Best Over The Knee Boots for Petites (2021) | Tips to Style OTK Boots

Best Over The Knee Boots For Petites (Top 5+ Boots Reviewed)

Is there someone here who has been told that you shouldn’t be wearing over-the-knee boots because you are short and petite? If yes then I can totally relate with you on this. I have heard multiple times shop owners telling me to not buy Over The Knee Boots for Petites as I am short. But, I didn’t listen and broke the stereotype that petite girls can’t wear over-the-knee boots.

So, if you are someone who is tired of listening to this statement that Petite girls shouldn’t wear over-the-knee boots then you have come to the right place.

Some of you may not know what are Over The Knee Boots? “Over-the-knee boots are long boots that may fully or partially cover your knee’’. It includes top boots, thigh boots, cuissardes, hip-boots, etc.

They are also known as OTK (over-the-knee) in short. They look stunning and can easily become the highlight of your outfit.

Well, to be honest, I know that over the-knee-boots for petite girls can be a little daunting task but who said anything in life is easy am I correct?

If you are looking for the best over-the-knee boots for Petites, then keep on reading this article as I have selected some of the best over-the-knee boots, along with a buyer’s guide and also how you can style yours over the knee boots.

Over The Knee Boots For Petites: Comparison Table

Chunky Heel Thigh High Suede with High Heels

Sexy Over The Knee Pullon Boot with High Heels

Fashion Boots Autumn Quality Suede Comfort Square Heels

1: Shoe'N Tale Women Stretch Suede OTK Boots

2: Premier Standard Women's OTK Boot

3: N.N.G Women Winter OTK Long Boots

Editors Ratings

Editors Ratings

Editors Ratings

  • Material: Rubber sole

  • Weight: 2.1 Pounds

  • Heel measures: 3.5"

  • Shaft Length (without heel): 26"

  • Material: Rubber sole

  • Weight: 2.05 Pounds

  • Heel measures: 3"

  • Shaft Length (without heel): 27.5"

  • Material: Suede sole

  • Weight: 1.65 Pounds

  • Heel measures: 2"

  • Shaft Length (without heel): 26"

How to Shop Over-the-Knee Boots Online – Buying Guide

Selecting the best over-the-knee boots for short legs may seem a difficult task and you might get confused. So you need to keep in mind certain things before buying them and they are explained below:

Factors to look for while choosing over-the-knee boots:

1. The shoe must be comfortable to your feet

The first thing to keep in mind while purchasing Over The Knee boots is comfort. No matter how much money you paid for them, they must give you comfort. If you are someone who lives in a lot of humid climates then it would be best to avoid them in this type of weather conditions as they make look stylish but will give you unnecessary discomfort.

2. Looks stylish with any type of outfits

One of the major reasons why girls enjoy wearing Over The Knee boots is the cause of oomph it adds to their outfits, making them look bold and stunning. Always keep in mind the type of outfits that you have and select the colour, style, and, design of the Over the Knee boots accordingly.

3. Must provide high quality and durability

Please refrain from wearing cheap quality Over The Knee boots even if they are available at low prices, low-quality material, and because of the price and the look of it you are tempted to select them. But always choose high-quality Over the Knee boots so that they last long.

If boots are tight to some extent, then you should stretch your boots by following the simple steps to stretch the boots.

4. Measure the shaft height accordingly

One of the most important things to keep in mind is the shaft height.  “Shaft height means the length of the boot from the base of the foot to the top of the foot”. It is the height of the axis that should be taken into reflection according to the height of the legs.

5. Proper measurements of leg and foot

To find the perfect Over the Knee boots you will need to have accurate Leg and foot measurements. The correct time of taking the measurement is in the morning because your legs are stable and you can get the correct size. After taking the correct measurement of your leg and foot go through the size chart of the particular boots and then select the shoes of your size.

 6. Measure the height of the heel accordingly

The height depends upon the type of clothing you wear or the fact that how comfortable you are with high heels. Generally, the heel size available in Over The Knee boots are two to three inches. So, select the height which you prefer and love to wear.

7. Opening circumference of knee boots

Another thing to keep in mind is that the opening circumference of the knee boots should be altered to the circumference of your legs.

8. Always select the premium material

Most of the time, to manufacture Over the Knee boots synthetic material is used like synthetic leather or chamois. Always keep in mind to select Over The Knee boot that has thick material. There is certain material in the market that is delicate like suede which requires special care.

9. Find boots with internal lining

If you are looking to wear Over the Knee boots in winters then find those which have internal lining included. This will allow the boots to last longer. 

 10. Select zipping style accordingly

The majority of the Over The Knee boots come with zippers. It is not only made for design and aesthetics but it is there to help you so that there is ease while wearing or taking off the boots. Select the zipper style as per your choice.

Reviews of Best Thigh High Boots for Petites:

The below-mentioned boots are the Best Over The Knee Boots for Petites. All the Boots are of high quality and have been selected by following the above-mentioned criteria. So, Don’t worry! You can select any boots from below:

1. DREAM PAIRS Women’s Thigh High Fashion Boots: Over The Knee Block Mid Heel Boots

Dream pairs Women’s OKT block heel boots are one of the best choices for Petites. These would look amazing on Petites and would give you a lot of compliments.

This is made from faux suede material and would last for a long time. The faux fur lining in these boots will keep your legs warm and you can easily wear them during cold weather.

Dream pair OKT boots come with 3-inch block heels which will provide more support and stability to you. They have stretchy collars so that they would be easy to adjust according to your leg size.

These are available in versatile and basic colors like brown, grey, black, etc. Read more

  • These boots would look stylish due to their innovative design.
  • It has stretch faux collars for an adjustable fit.
  • Block heels would provide more support and stability while walking/standing.
  • It will keep your legs warm in winter.
  • Some people might find these boots to be extra cushiony.

2. N.N.G Women Boots Winter: Over the Knee Long Boots and Fashion Boots

N.N.G Women Boots Winter Over The Knee Boots is one of the best pairs of boots for autumn and winter. These boots are made of suede material which gives them a fashionable and graceful look.

As these are suede materials you need to take proper care of them so that they last long. The sole of the Over The Knee boots are of suede as well which matches with the upper. This makes the whole boots uniform and elegant.

These boots come up with a 3-inch block heel which is a decent and usual heel size. These are specially designed for women who do not prefer stiletto.

This will offer an easy time while you are walking and would be comfortable for a long time. The N.N.G Women Over The Knee boots come with a back zipper, easy to pull on and remove.

They come in a lot of different colours like black, blue, brown, red, etc. which will go with any of your outfits. Read more

  • These boots would look stylish and elegant as they are made of suede material.
  • Due to latex footbed and cushioning, these boots would be extremely comfortable.
  • The long length of the boots would keep your legs warm in cold winters.
  • These boots have a block heel for better support.
  • These over-the-knee boots would not be a great choice if you have thick legs.

3. Fashion Thirsty Women’s Over The Knee Boots: Thigh High Heels Stilettos Stretch Denim Size

As the name suggests these are made for fashion-thirsty petites who want a pair of OKT boots that give them a fashionable look. These are made from synthetic stretch denim.

These have 4.5-inch stiletto heels which will make you Over The Knee definitely look taller and pairing them with denim would be like the cherry on the cake.

Putting these on and off is an easy task, thanks to the zipper design which will make your work a hell of a lot easier.

Also, These boots have an open-toe design that will give your feet a fresh feel and work for you in hot noon. Read more

  • Denim design will enhance your look and make you look glamorous and amazing.
  • Though it will look best with denim, Also you can pair them with any type of outfit.
  • 4.5-inch heels will make your Petites taller.
  • These denim OKT boots may slip if you have very small thighs.

4. Nature Breeze FG08 Women Leatherette: Over The Knee Lace Up Combat Boot

Nature Breeze FG08 Women Leatherette OTK Lace-up combat boots are one of the most stylish boots available which will make you stand out.

These are made of Leatherette material which gives a stylish look and they can last long if you take care of them well. Also, These are slip-resistant boots due to threaded non-skid rubber soles.

These boots have a lace-up design with zippers which will be easy to put on and off quickly. Nature Breeze OKT boots have very low heels which would be great if you are someone who is not a huge fan of high heels.

These are available in some basic colours like black, tan, taupe, etc colours which will go with all your outfits and are versatile. Read more

  • The boots have a lace-up design which makes them stunning and stylish boots.
  • With the help of lace, you can even adjust the fit.
  • Padded insole and cushioned footbed will offer you comfort all day long.
  • These boots have low heels.
  • These boots would be tight in the ankle area for some people.

5. CAMSSOO Women’s Fashion Knee High Boots Faux Suede Pointed Toe Side Zip Stiletto Heeled: Over The Knee Thigh High Winter Boots

Camsso Women’s Knee-High Boots are one of the best choices for Petites as they are stylish and give an appealing look. These boots are made of elastic faux suede and elastic denim materials which are a hundred percent vegan and hand-made.

You don’t have to take the tension of slipping on wet floors as the Camsso Boots come with slip-resistant rubber soles. These come with a warm inner lining that will keep your legs perfectly warm in winters.

These boots have a side zipper which makes them easy to wear and remove and this boot is available in eight different colours like black, red, nude, etc. which will match your attire and suit you perfectly. Read more

  • These are a stylish and stunner pair of boots and will make you stand out.
  • The heel is stilettos & the height is around 4 inches which will make Petites look taller.
  • The comfort of these boots is satisfying due to the pad latex insole.
  • Camssoo OTK boots lacks arch support.

6. Premier Standard Women’s Over The Knee Boot: Sexy Over The Knee Pullon Boot

Premier Standard Women’s OTK boots are an amazing pair of boots for Petites. They are made from hundred percent vegan materials. You can buy them knowing that you are doing a bit for the environment.

These are trendy and edgy boots made from faux suede material and synthetic material outsole which will keep your boots last longer. These will look extremely glamorous and sexy on you.

The heel height is 4-inches which will make you a lot taller and most women love high heels so I am sure you are going to enjoy this one.

These are available in 16 different colours, from basic colours like black and brown to neutral colours like Natural Su to bold colours like red. You will definitely love these as they will go with all types of attire. Read more

  • The 4-inch high heels will make you look taller.
  • These have good cushioning and would be comfortable.
  • Suede material will ensure that they are long-lasting.
  • These are true to their size and fit perfectly.
  • These boots are not made for women with larger calves.

7. Shoe’N Tale Women Stretch Suede Chunky Heel Thigh High Over The Knee Boots:

These boots are a great choice for petite women. These are also made from suede material and will last very long. These have rubber soles so you don’t have to worry about slipping on slippery surfaces.

The heels are approximately 3.5-inches and would look really good on petite women. 

These boots are very comfortable even if you roam around wearing this, your legs or feet won’t hurt as they have soft cushioning. Though a recommendation is to wear these with a dress and not jeans as these are not stretchy OKT boots.

These boots are available in a lot of different colours like black, red, etc as well as heel options like platform or low heel. Read more

  • These boots fit true to their size and have sung fit.
  • Available in a lot of various colors and styles.
  • These boots are truly comfortable and enjoyable.
  • These have a zipper for easy takeoff and pull on.
  • These boots are not great for women with thicker thighs as they don’t have stretchy material.

Best Tips to Style Over-the-Knee Boots for Petites (Pro Tips):

Over-the-knee boots look stylish and fashionable but it’s a bit tricky to style them and make sure that you look stunning in them. So here are some tips and tricks on how to style and wear Over the Knee boots for Petites.

1. Boots should reach the right spot

You should select those Over the Knee boots that hit the correct spot on your knees. Please keep in mind that they should not go beyond your thighs. They can go beyond your knee but should end below the thighs.

2. Wear pants of the same color as your boots

This is a great tip to give you a tall look. Another styling tip is that always match your leggings, pants, or tights with the same colour as your boots. This will make your legs longer and thus it will give an illusion that you are tall.

3. Prefer to wear with high-waist jeans

If you do not have pants or leggings of the same colour as your boots. Do not worry. You can still make your legs look longer by wearing high waist jeans.

4. Never wear with long tops

Please never wear long sweaters, tops or t-shirts as it will ruin your whole look and wouldn’t make sense.

Tips to Make Over The Knee Boots Stay up:

It is sometimes annoying when your Over The Knee boots don’t stay up. Here are some tricks that will help you.

1. Use the plastic bag to wrap your foot while wearing

One of the most common methods is to use a plastic bag. Use the plastic bag to wrap your foot in it before wearing your boots. And follow it up by tearing the extra plastic bag parts that show.

2. Wear your boots with leggings or tights

Instead of wearing jeans, wear tights or leggings as the material and texture of leggings and tights are such that they will hold the boots in place.

3. Use fashion tapes to stick to your boots

Just like duct tapes, fashion tapes are two-way tapes. You have to stick to the inside of the boot. Then put on the Over The Knee Boots and they will stay put. 

4. Use rolled-up cards to keep your boots in place

Slip some sheets of rolled-up cards in your Over The Knee boots to keep them in place. Also, keep in mind to choose the card in the same colour as your boots so there won’t be any colour differentiation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Given below are some of the most common and frequent questions that most girls have.

Q1. What does a petite body mean?

The petite body is a commonly used term for women or girls who have a height of 5’3 or less. Here only height is taken into consideration and not the weight of the women or girls. All the terms petite body, petite, petite women, or petite girls mean the same thing so don’t get confused about it.

Q2. What is petite clothing?

Petite clothing is simply the clothing that women with petite body wear.

Q3. Is petite skinny or short?

Please keep in mind that petite is used only for height. The weight of the female is not taken into consideration. So all those women with 5’3 height are petite. Some people even consider this height as tall enough and some people consider this as a short height. So it really depends on person to person.

Q4. Can a man be petite?

In the fashion world, people use petite for females only. Men are not categorized as petite.

Q5. Can petite girls wear over-the-knee boots?

Yes, petite girls can definitely wear over-the-knee boots and look amazing in them. This article will help you to get the best over-the-knee boots for Petites.

Q6. Can short girls wear over-the-knee boots?

Yes, if you are a short girl then you can definitely wear over-the-knee boots. Do keep in mind to go for booths that are one or two inches above the kneecap.

Q7. Is 5’4 considered as a petite?

Well, generally the definition of petite means 5’3 height but if you are 5’4 you can definitely wear clothing made for petite people and look great.

Q8. How to wear over the knee boots all day?

Wearing Over The Knee boots for an entire day may be uncomfortable or tiring. But you can use silicone inserts that will provide high heel relief. These are available easily in the market and will provide more support and cushioning to your feet.

Conclusion on the Best Over the Knee Boots for Petites:

With this, I come to the end of the Best over the knee boots for petites’ article. I have selected some of the best Over the Knee Boots for you which are of great quality at the same time affordable and stylish.

I hope you enjoyed reading this detailed article along with the buying guide and some styling tips which will help you in making a better decision.

Please do like, and share this article with your friends, family, relatives, and any petite girl that you know. Also, let me know which tips were helpful to you and which were your favourite Over The Knee boots. I would love to know If I missed something out so please do comment.

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