Top 10 Best Running Shoes for Men under 3000 in India [ Reviewed]

Struggling to find a pair of the best running shoes for men under 3000…? Your presence on this page shows that you have got a budget of rupees 3000.

Buying an expensive pair of running shoes doesn’t mean that you made a good purchase. The only thing matter is quality and comfortability.

In this article, you will be given a list of the 10 best running shoes under 3000 in India. You don’t need to worry about the shoe details and the Pros. and Cons. of the shoes because you will find everything in this comprehensive article, it is going to save your precious time, You do not need to research because we did for you.

You will really love these best running shoes for men under 3000 or even under Rs 2000 and if you do not have time to read the whole article, then you can just have a look at our table below.

Is It a good idea to invest Rs 3000 in running shoes?

If you are in the field of sports or like jogging and running you will definitely need good running shoes for yourself because it is a must.

Runners who just jumped into the fitness world, do not compromise on fitness and styles and you know the most important aspect of running is the best running shoe but we often get confused buying the perfect running shoes for ourselves.

Rs 3000 is enough to buy a perfect running shoe for you because you need a shoe that mainly focuses on comfort, durability, design and style. And you will be provided with all these 4 things with a price range of Rs 2000 to 3000 in this article.

At last, I would say that 3000 is enough to purchase the best branded running shoe.

Which brand shoes are best for running in India?

There are many running shoe brands in India, All brands make the best quality running shoes of all types such as:

  • Road Running shoes, 
  • Trail Running Shoes,
  • Track or Racing Shoes etc

The primary purpose of a running shoe is to provide you comfort, cushioning and security to your feet while running on any surface. So, you should always buy a running shoe that provides the same.

There are some sports shoe brands that are very popular in India such as Nike, Asics, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Under Armour, Power etc.

These above-mentioned brands are the best for running in India. A branded running shoe has everything to give you that a runner wants to have in a running shoe such as:

  • Top-quality midsole for premium cushioning and support.
  • Highly breathable upper for proper ventilation.
  • High-quality rubber outsole for excellent traction and firm grip.
  • Unique colour option and attractive design.
  • Keeps your feet safe and secure.

Apart from these you also get 90 days warranty from the manufacturer for its manufacturing defects.

If you ask me personally, then I would say Asics shoes are best for running because Asics shoes give me everything which I need while running. Similarly, You have to decide which shoe fits and suits you the best. Just have a look at the top 10 running shoes in India 2022, I have selected the best pair under 3000 rupees from the most popular brands.

Top 5 Best Running Shoes under 3000: Best Picks

1. Asics Men's Gel-Contend 4 Running Shoes

2. Nike Men's Tanjun Running Shoes

3. Power Men's Running Shoes

4. Nike Men's Downshifter 9 Running Shoes

5. Reebok Men's Repechage Running Shoes

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Top 10 Best Running Shoes Under 3000 for Men: Reviews

Now, you will have a detailed review of the best running shoes in India under 3000 and still, you have a doubt regarding How to choose the best running shoes? What to look in a running shoe? Best brands of running shoes? then it is suggested to read buying guide for running shoes to get your queries solved.

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1. Nike Men’s Tanjun Running Shoe

Nike is one of the leading shoe brands for running. This Nike Men’s Tanjun is a lightweight running shoe for men under 3000 in India because of its quality and the brand.

Most runners and sportspersons love to wear Nike shoes for running, gyming or exercising.

Key Features:

Nike Tanjum running shoe has lace-up closure because a running shoe must hold your feet properly while running. Your shoe must not come out of your feet when you are in the air. 

The upper material of this Nike shoe is made from a mesh material that keeps your feet ventilated. Mesh-upper is highly breathable & flexible that also keeps your shoe odour free.

The injected unit sole of this Nike running shoe provides ultra-lightweight cushioning. When it comes to the midsole, it is very durable and plays the role of an outsole that offers good grip and traction. Also, provides more support around the heel area with the help of a heel collar.

This Nike running shoe has enough space at the toe area, provides proper safety to your feet while running or jogging. It also offers proper stability and balance along with a modern look.

The Nike Men’s Tanjun Running shoe has a very simple and modern design for maximum comfort at its best. It is very convenient and comfortable for running on a treadmill, it is the best Nike shoe for jogging.

You can wear this shoe not only for running purposes but you can use it as casual wear because the sleek upper offers a stylish look.

Nike Tanjum Review Video:

  • It has a highly breathable upper.
  • Provides perfect grip on any surface.
  • Gives Premium look.
  • Well built quality.
  • Some users reported outsole is less durable.
  • No major cons observed.

Our Verdict:

If you have a budget of 3000 rupees, This Nike shoe is the perfect pair of running shoe Because you know that a good brand speaks for itself, the same applies to Nike. This shoe is preferred by most runners because of its record-breaking speed and ultra-lightweight support.

2. Adidas Men’s Throb Running Shoe

Adidas is one of the best brands for running shoes in India and this brand always makes good quality shoes and this shoe is one of them. It is one of the best running shoes for men under 3000 and is worth investing in all terms.

If you are a fashion enthusiast then this shoe is perfect for you as it is stylish and trendy. This running shoe will improve your performance and personality.

Key Features:

You can adjust the fitting of this running shoe according to the comfort you need as it has lace-up closure.

The upper is made from a synthetic mesh material that helps in proper breathability so that your feet is ventilated during your training.

Adidas shoe is very popular for its comfort and stability. You will get the same in this shoe, the IMEVA midsole is very durable and provides premium comfort and absorbs the shock while running or jogging.

The rubber outsole gives better traction and grip so that you can run or jog on any surface such as road, treadmill etc.

It has enough space at the toe area for the proper movement of your foot and is designed with a round toe style.

This Adidas running shoe is the perfect shoe if you have a budget of rupees 3000. It has got 90 days warranty from Adidas for its manufacturing defects.

  • Ultra-lightweight.
  • Breathable Mesh upper.
  • Provide durable soles.
  • It has enough toe space.
  • No major negative points found.

Our Verdict:

This is a multipurpose shoe, You can use this shoe for walking, running, dancing and while exercising. It is available in 12 colours options, you can select the colour which suits your personality.

3. Puma Men’s Rogue Shoes

best running shoes under 3000

Puma is known for the highest quality of athletic and casual footwear, apparel and accessories. It gives this amazing shoe that has a very impressive feature and good design.

Key Features:

Puma has designed this shoe with premium performance technologies which are great for running and styling.

If you are worried about the sole, then don’t worry you will have a perfect and comfortable rubber sole that gives proper grip and traction on any surface.

When it comes to the midsole, The PROFOAM midsole is used in a modern way, and enhanced at the heel to provide maximum comfort and absorbs the shock.

This puma running shoe has a TPU heel stability cage and a heel collar for a snug fit. Also, the clean knitted upper is breathable enough to keep your feet ventilated throughout the day.

This shoe gives you great comfort and durability and is the best puma running shoe under 3000.

  • Optimal and snug fit.
  • Lightweight and versatile.
  • Comes with great traction on all surfaces.
  • Can be used as a casual sneaker.
  • No negative review is observed so far.

The Verdict:

I would recommend this Puma running shoe to purchase as this shoe has all the features that a running shoe should have, it provides proper security, absorbs shock, keeps your feet secure, and provides the cushioning that you need.

4. Asics Men’s Gel-Contend 4 Running Shoes

Asics is one of the best brands for running shoes because of its high-quality shoes. Gel-Contend 4 is the best long-distance running shoe in India.

If you want to buy a shoe that maintains feet health and provides foot support then this Asics shoe is perfect for you.

Asics Gel-Contend 4 has a top-quality rubber sole to provide good traction and grip on all surfaces. Therefore, It is one of the best road running shoes in India.

Key Features:

This Asics shoe is very good for long-distance running and is a highly demanded shoe because of its flexibility and stability.

The synthetic midsole is excellent which provides premium cushioning and maintain proper foot strike while running or jogging.

The heel collar properly hugs the feet and offers a snug fit so that the shoe doesn’t come out when you are in the air.

There is a sockliner that can be removed when needed or in case of the medical orthotics.

The upper material is made from mesh and synthetic that is highly breathable and keeps your feet dry, cool and ventilated during your run.

Overall, Asics Gel-Contended 4 is a very durable running shoe under 3000 rupees in India because each and everything of this shoe is of top quality.

  • Gives good support.
  • Extremely lightweight shoe.
  • Highly flexible and breathable.
  • Gives additional comfort.
  • No negative points found.

The Verdict:

This shoe is the perfect running shoe from the Asics brand under a budget of 3000 rupees. It doesn’t create any old fashion look because of its style and its trend. You can use this shoe for running on-road, for marathons, on a treadmill or for jogging as well.

5. Skechers Men’s Go Run Focus-Athos Shoes

Skechers makes very comfortable and lightest running shoes in India that last for a long time and make you get the most out of your exercise and running and gives long-lasting comfort.

This footwear brand has a wide range of shoes such as shoes for parties, running, walking, jogging, gymming to casual shoes for every age and has shoes for everyone for every mood.

Key Features:

This Skechers shoe has very soft mesh fabric and synthetic materials are used to make the upper which made this shoe very flexible and versatile.

Skechers Go-run has soft woven mesh fabric and smooth microfiber upper which allows air to enter and exit properly hence helps in proper ventilation and keeps your feet dry and cool.

When you wear this shoe, you will feel that it is the most comfortable, highly flexible, breathable, and lightweight running shoe from Skechers brand in India under 3000.

The lace-up closure and soft padded heel collar hugs your feet perfectly, provides a snug fit and keeps your feet safe and secure.

The side S logo on the engineered mesh upper makes this shoe very attractive and stylish. 

It has 90 days warranty against its manufacturing defects, you can also get this shoe exchanged if it doesn’t fit properly or anything like this within 30 days from amazon.

Air-cooled memory foam (ultra-soft insole) has been used to give you the best experience and it feels like walking on the bed. This running shoe will also work as a sneaker.

  • Great for walking and running.
  • Made of breathable textile material.
  • Provides optimal comfort.
  • Can be worn as a casual shoe.
  • Some users reported sole is not durable.

Final Verdict:

Skechers shoes are the best lightweight running shoes that can be used for many purposes such as running, jogging, walking or can be worn as a casual shoe. This Skechers men’s go run focus is the perfect pair to go for under 3000 rupees in India.

6. New Balance Men’s 068 Running Shoe

If you are looking for the best lightweight running shoes in India that gives extra comfort and good traction then this New Balance 068 running shoe is the ideal pick for you. Really guys it has great features that you will love.

Key Features:

Sole is the deciding factor of a running shoe and in this shoe, you will be given a very high-quality sole that helps in better traction on any surface you run.

The knitted mesh upper is highly breathable and keeps your feet dry and cool while running or any physical activity.

This New Balance shoe is very comfortable as it has used a premium midsole to give you the maximum level of comfort.

Also, the traditional lace-up closure and soft heel collar hug the foot perfectly to provide you with a snug fit.

This running shoe is very sporty, looks stylish, gives maximum energy in return while running, gymming, exercising etc.

It is very lightweight, has enough cushioning for shock absorption and is the best running shoe under 3000.

Also, the ground contact EVA outsole has been used to absorb the impact while running and to provide you stability. To provide you more comfort EVA foam insert has been used.

  • Comfortable and stylish.
  • Lightweight rubber sole.
  • Good for long-distance running.
  • Available in many colour options.
  • Not for casual wear.

Final Verdict:

If you are looking for the best running shoe for men under 3000 in India. This New Balance running shoe is made for you, you will feel walking on the bed in this shoe because the cushioning is amazing and isn’t expensive. Go for this branded shoe from New Balance, it won’t take much out of your pocket.

7. Nike Men’s Downshifter 9 – Best Running Shoes under 3000

Again this shoe from Nike is highly demanded by runners because it offers great features that will take your running or exercise to the next level.

As we know the Nike is one of the best brands for running shoes because Nike has earned this fame by providing the best quality products all over the world and that’s the reason most athletes love Nike Shoes.

Key Features:

Nike Men’s Downshifter 9 gives open mesh at the forefoot which makes it lightweight and breathable, taking care of your feet healthy throughout your run. This is also the best pick of Nike shoes under 3000.

Furthermore, This shoe comes in a full-length midsole that provides you with resilient and flexible cushioning. This shoe is also ideal for runners who have flat feet and overpronation.

This Nike shoe is the perfect pair of running shoes for men and women as this shoe takes your running and training to the next level.

You can run freely in this Nike shoe as the flexible rubber outsole provides traction that you need on any surface, move your feet naturally, also maintains proper footstrike.

Normally, running shoes are available in two to three colours. However, this shoe is available in 10+ colours. You can select any which you like the most.

Each and everything of this shoe is durable such as midsole, outsole, upper mesh etc. This is the most affordable running shoe for men because it comes under the budget of 3000 in India.

Nike Downshifter 9 Running Shoe Review Video:

  • Very comfortable and gives great support.
  • It has a very good design and is stylish.
  • Gives enough traction and balance.
  • Premium running shoe under 3000.
  • Some users reported they are a bit narrower.

Our Verdict:

It’s quite tough to get a pair of Nike running shoes for men under 3000 in India. This shoe is perfect for training, road running, gymming or for any physical activity you do. It provides great cushioning and flexibility that you need and looks premium as well.

8. Reebok Men’s Repechage

best running shoes under 3000

When it comes to buying sports and running shoes then reebok always comes in our lists because reebok always moves with the trend and the same is reflected in their shoes.

I have found this Reebok running shoe for men under 3000 and reviewed it for you. Reebok Men’s Repechage is the most affordable running shoe for men in India.

Key Features:

This Repechage running shoe is very comfortable and fits well, it is the perfect pair for running or jogging.

The traditional lace-up closure helps to tighten your feet and hence hugs your feet tightly so they don’t come out while running.

It has enough space inside as it has a round toe style so it gives ample space for easy movement of the foot.

Reebok Repechage gives long-lasting support that helps in good relief to the ankle. The shoe is made with a very light material that made it very lightweight.

The sole is excellent that offers good grip and stability while running or during any physical activity.

  • Flexible and Fits perfectly.
  • Provides firm grip on all surfaces.
  • Very light weight and comfortable.
  • Great for running or walking.
  • Only available in one colour.

Final Verdict:

This Reebok running shoe is lightweight, comfortable, great looking and the most affordable sports shoes for running under 3000 rupees. Sometimes, It costs even less than 2000 when you buy online so don’t miss the chance to get this Reebok shoe for running this is one of the low cost running shoes in India.

9. Asics Men’s Jolt 3 Running Shoe

Asics is the most popular athletic shoe brand in India and this Asics Men’s Jolt 3 is the perfect shoe for running, jogging and marathon running in India.

Key Features:

It has a rubber outsole for proper traction and grip you want to have in a running shoe so that you can run freely.

Also, This shoe features a soft EVA midsole which is durable and provides more cushioning and energy in return while your training.

It has a very classic and stylish look with an enhanced heel for proper foot strike and heel safety.

Asics Men’s Jolt 3 provides great breathability and support to your feet. It comes with the FuelGel midsole for extra comfort, unbeatable fit.

You need supreme quality cushioning while running or jogging, this shoe offers you the same.

Furthermore, it has enough space and a soft ortholite sockliner inside the shoe that keeps your feet very comfortable all day.

This running shoe is softer than other shoes because more flex grooves have been used in the midsole and outsole for your better run.

This shoe is amazing for great traction on various surfaces.

  • Fully breathable upper mesh.
  • Keeps your feet relaxed.
  • Provides rearfoot absorption.
  • Ideal for long-distance.
  • Not suitable for casual wear.

Final Verdict:

This Asics running shoe is amazing for great traction on various surfaces as this provides comfort on the next level. It is very smooth like butter, lightweight but durable as well. Overall, This is one of the best long-distance running shoes in India.

10. Power Men’s Byron Running Shoes

This running shoe from the house of power gives excellent durability and ensures a sturdy grip also it is specially designed to keep your feet relaxed and cool with a soft and comfortable fit.

It offers you responsive cushioning and ensures flexibility. The Outsole is made with a hard rubber that ensures a good grip. This shoe is a combination of two colours which make them very attractive.

The upper material is breathable enough to keep your feet properly ventilated and suitable for running or walking.

This is the most affordable pair of running shoe which looks attractive and stylish and have been designed for daily training.

Power men’s running shoe is made from PU material and available in 2 amazing and attractive colours.

It has got a round toe design along with the inner lining for more comfort you need while running on roads.

If you are a gym freak, this shoe is the best for gymming because it does not provide the comfort you need but you can pair this shoe with any activewear, it will look amazing.

Also, synthetic material is used to make the upper part of the shoe which is very light and flexible and this is one of the best durable running shoes in India.

  • This shoe is Flexible.
  • It is very fashionable and stylish.
  • Long-lasting and strong grip.
  • Comfortable to your feet.
  • Only 2 colour option is available.
  • Size can vary with the standard size.

Summing Up:

I have ended up with this article on the best running shoes for men under 3000 in India. I hope you liked this review article. If you have a budget of 5000 rupees then you must have a look at the best running shoes under 5000. You can buy shoes from these collections I can assure you that your money won’t get wasted.

So, Don’t forget to share this article with your friends, families and with your loved ones.

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