Top 10 Best Running Shoes for Men in India – [Review & How to Buy]

Most of us want to do some sort of physical activity such as running or jogging in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, you must have the perfect running coaches with you i.e., The Best running shoes for men in India.

In India, A lot of people make the mistake of wearing casual sneakers or cheap shoes while running on the road. Keep in mind that you must wear sports shoes that are specially designed to run.

It is important to have the best running shoes for men in India 2022 edition because proper shoes will help to protect your feet against any sort of injury and lessen the impact of heavy landing while training. Also, the best sports shoes are the ones that give you the proper grip, flexibility, and adequate support during the run.

Whether you run on trail, road, track or on the treadmill etc. requires you to wear running shoes for different surfaces accordingly. So, I have created a list of the top 10 running shoes (2022 latest edition) that can be used for running on the road, jogging, track, or walking etc.

Simply choose a pair for yourself and plug in any of the best running earphones and pull up your pressure socks, and hit the street today.

What are the Best Road Running Shoes for Men in India?

Picking the best pair of athletic shoes can be a difficult task and the best footwear will help you for better performance because good running shoes always keep your feet safe and give good cushioning even after using the shoes for more than a year.

These are the top 3 Picks of the Best Running Shoes for Men in India: Comparison Table

Budget Shoe

Premium Shoe

Performance Shoe

1. Adidas RUNFALCON Glory

2. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36

3. New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 V11

Key Features:

Sole: Rubber

Weight: 232g

Heel Drop: 10mm

Best For: Running & Jogging
Shoe Width: Regular
Outer Material: Textile

Toe Style: Round Toe

Key Features:

Sole: Rubber

Weight: 252g

Heel Drop: 10mm

Best For: Road Running

Shoe Width: Regular
Outer Material: Mesh Upper

Toe Style: Round Toe

Key Features:

Sole: Rubber

Weight: 269g

Heel Drop: 10mm

Best For: Marathon & Regular
Shoe Width: x_wide
Outer Material: Mesh Upper

Toe Style: Round Toe

What are the Best Running Shoe Brands in India?

Running shoes are the best coaches for a runner and therefore, it is very important to have the best coach to run perfectly. When you run in a nice pair of sports shoes, you enjoy running on a road, track, or on a trail surface.

Brands play a very crucial role in the life of an athlete. Because all the brands use premium quality material to make comfortable and high-quality shoes. However, which brand is the best depends upon many factors too.

Such as the shape of your foot, your weight, your foot size can make one brand better for you than another. So, it’s not possible for me to say which is the best running shoe brand in India.

There are some top Sports shoe brands that have been manufacturing a wide variety of running shoes for more than a decade.

So, here are some of the top best running shoe brands in India:


Nike is an international brand that was founded in 1964, Nike is mainly known for its footwear such as Nike Sneakers, Nike running shoes because Nike offers unique and stylish designs that are sure to impress.

When it comes to the best running shoes for men in India, Nike sports shoes are liked by Indian runners like Heema Das.

Nike has got all types of running shoes. Such as the Nike Zoom air series for daily training, Trail shoes to run on the concrete surfaces, track running shoes, and so on…


Adidas was founded in 1949 and this brand is famous for its premium quality sports shoes and sneakers. It manufactures and supplies footwear for all types of sports activity along with other sports (mainly football) accessories across the world.

Adidas sells all types of footwear such as Adidas sports shoes, sneakers, walking shoes, etc. Adidas shoes are considered the most comfortable running shoes in India.


Puma is a German brand, founded in 1948. This Sports shoe brand deals in mainly athletic footwear which provides protection to your feet while running and enhances your performance with each step.

This Brand has all types of footwear such as men’s shoes for running on a track, in a marathon, or for daily training. Also, Puma men’s sneakers are one of the best sneakers in India.

New Balance

New Balance was founded in 1906, Since then It has been delivering excellent footwear which focuses on the art of uniqueness and innovation.

This Sports shoe brand uses advanced technology along with fresh foam which gives supreme comfort and cushioning and cutting edge design therefore, New Balance shoes are considered the best sports shoes for men in India.

I can assure you that your feet will be protected and safe while running, jogging, training, exercise or during any physical activity.


Reebok is one of the leading footwear brands in the world. Since 1958, Reebok has been offering its stylish and supportive shoe designs for every kind of sport. 

The floatride series of the Reebok is one of the best running shoes for men. This brand is always known for its most comfortable and high-quality footwear.


Asics is a Japanese footwear manufacturer that is mainly known for athletic shoes. This brand follows its slogan i.e., “a healthy soul in a healthy body” while creating new running shoe models.

It has the best sports shoes for men in India because, Asics use cutting-edge technology and high energy flyte foam, propel foam sole. Asics shoes will take your goal to the next level.


Skechers shoes are very lightweight. If you want to go for a walk, jog or run you can enjoy the Skechers sports shoes. This brand is mainly known for its walking and jogging shoes.

Jogging for 20 minutes in Skechers shoes will provide you with astonishing benefits.

Skechers shoes can also be used for daily road running or in workouts as well. They have Air Cooled Goga Mat insoles and breathable mesh upper in their running shoes and unique & attractive designs that suit on roads or on any occasion too.

Types of Running Shoes on the Basis of Surface

There are different types of running shoes available in the market but which one is best for you depends on where you are planning to run. If you are planning on the road then you will need the best road running shoes, in this case selecting trail running shoes would not be good for you.

Let’s discuss some different kinds of running shoes on the basis of the surface.

1. Road Running Shoes

This is the most common type of running. These are very light and flexible. These kinds of shoes are mostly liked by runners who love to run on sidewalks like pavement, footpath treadmills, or concrete paths. These shoes must provide adequate protection to runners or athletes.

2. Trail Running Shoes

This is a kind of running where a person runs at the “heart of nature”. These shoes are made of high-quality plastic and carbon fibre material to provide you with better traction and protection around your ankles and also protect you from small objects like rocks and sticks. When we run on rugged terrain and natural trails we need more traction and stability.

3. Track Running Shoes

Athletes and sportsmen use track running shoes and these are designed in such a way that it gives very lightweight traction on tracks. The main difference is spike pins. Spikes are used in these shoes for better traction on the track.

Generally, these shoes are used for racing purposes only by athletes like Hussain Bolt.

Difference Between Road and Trail Running Shoes?

Best Running Shoes For Men in India

Road Running shoes

  • Lightweight and breathable uppers
  • Outsoles: flatter, smoother, more durable soles for running on footpaths.
  • Midsoles: Softer midsole for cushion
  • Doesn’t have a rock plate.
  • These shoes are breathable and light-in-weight.

Trail Running shoes

  • Reinforced  uppers
  • Outsoles: Bigger, softer lugs for better traction on trails
  • Midsoles: Stiffer midsole to create a stable platform
  • Have a rockplate so that it can protect from rocks and roots.

Reviews of the 5 Best Budget Running Shoes for Men in India

I am sure here, you will find the best budget running shoes for yourself and will be happy to read this wonderful review article which is written after a detailed study and taking the reviews from the experienced runners who have been using these shoes for more than a month in India.

1. Nike Men’s RUN ALL DAY

Sole Material: Rubber Sole
Weight: 298g
Heel Drop: 10mm
Best For: Road & Jogging
Latest Model: Nike Run All Day 2

Nike RUN ALL DAY is specially designed for casual runners, this men’s shoe gives the support that you need while running on the road and provides you excellent traction as it has a rubber outsole.

Also, Nike Run All Day can be used as casual sneakers. Overall this is a good sports shoe for running on the road.

Sole Unit of Nike RUN ALL DAY

The outsole of Nike run all day is made up of premium rubber which protects the midsole foam from the roughness of the ground. The outsole provides an amazing grip, and excellent traction even on wet surfaces which is the most important factor to have in a running shoe.

It has a foam midsole that is very lightweight and provides optimum cushioning along with the flexibility you need while running.

When it comes to its Insoles, The insoles are soft and of premium quality which adds some more cushioning and provides more comfort. The insoles can be replaced as well when you need them.

Upper Unit of Nike RUN ALL DAY

The Nike Run All Day features a breathable mesh upper which helps in ventilation while running. The purpose of the upper is to provide a steady fit along with breathability.

Also, opened breathable holes on the toe helps in proper ventilation and keeps your feet cool & odour-free. Nike React Infinity Run with flyknit upper has breathable upper which is also a good road running shoe for beginners.

The tongue & collars are nicely padded. The Nike men’s run all day is available in 10+ colors option also there is a pull tab for easy on and off.

Heel Area, Size & Fit of Nike RUN ALL DAY

The heel drop in this affordable running shoe is 10mm which is medium and very nice for casual runners or beginners. The heel is very nicely designed and secures the heel and locks your ankle perfectly.

This men’s running shoe in India is true to size and available for all sizes. I would suggest that please measure your foot size and then select the size accordingly.

  • It has three layers of the sole unit which makes this sports shoe very durable.
  • This is the best running shoe for neutral pronators in India.
  • The breathable upper is of premium quality which will give you a sweat-free running experience in this Nike run all day.
  • The overall design of this shoe doesn’t look much stylish.
  • This is not for professional runners.

Our Verdict:

Well, I am done with the review of Nike men’s run all day. If you have a budget of around 2000 to 4000, I must say it is one of the best running shoes for men in India.

This is suitable for casual runners and will fulfil a casual runner’s needs.

2. Adidas Men’s RUNFALCON Glory

Sole Material: Rubber Sole
Weight: 232g
Heel Drop: 10mm
Best For: Road & Jogging
Base Model: Adidas Runfalcon

Adidas Runfalcon Glory is one of the best supportive shoes under this budget or you can say the best jogging shoe for men.

It comes with very soft cushioning that provides comfort in your every step. Whether you run on treadmills or streets it’s going to amaze you.

Sole Unit of Adidas RUNFALCON Glory

The outsole is very durable and provides very good traction as rubber material is used to craft its outsole.

It has an EVA midsole which delivers superior comfort to your feet while you run or jog.

Every runner wants 3 things in a shoe i.e. traction, stability, and comfort. All these 3 things are there in this running shoe.

Upper Unit of Adidas RUNFALCON Glory

The upper portion of this shoe is also quite good which is made from lightweight mesh material but you will find it much breathable.

Adidas has also used synthetic leather material attached with the lacing box at the top that ensures the durability and good look of the shoes. You will not find its toe area narrower as it has enough space at the toe area.

Heel Area, Size & Fit of Adidas RUNFALCON Glory

There are a lot of sizes available that are true to size. There is one more advantage of this shoe that you can use for casual purposes also. It is designed to provide you with all-day comfort.

  • It is a lightweight running shoe as it has an EVA midsole.
  • Provides Snug and comfortable fit for your all-day wear.
  • It can be used for different occasions.
  • It has less arch support.

Our Verdict:

If you do not run for long distances daily then this shoe will be icing on the cake under this budget. These are the best running shoes for men in India from Adidas for your all-day comfort under this budget of 3000. Great for Daily training.

3. ASICS Patriot 12 Running Shoe

Sole Material: Rubber Sole
Weight: 252g
Heel Drop: 10mm
Best For: Road & Jogging
Previous Model: Asics Men’s Patriot 10

Asics Patriot 12 is a budget running shoe for men in India. Patriot 12 from the Asics brand is very suitable for neutral pronators. It is very affordable and reliable.

It is one of the best road running trainers for sportspersons in India. This shoe has got everything such as flexibility, unique design, durable outsole, and upper material, and many more.

Sole Unit of Asics Patriot 12

There is a resistant rubber outsole that offers the maximum level of traction and also provides a balanced ride while running on the road. This outsole is very durable and not slippery even on a wet surface.

The midsole is equipped with EVA technology that helps in excellent shock absorption, provides a bouncy feeling along with the spring-loaded response during the run.

Overall, The sole unit is excellent, which bends perfectly while running, gives a proper foot strike on the road for long distances.

Upper Unit of Asics Patriot 12

It has a fully breathable mesh upper to boost airflow and keep your feet ventilated during the run. The open knit upper is flexible enough to provide better comfort and also hugs your feet perfectly.

Heel Area, Size & Fit of Asics Patriot 12

The heel drop or offset of this running shoe is 10mm which is medium for neutral pronators. Pronation means natural movement and here I mean, the way your foot rolls inward for the impact allocation upon landing. Is it inward, outward?

Understanding your pronation can help you to find the best running shoe according to your foot condition. Read more…

Generally, Asics shoes fit perfectly, hence this running shoe fits true to size it has proper spacing inside the shoe and at the toe area too. So, You can order your size.

  • EVA technology midsole provides very responsive support underfoot.
  • The outsole has a high level of traction under this budget.
  • The upper mesh is highly breathable and flexible.
  • Only available in 4 colors option.
  • The quality of outsoles could be improved more, but under 4000 it is worth it.

Our Verdict:

Asics Patriot 12 is one of the comfortable running shoes under 5000 in India. Asics is a very popular brand in India, This shoe has almost everything to offer you during your training.

This is lightweight and can be used in the marathon as well because it is only designed for athletes, sportsmen, sportspersons, etc.

4. Puma Men’s Hybrid Nx Ozone

Sole Material: IGNITE & NRGY Sole
Weight: 306g
Heel Drop: 10mm
Best For: Road/Treadmill & Jogging
Latest Model: Puma Men’s Hybrid Nx

The PUMA HYBRID NX OZONE is one of the best premium running shoes for men from Puma. This shoe is made from Puma’s most innovative midsole foam i.e., IGNITE & NRGY.

A runner always looks for perfect cushioning, comfort, and responsiveness in any running shoe, and Hybrid Nx has got all these also suitable for the treadmill.

Sole Unit of Puma Hybrid Nx Ozone

Hybrid Nx ozone has a combination of IGNITE foam and NRGY beads in the sole which is one the best technologies of Puma.

Ignite is a foam from Puma which has been placed in the midsole and provides supreme comfort and superior cushioning from toe to heel.

The outsole provides a superior level of traction on the road and on the treadmill in the gym.

Upper Unit of Puma Hybrid Nx Ozone

When it comes to the upper unit, It has a breathable upper along with a unique and attractive design. Its upper material is flexible and keeps your feet cool during the run.

With its dynamic lacing system which is very easy to adjust, it provides a very secure fit and locks your feet perfectly.

Heel Area, Size & Fit of Puma Hybrid Nx Ozone

Puma Hybrid Nx Ozone has a heel drop of 10mm along with the weight of 306g and you will feel like walking on in the air. Also, there is a heel clip for an easy on and off.

When it comes to sizing, it is a bit narrow, so I would advise going for half-size up. Furthermore, it is a flexible running shoe and it has got proper space in the toe area. It is for neutral pronators.

  • A combination of IGNITE foam and NRGY beads promotes more flexibility and Traction on the ground.
  • Keep your feet safe and secured as it rolls well.
  • It has a very unique and attractive design, therefore, It can be used as a sneaker.
  • Becomes messy a bit early but can be washed easily.
  • Fits a bit narrow, recommended to buy half size up.

Our Verdict:

Finally, I have come to the conclusion that the PUMA HYBRID NX OZONE is a comfortable premium running shoe for the treadmill.

This is very lightweight, the sole connects with the MBS(mind, body & soul). If you want to have a running shoe and a sneaker simultaneously, then invest in this.

5. Skechers Men’s Go Run 400

Sole Material: Synthetic Sole
Weight: 227g
Heel Drop: 8mm
Best For: Road & Walking
Latest Model: Skechers Men’s Arch Fit Sneaker

Go Run 400 is one of the awesome sporty shoes from the brand Skechers. This shoe is perfect for a variety of sports activities.

A breathable mesh upper made this shoe very lightweight and responsive.

Sole Unit of Skechers Go Run 400

When it comes to the outsole of Skechers GoRun 400, Outsole is made of rubber and synthetic material which is responsible for the great traction and flexibility in the shoe.

You will love the 5GEN midsole in this footwear. That is the reason behind the responsiveness of the shoe.

An ultra-soft insole (called Goga Run) is used. It is placed on the main cushioning portion and ‘Feels like walking on the bed’.

Upper Unit of Skechers Go Run 400

Breathable mesh material is used to craft this Skechers GoRun 400, which is very comfortable and durable.

It has got one-piece construction adding additional comfort to your foot. You will find the logo of Skechers on the sides of the shoemaking stylish. At the heel section, you will find a finger-loop to your shoes easily.

Heel Area, Size & Fit of Skechers Go Run 400

This shoe has a heel drop of 8mm which ensures better performance while running. Here, Each dimension of the foot gets cushioning.

It is available in 10+ colours. The size and fitting of this shoe are awesome. It comes with regular shoe length.

  • Very lightweight and simple look.
  • Provides comfort and breathable support to the foot.
  • Better cushioning to the foot and forefoot.
  • Great insole for shock absorption.
  • Some runners said it is narrow.

Our Verdict:

It is a good lightweight neutral shoe that makes your feet secure. I would say that if you have a certain limited budget then go with this Sketchers shoe.

Reviews of 5 Best Premium Running Shoes for Men in India

I have selected the top 5 premium running shoes. As these are premium so the price ranges from 5000 to 10000. Most of the athletes use these shoes and all are of premium quality.

Go through this detailed review article and grab a good premium road running shoe for yourself.

1. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36

Sole Material: Rubber Sole
Weight: 252g
Heel Drop: 10mm
Best For: Road & Treadmill & Jogging
Latest Model: Nike Air Zoom Winflo 7

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 is one of the most liked running shoes by runners. Because it is designed in such a way that it offers great traction and durability.

It is reasonably priced with a well-tested set of features and is best for all levels of runners.

If you are someone who wants a 10mm drop neutral shoe then go ahead with these great running shoes.

Sole Unit of Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36

Nike made its outsole lightweight and darn durable. Rubber additives are used to make the sole responsive. It has “Cushlon ST foam” and “Zoom Air” in the forefoot and heel that provides responsive cushioning and a smooth ride to runners.

When it comes to the midsole of the Pegasus 36 then it has the same Zoom air unit of the midsole that Pegasus 35 had and you won’t feel that it exists in the midsole of the shoe because it’s so thin. But all of this ensures that Pegasus 36 is a very stable running shoe.

Upper Unit of Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36

It has got a simple and durable upper with a clipped Nike logo on the side. I would suggest that it is worth upgrading from pegasus 35 to pegasus 36.

Simple and durable mesh material is used to design this shoe that makes it breathable and at the same time flexible fit.

In Pegasus 36 Nike made its tongue a bit shorter which makes this shoe slightly roomier. It will wrap your ankle as you wear the shoes. It has got a fantastic Lacing system.

Heel Area, Size & Fit of Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36

When it comes to the Heel Area, it has got a Heel drop of 10mm. The back of the heel is designed conically which makes it stylish too.

And fitting and sizing are great. It will hardly take one week of running to fully open up and will start giving you a great experience.

If you are more selective in choosing the colours so don’t worry Pegasus 36 has got  20+ colours. You can select according to your choice.

  • Reasonably priced.
  • Fully breathable upper.
  • Zoom Air helps to provide a smooth and responsive ride.
  • Comes with responsive cushioning.
  • Has got a great level of traction.
  • Very similar design from the previous model.

Our Verdict:

If you don’t want to compromise on the comfort part then I would suggest going ahead and grabbing this snug fit shoe. This is a good running shoe and I am sure you will have a good experience if you try it once.

2. Adidas Men’s UltraBoost 20 DNA Running Shoes

Sole Material: Rubber Sole
Weight: 270g
Heel Drop: 10mm
Best For: Road & Jogging
Latest Model: UltraBoost21

Adidas Ultra Boost 20 is one of the most cushioned running shoes. The UB20 is a very comfortable running shoe for neutral runners. Adidas designed this premium shoe, especially for daily trainers.

Now it is also used as a fashion shoe as this shoe became popular because of its attractive design. Adidas Ultra Boost is competing with other premium shoes.

Sole Unit of UltraBoost 2020

The outsole is made from continental rubber which is a stretch web outsole, used by most Adidas shoes. The outsole of UB20 has a high level of traction and is durable too. However, This is not good for concrete surfaces.

The ultra boost uses a midsole of foam material under the entire foot. This type of sole material provides more comfort and energy while running. Also, there is a floating torsion spring inside the boost foam which provides excellent footstrike running on the road.

Insoles are well cushioned which helps in providing more cushioning and comfort. Insoles of Ultra boost can be removed as well at the time of cleaning them. You can also replace the insoles too when you need to.

Upper Unit of UltraBoost 2020

The upper of ultra boost features a one-piece woven sock, also known as “Primeknit” which surrounds the foot. This Primeknit material is capable enough to give support and also adds a very nice structure throughout the foot.

When it comes to the breathability of ultra boost 2020, the primeknit material provides very nice breathability. In the warm season, this is more breathable than the winter season.

Heel Area, Size & Fit of Ultra Boost 2020

Adidas has used a 3D frame that helps to lock your heel and provides you with a very comfortable ride. The height of the heel is 27mm and 17mm of the forefoot. So, It has a drop of 10mm which is nice for longer runs.

The ultra boost is very true to size. However, the toe area doesn’t provide much space for your toes so I’ll advise you to order a half size up if you need more toe room.

  • Provides great cushioning and good energy return.
  • Can be used as a men’s fashion shoe along with the running(icing on the cake).
  • Very Durable because of their sole unit and breathable primeknit upper.
  • There are more than 25+ color options available.
  • Pricing is quite high but it is worth it as it is a premium running shoe.

Our Verdict:

I have reviewed almost everything about this shoe. Overall, Adidas ultra boost 20 is one of the best road running shoes if you want a casual look.

Also, you will get good comfort, unique fashionable design and it’s worth it. I can say ultra boost 20 is a comfortable running sneaker.

3. New Balance M520 Running Shoes

Sole Material: Rubber Sole
Weight: 255g
Heel Drop: 10mm
Best For: Road & Jogging
Latest Model: New Balance M520

The New Balance M520 is very comfortable as it features a fresh foam technology midsole for all-day comfort and cushioning.

The upper is equipped with an engineered mesh upper for excellent breathability. Also, it has a very comfortable insole that enhances cushioning and provides you with comfort all day.

Sole Unit of New Balance M520

The NB M520 has three layers of soles in it. The Outsole is made up of rugged rubber which delivers very impressive traction that you can trust. You will feel the versatile grip underfoot during the run.

New Balance uses fresh foam technology in the midsole of their running shoes that delivers an ultra-cushioned, lightweight ride with every gait. Also, the fresh foam midsole absorbs the shock easily and provides cushioning on every step you take.

It has got removable insoles that enhance the comfort level of NB M520.

Upper Unit of New Balance M520

New Balance has used an engineered mesh upper for superior breathability in M520. The upper material is made up of durable synthetic and is lightweight as well that keeps your feet ventilated during the run.

Also, you won’t find any sew on the upper area which makes this trainer very sleek and looks sporty.

Heel Area, Size & Fit of New Balance M520

The heel drop of this trainer is medium i.e., 10mm. Hence, This running shoe is suitable for neutral pronators. You will feel secure from toe to heel while running because this shoe keeps your feet safe & secure.

It has very nice foam cushioning which surrounds the ankle and hugs perfectly so the shoe will not come off while running.

The NB Men’s M520 runs a bit narrow, so I would recommend you to buy half or one size up than your normal size.

  • Perfect athletes & sportspersons.
  • It is so durable enough to run in a marathon.
  • Lightweight & Highly breathable mesh upper.
  • Padded tongue collar for added comfort.
  • Runs a bit small in sizing, but you can go for one size up.
  • Ankle support is not much, could be improved.

Our Verdict:

If you are looking for a premium road running shoe under 7000 in India, this NB M520 is the best.

Why I am saying this is because in India most of the roads are with gravels and sand so this shoe won’t let enter the small rocks, dirt, and debris. Apart from this, you will get a premium look along with superior comfort all day.

4. ASICS Gel-Contend 5 Running Shoes

Sole Material: Rubber Sole
Weight: 291g
Heel Drop: 10mm
Best For: Road
Latest Model: ASICS Gel-Nimbus 21

The brand Asics is a highly demanded shoe by casual runners who run an average of 10k in total daily.

You will have a good grip on the road and would never complain about its outsole. Let’s discuss other things.

Sole Unit of ASICS Gel-Contend 5

The rubber material is used to make its outsole. Asics Gel Contend 5 outsole tightens your feet and creates better traction. 

This is a well-cushioned neutral shoe. This shoe is highly demanded because it is the best running shoe for neutral pronators. I have been using this shoe for 5 months and when I see its outsole it really meets my expectation.

When it comes to midsoles, it is made up of AmpliFoam which is very durable and gives a responsive performance. You will be getting enough cushioning from the midsole. it gives most benefits to those who underpronate.

Upper Unit of ASICS Gel-Contend 5

Mesh material is used to craft this shoe. As I have been using this shoe for 5 months and my feet do not feel hot as it controls the temperature in a good manner.

When it comes to styling then I would say that it doesn’t look so good as it should be

Heel Area, Size & Fit of ASICS Gel-Contend 5

Asics Gel Contend 5 has a heel drop of 10mm. It has a standard running shoe length. You won’t have any size issues as it has standard size fitting and they all are true to size.

When it comes to colour preferences you won’t be compromising the choice of colours, it comes with 4+ colours.

  • Great underfoot cushioning makes it better for all-day wear.
  • The shoe size is neither tight nor loose.
  • It doesn’t feel heavy as it’s a lightweight trainer.
  • Some runners said that lace quality should be improved.

Our Verdict:

If you are a beginner and need a perfect running shoe or you are a casual road runner then this shoe is ideal for you. And you will not find such a great deal in this budget.

5. New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 V11 Running Shoe

Sole Material: Rubber Sole
Weight: 269g
Heel Drop: 8mm
Best For: Road
Base Model: New Balance Men’s 1080

The New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11 is the premium cushioned running shoe for every runner who is looking for plenty of cushioning, softness and great responsiveness from a shoe.

This shoe is built up with part of the Foam X collection using the latest advanced technologies to design to offer exact plushness exactly where you need it.

Sole Unit of New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11

This shoe features a strong and soft rubber outsole to make it more durable. It can be used on any surface, especially on the road, to play games.

When it comes to the midsole, the ABZORB midsole is one of the amazing things that this shoe offers. Midsole helps to eliminate the impact through a combination of cushioning and weight resistance.

It has an Ortholite insole that provides underfoot softness to the feet. Insole moves while running in many shoes but you won’t see this kind of problem in 1080v11.

Upper Unit of New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11

It does not have the traditional upper that 1080 had. It has got an unbelievable upper. The upper is made of a very soft & stretchy knit named hypoknit, making it smoother and thinner.

Your feet would be completely locked and your feet would feel relaxed. Don’t worry if you have wide feet, the toe box is roomy and stretchable.

Heel Area, Size & Fit of New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11

The 1080v11’s has a heel drop of 8mm which is making this shoe extremely stable.

It has an eye-catching design with an upturned heel and toe style. When it comes to overall fitting, it fits well to the feet and makes you feel plush.

It comes in 6+ different colours so won’t be confused in selecting your favourite pick.

  • Super comfy and lightweight shoes.
  • A well-cushioned neutral shoe for the neutral runner.
  • It doesn’t feel constricted when you put your foot in there.
  • There must be a little more padding in the collar.

Our Verdict:

It is highly suggested for runners who are looking for maximum protection and a stable side.

Cushioning is not going to be compressed; it will remain the same after many miles. You can blindly trust this shoe.

11 Running Tips for Beginners: How to Start Running?

How to Select the Best Running Shoes Online

When It comes to buying a pair of running shoes in India online. It is very important to learn about the anatomy of running shoes. Have a look at the above picture to understand the anatomy.

Sometimes it could be difficult for you. Selecting a perfect pair of best men’s running shoes can take a lot of time & effort from you.

When you shop online, You get millions of options, and most runners, beginners get confused and end up buying a shoe that is not perfect for them.

Therefore, I am going to cover all those points which would help you to: “How to select running shoes online in India”, what type of sports shoes you should wear for road running and what to look for in running shoes while buying online.

First of all, you have to understand that “what works for one runner may not necessarily work for another”.

So, don’t aimlessly head out and buy a pair of running shoes just because you love the look of them or one of your friends recommended them to you.

We all run diverse mileage, have different landing positions, and have different foot shapes, pronation, body weight, etc. So, our shoes must reflect that.

How Frequently you Run

The frequent frequency of your running determines what type of shoe is best for you.

If you run 5 to 6 times in a week you will need a supportive, well-cushioned shoe because this will help you to absorb the shock and gives extra comfort.

And if you are a lighter runner you will need a shoe with normal cushioning and support.

Choose the Shoes Based on Running Intensity

If you cover 8 -12 miles in an hour it means that you are a long-distance runner and you will need bounce and supreme quality shoes which ensure maximum comfort and also reduce shock weave impacts.

On the other hand, If you cover short distances then you need a shoe which is lighter and faster for your training sessions.

Select the Shoe Length Carefully

Before you buy any road shoes make sure to check that the selected one fits comfortably if you buy from a store.

Because every brand shoe length may vary, choose after proper checking.

NOTE: Always buy those shoes which have some extra space because our feet extend as the day progresses.

Measure your Foot Width for a Perfect Fit

Width is also an important factor that you should consider. Some of you have wider feet and some are narrow.

You can’t wear a wider shoe on a narrow foot because that would result in foot injuries and vice versa.

So, choose a pair of running footwear according to your foot, as for a wider foot select a pair with a wider sole.

Check your Body Weight

Your bodyweight helps to determine which type of shoe is perfect for your feet because as you run forward you apply twice or thrice of your body weight onto your muscles and feet.

If you are above standard weight then you must buy shoes with extra cushioning to absorb shock waves because this will be good for your feet health as it will prevent immense pain in the heel and feet. So, body weight helps you to find the best shoes.

Where you Plan to Run

You might run on the road, track and trail or a mixture of both. So, If you are a trail runner then you need shoes with good support and if you are a road runner then you need shoes with more impact protection but all these things depend on how you run.

Running Shoes Must Provide High Breathability

Your shoes must have a breathable upper because of long training sessions and proper ventilation to eliminate sweating.

So, Always buy a shoe with a proper breathable upper for your non-stop running.

Ensure the Quality & Durability of the Outsole

The outer sole doesn’t just perform the feature of gripping but also ensures the flexibility and durability of the whole shoe. It is very important for cushioning. It is made of different types of rubber or foam materials.

Make sure to check the outer sole of the running shoe to ensure the quality and durability of the sole and don’t buy shoes with heavy outsoles.

Also, It must match the shape of your foot.

How did We Choose the Best Running Shoes for you?

There are various factors that we consider while choosing the best running shoes for men in India. There are a lot of shoes available online but we bring those shoes which your feet actually need.

Also keep one thing in mind that “no shoes are best” because it is totally dependent on our foot type condition, footstrike, body weight and pronation. Everyone’s feet are different. One may work great for some, might not work great for you.

There are some factors which we consider while selecting the best running shoes.

  • Purpose: We compared apple to apple.
  • Performance: We ensure its performance by taking reviews and feedback from experienced runners.
  • Price: We come up with those shoes which are pocket-friendly and justify their cost.
  • Availability: We also make sure that reviewed shoes are available for our buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Running Shoes for Men in India

Q1. Which brand makes the best running shoes?

All brands make the best running shoes. It totally depends upon your foot shape, foot size, foot condition etc. All the running shoes are best from Nike, Adidas, Puma, New Balance, Asics for different surfaces and types. So go for those shoes which fulfil your requirements.

Q2. How long do running shoes last?

Generally, premium running shoes last between 300-500 miles. It depends upon how you treat your shoes, which means how you clean and how you use them etc. For example, a road running shoe should not be used on trail surfaces.

I would advise that you should have at least two pairs of running shoes so that you can use them alternatively and they will last longer.

Q3. How much should I spend on running shoes?

In India, premium men’s running shoes will cost you anywhere from ₹5,000 to ₹10,000 and an avg. The shoe will cost anywhere from ₹2000 to ₹5000. You must also consider your budget and then select the best shoes for running.

Note: It’s better to buy two pairs of average running shoes instead of buying one pair of premium shoes. So that you can wear them alternatively and they will last longer too.

Q4. Can I wear running shoes for walking?

Yes, you can wear running shoes for walking because these provide comfort and cushioning, and many other features. However, “walking shoes should not be used for running”. This might cause some serious injury so avoid doing that.

Q5. How are walking shoes different from running shoes?

Walking and running shoes have different purposes. Some walking shoes have leather whereas running shoes don’t.

Walking shoes have different types of sole and material whereas in running shoes outsoles are of premium rubber and the upper is breathable too. Some running shoes have spikes in their outsoles but not in walking shoes.

Q6. How to clean running shoes quickly?

Running shoes can be washed at home. It’s very simple to clean them, follow the below-mentioned steps to clean running shoes:

  1. Remove the laces and put them in water.
  2. Take off the dirt from the uppers and outer sole.
  3. Remove the insole if it is possible and clean them separately.
  4. Mix washing powder or shampoo in water and apply the mixture on the shoes then gently wash the shoes with the help of a brush.
  5. Rinse them off with clean water.
  6. At last, put them in the air to dry along with the laces or also you can stuff some newspapers for faster drying.

Q7. Can I machine wash my running shoes?

You should avoid washing your running shoes in a washing machine in order to maintain the life of your beloved shoes because washing machines don’t wash gently.

However, sometimes you can do so, but put your running shoes in a shoe bag before putting them into a washing machine.

Summing Up on the Best Running Shoes for Men in India

So, runners, I have ended up with this detailed article. I hope you have found a perfect pair for you from this comprehensive article and buyers buying guide.

Runners, Don’t try to run in your old and worn-out shoes. It can invite foot, ankle and knee injuries and many more issues related to your health.

So please replace your old shoes after a specified period (approx. 6 months). Regardless of whether you expect to run a long-distance race or run a 100-meter race or essentially need to run for wellbeing and wellness reasons, a couple of powerful and good quality running shoes can make a critical distinction between winning and losing.

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