close attention to the outsole and make sure that it must provide full contact with the ground so that your body weight and standing pressure can be evenly distributed.

Here, Outsole plays a very important role in the comfort of any shoe and if your shoe is not very comfortable then it will create some injuries in your lower extremities.

When it comes to the midsole section, It should also be comfortably cushioned and to make it more comfortable you should also buy some pair of breathable and comfortable insoles.

Also, make sure that the forefoot and heel have plenty of cushioning to support the weight from heel to ball. This is important for standing all day because the midsole becomes compressed when you are on your feet for many hours on a single shoe.

Never sacrifice supportive cushioning over fashionable looks. The upper of your footwear must be breathable and should have plenty of space so that you can allow your foot to splay during the day.

Note: Toe-box should not be narrow otherwise your foot will be tortured for many hours.


Shoe design is also one of the most important factors. There are so many designs of a shoe in the market, you should buy the design which suits your personality.

It also depends upon the industry you work in, if there is any restriction to any shoe then definitely you should not buy that one.

If you are into front office desk jobs, then invest your money in non-marking soles. Try to find out the shoes which suit your role and suit your personality.

And, if you work in a formal environment then you should buy the all-black fully covered leather shoe.


It is very important that your shoe must be breathable and provide plenty of ventilation that keeps your feet cool & dry throughout the day.

When it comes to breathability, always look out for mesh uppers that have an abundance of brownie points.

If your shoes are not breathable, your feet will get wet due to sweat, and create bacteria which will create bad odours too.

So always buy a breathable shoe that has microfibre material which is awesome at wicking sweat and prevents developing bacteria and hence creating bad odours.

Arch Support

A shoe for standing all day must provide excellent arch support. Whether your arches are flat, high or neutral. It is not easy to wear a shoe for the whole day which does not provide proper arch support.

Shoes must provide arch support, absorb shock and control correct overpronation if you suffer from it. The shoe must be designed for your arch type whether it is high or low which will prevent you from foot pain, plantar fasciitis etc. Therefore, look for shoes that have plenty of arch support that are stretchy and supportive.

The List of Top 3 Best Standing Desk Shoes

Most Comfortable

Premium Choice

Best Overall

1. Hoka One One Clifton 7

2. Skechers Work Sure Track - Trickel

3. adidas UltaBoost 20

Editor's Ratings

Editor's Ratings

Editor's Ratings

Top 11 Best Shoes for Standing Desk Work: Reviews

1. Brooks Ghost 12 – Excellent cushioning standing desk shoes

Brooks Ghost 12 is the best standing desk shoe because this is the perfect shoe that provides excellent cushioning, support and comfort for many hours.

This shoe is made for marathon running therefore, Its comfort lasts for long hours.

If you are having a foot injury, this shoe is the solution because this shoe is going to provide maximum cushioning and more heel support to your feet at the right place when you need it. 

Also, It has a DNA foam midsole with a DNA loft crashpad in the midsole. This shoe has very good traction because the outsole has hard carbon rubber under the heel and soft blown rubber under the forefoot.

This is a lightweight shoe and available in many colours and all types of sizes are available with all kinds of widths for both men and women.

  • Provides cushioned and smooth ride.
  • Have an excellent outsole grip.
  • Premium Upper material with flawless movement of the foot.
  • Price is high but durable too.

2. Skechers Work Sure Track – Trickel for Women

The Skechers work sure track-trickel is one of the most comfortable shoes for standing desk work.

Most of the people who work on their feet for eight hours or more use this shoe and also they reported that this shoe provides optimum support and cushioning and gives no pain in their feet and legs.

This sneaker is very durable, has very good traction on any surface because it has the best quality sole, fits perfectly (true to size) and also looks fashionable with a side S logo.

The upper is made up of smooth leather with a lace-up front closure design also It has a memory foam insole which makes this shoe very comfortable for standing all day.

Skechers work sure Track-Trickel has 1-inch heel height, with flex sole shock absorbing flexible lightweight midsole, with a relaxed fit design for a comfortable fit.

This shoe can be cleaned easily at home.

  • Traction is excellent because of slip-resistant nitrile rubber outsole.
  • There is a pull tab at the heel for straightforward on and off.
  • Midsole is shock absorbing.
  • Removable memory foam cushioning for all day comfort.
  • Heel is a bit narrow so it is recommended to buy a wider one.
  • Not available for men.

3. Adidas UltraBoost 20 Shoes

The Adidas Ultraboost 20 is a premium shoe for running and therefore can be used for standing desk jobs where you need some extra comfort to your feet and this shoe gives the cushioning to the optimum level.

It has a flexible outsole along with responsive midsole cushioning and becomes very comfortable for long hours.

Also, the full-coverage outsole helps to spread the bodyweight evenly without any pressure points.

The ultraboost 2020s upper is very soft and light. Also, a stretchy knit upper showcases the Adidas logo and its commitment.

This shoe is very true to size and hugs your foot completely and offers support for long hours in your standing desk job.

  • Stretch web outsole with continental rubber.
  • Excellent Cushioning and traction.
  • Highly breathable soft and light upper.
  • Supportive shoe for standing desk job.
  • Only available in two colours options.

4. ASICS Gel-Nimbus 22 comfort standing desk footwear

The Asics Gel-Nimbus 22 proves to be an ideal shoe for retail works. This shoe has single flytefoam technology which consistently provides support to your foot through long hours.

The heel clutching system technology provides some extra support and creates an improved heel fitting environment which is very important for multi-hour usage.

To make this shoe more breathable and soft a new monofilament mesh upper is used.

There is a larger section of GEL cushioned shock-absorbing pad at the heel area which absorbs the impact on any terrain/surface and your feet become more relaxed and comfortable in this shoe.

This shoe is designed to provide all-day comfort and cushioning for neutral and under pronation on any terrain.

It also has the ideal heel height of 25mm to provide a heel to ball weight ratio which proves to be the perfect shoe for standing all day. This shoe is available for both men and women.

  • Comfortable and durable shoes.
  • Highly breathable mesh upper.
  • Multi-directional stretch mesh upper.
  • Perfectly bounces backs with more cushioning.
  • Available in many colour options.
  • Sizing runs small.

5. Hoka Clifton 7 Shoes

The Clifton 7 from Hoka has plenty of supportive cushioning under the foot. The tall foam gives it an almost endless cushioning that doesn’t get compressed even after continuous use for many hours. Hence, this shoe proves to be the best shoe for standing all day at your work.

Clifton 7 has a wide midsole which gives a stable platform for the foot to rest on. The upper mesh is of premium quality which is breathable, flexible, roomy and very smooth.

The toe box is broad to give maximum comfort to your foot. And these things become very important when you have to be on your feet for many hours.

When your feet are under this shoe then you can go anywhere you want to, It doesn’t let your feet feel tired.

There would be no kind of swelling in the foot as this shoe provides the cushioning to the next level.

A soft and comfortable collar hugs your heel perfectly and the outsole provides excellent traction on any surface no matter where you move also there is high abrasion rubber to reduce weight and there are many more to offer by this amazing Clifton 7.

  • Breathable and engineered mesh upper.
  • EVA foam midsole provides super-soft cushioning.
  • Extended heel tab for easy in and out.
  • Available in many colour options.
  • No negative points observed so far.

6. ASICS Gel-Cumulus 21 Shoes

The Cumulus 21 is one of the best shoes for running and walking by Asics and has also become a popular shoe for standing desk work. This shoe is designed to provide excellent cushioning and support for long hours.

There is a combination of rear and forefoot GEL technology which provides a shock absorption feature that is not available in many other shoes.

In addition, Impact guidance system (IGS) technology improves your natural gait when you move.

The traction of this shoe is amazing because of the AHAR rubber compound. The engineered mesh upper is highly breathable as this shoe keeps your feet cool when you wear it for long hours and also it makes you noticeable because of its reflective outsole.

This shoe has cushioned sockliner means it has some extra foam and more cushioning around the ankle.

The cumulus 21 provides full ground contact with a very smooth transition no matter where your foot lands and it hugs your foot completely and provides stability during your ride or walk. This shoe proves to be the best option for standing desk jobs.

  • Performance enhancing shoe.
  • Provides a smoother ride with great traction.
  • GEL technology provides a shock absorbing feature.
  • Perfect shoe for any terrain.
  • Sizing runs large.

7. Mizuno Wave Sky Waveknit 4

Mizuno wave sky waveknit 4 is another one of the best shoes for standing all day jobs. It has a rubber sole, the Mizuno wave plate spreads the impact to the entire area of the insole and provides superior cushioning to the feet for long hours and gives no pain to the lower extremities of the body.

This Mizuno waveknit 4 has a U4ic midsole which provides a superior ride along with durability. This shoe is very lightweight and well-cushioned which helps to reduce foot injuries.

The name of this shoe is Mizuno waveknit 4 because it has waveknit upper mesh which provides exceptional flexibility means it stretches in areas of the foot that expand and need some more space.

To enhance the durability of the shoe it has carbon rubber.

If you want a floating feeling and superior cushioning underfoot while standing during the day then what are you waiting for?

This shoe is something that will give you an amazing ride and floating experience.

  • Cushioning lasts for long hours.
  • Lands softly on any surface and delivers amazing energy in return.
  • Keeps you energized for all day.
  • Waveknit upper is stretchable and breathable.
  • Not good for running.

8. New Balance FuelCell Propel V2

New Balance Fuelcell propel v2 is the best shoe for standing jobs. It is the updated version of fuelcell propel and this updated version has plenty of forefoot room and hyper-breezy upper.

The engineered mesh upper is highly breathable and delivers a lightweight, supportive fit & feel.

The new and improved fuel-cell midsole delivers full-length cushioning with plenty of energy at the right place when you need it.

If you want to enjoy a seamless and supportive fit during your standing desk work then go for this shoe.

This shoe will provide you with soft and luxurious cushioning to your foot and also looks stylish and sporty. The rubber outsole is very durable without extra weight.

  • A durable shoe without extra weight.
  • Excellent cushioning and comfort.
  • Engineered mesh upper for breathability.
  • Performance-enhancing shoe.
  • Slightly narrow toe box.
  • Runs small in size.

9. Saucony Triumph 18

It is the best Triumph shoe than the previous versions. The upper mesh is more breathable and much better looking. The ride is a little softer and more responsive.

This Triumph 18 is the perfect shoe for the person who is looking for a comfortable shoe that provides excellent cushioning.

This shoe has all the features which your foot needs for standing all day at your job or shop. 

If you need some more cushioning and more space in the shoe then this shoe is the best for you because it has PWRRUN+ midsole cushioning which provides more flexibility, durability, lightweight and cushioning. Hence, it is the most comfortable shoe for standing all day.

A newly blown rubber outsole increases durability and provides amazing traction on any surface. This shoe is very true to size as the form-fit system gives an awesome custom-like fit.

Triumph 18 is good for neutral runners and also a good shoe for standing desk work.

  • Lightweight and Comfortable shoe.
  • Breathable and durable upper mesh.
  • Provides good traction on any surface.
  • Engineered mesh upper with 3D print.
  • Slightly narrow toe box.

10. New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 V10

Another shoe from New Balance named Fresh Foam 1080 V10 is an amazing shoe to put on for standing all day at your work.

This shoe has a stack of soft and responsive foam that’s all you need under your foot. Especially when you are standing at one spot for many hours.

When it comes to comfort, this shoe is excellent as the updated fresh foam x midsole is very soft and delivers enhanced cushioning to the foot and is supportive.

So, no matter where or how you shift your body weight. You can experience 360 degrees of comfort with a soft fitting knit upper.

To enhance breathability and flexibility there is a hypoknit upper which is an engineered synthetic knit mesh also ortholite cushion insert design for amazing comfort and to control moisture due to sweat.

There is an ultra heel design that hugs the foot completely for a supportive fit.

  • Lightweight shoe with classy design.
  • Premier cushioning for extra comfort.
  • Provides soft and supportive fit.
  • Reduces foot injuries.
  • Runs small in size.

11. Brooks Glycerin 18

If you love Brooks shoes then you will definitely love Brooks Glycerin 18 as this super-soft cushioning shoe for running and walking.

It is the perfect shoe for a person who wants too much cushioning. The upper enhances comfort by maintaining the stretch and structure.

It offers neutral support to the runners and can be used in the gym or also for standing all day.

The increased DNA LOFT provides more super-soft cushioning to the foot which you need all day to be on the feet. The OrthoLite sock liner makes this shoe very comfortable from the inside.

The engineered mesh upper is breathable, flexible and durable and the outsole is of full length with green colour which also enhances the midsole cushioning and this gives excellent traction on any surface.

  • Very lightweight shoe.
  • Provides plenty of cushioning.
  • Full length rubber outsole improves the traction.
  • No negative points observed so far.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What causes tired feet?

There are many factors to this problem. However, one of the most important contributing factors is poorly fitting shoes. If you are wearing a shoe that fits perfectly to your foot and has plenty of space inside the shoe for your foot to relax in as well as provide proper cushioning to your foot then your foot never gets tired for many hours. So, we suggest you always buy a half size up so that you have proper space inside the shoe to relax.

Q2: How to prevent pain from standing all day?

If you want to prevent pain, ensure that your standing posture is perfect which will reduce 50% of your pain and the rest will be done with your perfect shoe. Being on your feet for a prolonged period and if your posture is not correct, no matter what shoes you are wearing, it will definitely lead to foot pain and lower extremities injury. So, try to stay in a neutral spine position. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and allow those arms to fall and hand naturally by sides. Keep the knees slightly bent rather than in a locked position and make sure you regularly shift your weight from one foot to the other as well as from your toes to your heels.

Final Verdict: Best Shoes for Standing Desk Work

So, guys, we are done with our best shoes for standing desks. All the above-mentioned shoes are the best for standing desk work. They are perfect for your profession, very durable, your money won’t be wasted.

If there is any function in your office on any occasion, you can wear ethnic footwear to dress up like a fashion freak.

Please do like, comment, and share this article with your friends who need a good shoe for standing desk work. Also, don’t forget to tell us in the comment box which was your favourite among the list and which one you are going to buy.

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you.!

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