Best Football Shoes Under 1000 In India (2021) | [Top 9 Picks]

Best Football Shoes Under 1000 In India [Top 9 Picks Reviewed]

Looking for the best football shoes under 1000 in India? No worry!

In today’s scenario, physical activities such as playing, exercising have become indispensable to human’s life, especially in this corona pandemic.

No doubt, the first requirement to take part in these is having a nice pair of shoes. However, everybody knows the struggle of finding a compatible football shoe set that meets your requirements.

Every individual’s preferences are different and when it comes to buying shoes, they show almost the same inclination.

Most of the players look for comfort in football shoes before anything. Of course, what is the point of wearing shoes only to show off that takes a toll on your feet? While playing or indulging in any other activity, bad shoes can aggravate the stress that you already are facing in the game of football.

Football Shoes come in different varieties, range and look.

I am sure none of us ever had wondered about the varied options that we are getting nowadays. Along with the variety, the confusion of settling for that one pair consumes a lot of valuable time.

Trust me, I know the pain!

Don’t worry dear friends, let me make your search easy for all of you. In this detailed article, we aim to shrink your research by listing out the best football shoes under 1000 rs in India you can opt for. 

What are the Best Football Boots Under 1000 INR? [At Glance]

  1. Nivia 833O Synthetic Pro Encounter Football Boot
  2. GBG Men’s Football Stud
  3. Nivia Ashtang Football Shoes
  4. Nivia Destroyer Football Boot
  5. Vector X Volt Football Shoe
  6. Nivia Premier Carbonite 2.0 Football Stud
  7. Nivia 1229BK Airstrike Football Stud for Men’s
  8. Vector X Dynamic 001 Football Shoes
  9. Nivia Dominator Football Shoes

Imagine finding your favourite type of shoes that fits exactly your budget! Sounds amazing right?

You have landed on the right page if you are in search of the best football studs under 1000 in India to ace in your football game that is pocket friendly and serves the exact purpose.

But before that, let us help you in knowing the compatible football shoes set for your requirements.

According to your priority list, what feature of sports shoes has the first place and what comes last. So if you have decided to be the next best football player in your team – then you must possess the ultimate quality of the brand. But what makes a shoe a perfect fit for your feet.

Top 3 Best Football Studs under 1000 in India: Comparison Table

Lockdown your feet

Highly Comfortable

Overall Best

1. Nivia 833O Synthetic Pro Encounter

2. Nivia Premier Carbonite 2.0

3. Vector X Dynamic 001 Football Shoes

Editors Ratings

Editors Ratings

Editors Ratings

Key Features:

  • Eextremely light weighted..

  • No stability issues.

  • Fully comfortable material.

Key Features:

  • Best shoes for rainy weather.

  • Soft and durable sole.

  • Move with explosive speed.

Key Features:

  • Provides enough protection.

  • Best for good speed and control.

  • Maximises performance.

Reviews Of the Top 10 Best Football Shoes under 1000 in India

1. Nivia 833O Synthetic Pro Encounter Football Boot

A Freewill Sports Pvt Ltd Brand originated in India, NIVIA is a true iconic sports brand that aims to add variety to sportswear.

This unique manufacturer makes top-grade athletic equipment.

Its high-quality products at a legitimate price with integrated development make us choose this brand right away and considered these shoes as the best nivia football shoes under 1000 rs.

Not only does it produces sportswear, but it also manufactures other items related to sports such as core- sports accessories like Football, Running, Volleyball and Basketball.

Additionally, When we talk about Nivia Brand, you can trust this even with closed eyes. This brand has never disappointed its users and has provided a range of products. Nivia brand crafts its products with care so that they can be used comfortably for long hours.

The product here we are talking about is Nivia 833O Synthetic Pro Encounter Football Stud which is just awesome! You hit a ball wearing this shoe and you will literally feel the sophistication of this particular product.

Our Verdict

Wear it with a T-Shirt and a pair of shorts to pep up your sporty look. This amazing pair is equipped with everything you need under this budget.

Furthermore, You can choose between two attractive colours turquoise blue and orange. The overall benefit of this pair is outstanding. Generally, shoes with these features cost too much. Give it a try and you will not regret spending your money.

Key Features:-

  • Outsole material TPU
  • Insole Plastic molded
  • Upper Material  PVC synthetic leather
  • Weight   Light -Weighted
  • Water retention is not an issue with this shoe.
  • The Eva insole used in Nivia 833O Synthetic Pro is extremely light weighted that provides you comfort.
  • After wearing this shoe you won’t face any stability issues on slippery ground.
  • Not much good for the rainy season. This is the only limitation of this product.

2. GBG Men’s Soccer Cleat

Earlier when the first Football boots were made, they used to be classic, however, now more glamorous looks are being endorsed by the manufacturer. All thanks to so much research, marketing sponsorship and development.

GBG’s shoe collection is what a stylish footballer will want to have.

This brand’s products are unquestionable and always worthy to be possessed. While designing and manufacturing this brand keeps your comfort and style in mind.

GBG Men’s Football Shoes are one of the reliable products of this brand and are considered the best football boots in India. Let us have a look at the product details to help you reach a conclusion.


Customer satisfaction is the main motto of GBG and this is apparent by the range of products with apex quality they provide to their clients. The combination of quality and looks is what makes this product the first choice of many football players.

Overall, this shoe-set is a must-try.

Key Features:-

  • Outsole: TPU
  • Shoe Width: Medium
  • Insole: Die cut lightweight EVA
  • Upper: Soft AGILITY Mesh
  • TPU outsole and lightweight EVA insole allows you to play smoothly on synthetic turf and hard grounds and keeps you in your comfort zone.
  • The Soft AGILITY MES helps you to control the ball more efficiently.
  • The outsole is too flexible that you can make any move in your game without hurting your feet.
  • The medium width sometimes can cause a little irritation for those who have little wide feet.

3. Nivia Ashtang Football Shoes

Wearing a comfortable material is extremely necessary while playing.

Nivia has a long sports history and it has always walked the less explored path to create several opportunities for the Indian sports industry.

If you are one of those who prefers to have extremely snuggy and cozy fit shoes, then Nivia Ashtang Football Stud is a perfect fit for your feet. These ankle-length shoes feel like a soft cushion is fitted inside that provides you with extra protection.

Moreover, the molded plastic sole helps your feet to get a better grip and stability. Stitching and finishing is also something you will admire in these shoes. That’s the reason we have added this shoe to the list of best football shoes under 1000 in India.


These type of triangular studs lets a player accelerate with optimum efficiency. Other than this, durability is for what you can rely upon these shoes. This will last longer than other shoes that is good looking but is hard on your feet.

Key Features:-

  • Outsole: High shear strength TPU
  • Shape: A little Triangular-shaped
  • Back collar: PU synthetic leather
  • Insole: Pre-molded Eva sole
  • Studs are distributed equally.
  • These shoes will help you to run faster than any other player.
  • You play without getting injured
  • Helps you balance while playing so that you keep your focus on the ball.
  • Colour options are less. Other than this the product wins everyone heart.

4. Nivia Destroyer Football Shoes For Men

Some football players are a great fan of looks. Of course! While playing if you don’t feel like a professional player, something feels missed out. That’s why a nice attractive pair is a prerequisite to a great and aspiring player.

These slightly Padded Tongue and Slightly Cushioned Heel tabs are also outfitted with 11 Textured Cleats that let you hold the firm ground so you don’t lose focus on the game.

Apart from this, the colour range and colour combination in these shoes are what you crave for.


Nivia Destroyer Shoe is, no doubt, the perfect choice for you if you also want to get a professional feel. They are available in Black- Yellow- Pink, Black- Yellow- Purple, Green Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Lemon Yellow Red, Red. Have you ever seen this extraordinary combination before? I bet you haven’t!

Here are the special features of these shoes:-

Key Features:-

  • Textured Outsole
  • Cushioned Heel
  • Firm Ground Outsole
  • Soft and Padded Footbed
  • Lets your feet hold the grip on the ground firmly.
  • A padded footbed doesn’t let your food and legs get tired.
  • Extra protection for the heel.
  • If over washed, the paint can come out. That’s why the manufacturer recommends it to clean dry.
  • No Major drawbacks found.

5. Vector X Volt Football Shoe

These are extremely affordable and the best studs under 1000 rupees & will just cost you equal to three pairs of socks! Quite an affordable right? But don’t underestimate the efficacy of this extremely pocket-friendly pair.

These simple-looking football shoes come in a combination of green and blue colours with green laces. The best part of this shoe is that it provides you with a firm grip on any type of ground with the help of 14 plastic studs.

Our Verdict

The padded footbed and PVC sole (know more about PVC sole) are other reasons to purchase this. Who would have ever thought about finding such facilities in a very small amount! This boot is also considered the best football boots for wide feet players.

Key Features:-

  • Footbed- cushioned
  • Sole- PVC·      
  • Studs count: 14
  • High build quality.
  • Perfect for mostly any type of ground.
  • Long life if not overused.
  • Very lightweight sturdy.
  • Fits perfectly and have better traction.
  • Single colour availability is the only con this product has.

6. Nivia Premier Carbonite 2.0 Football Stud

As we already discussed, Nivia is well-known for manufacturing premium quality sports products. They provide an exclusive array of designs along with enhanced material quality.

This product of the Nivia brand delivers a rigid grip and stability and does not halt the enjoyment of your favourite sport. You can wear these studs during your daily practice sessions.

The sole of this shoe is made from premium quality material for extended durability. You would not have to worry about water retention as the PVC synthetic leather takes care of it. 

You can even play efficiently on a hard playground and even on synthetic turf due to the existence of the TPU outsole.


The comfort of your feet is very well taken care of by this brandy. You do not have to worry about washing it after every week, cleaning it with clean material will do the job. Ever imagined finding so much on this low budget! These are stylish too and the best soccer shoes under 1000.

Key Features:-

  • Material:  PVC synthetic leather
  • Outsole: TPU
  • Insole: Die cut lightweight Eva
  • Insole board: Nonwoven waterproof
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Absorbs the pressure while running on the ground.
  • Weight is so light that you won’t feel it while wearing it.
  • This is the best shoes for rainy weather.
  • Leather material gives it a shiny look that holds the attention of many in the audience.
  • Only the stud count is less that is 11. Otherwise, the shoe is perfect.

7. Nivia 1229BK Airstrike Football Stud for Mens

Nothing is better than the round studs in a shoe that let you move in any direction easily and with a proper focus.

And guess what! This shoe consists of this amazing feature so why would not anyone grab it? These round-shaped studs enhance your performance and let you practice with full concentration on the game.

Are these also the best football boots for shooting and passing? Of Course!

Final Verdict

The lining in this shoe is detachable that allows your feet to get dry after a long sweaty game. Whenever you will have to play on wet and soft ground, these shoes won’t lose their grip.

This will be a non- regrettable choice and your friends will be jealous after knowing about such a great deal as the price is too low. If you are a beginner, then these are the best football boots for beginners.

Key Features:-

  • Studs: round-shaped
  • Lining – Detachable
  • Ideal for soft and wet ground
  • Gives good support and stability to the wearer.
  • The detachable lining lets your feet get dry from time to time while playing
  • You can clean these shoes easily, not like other shoes that need to be washed after getting dirty.
  • No cons as such!

8. Vector X Dynamic 001 Football Stud

Vector X is, without any doubt, one of the well-established sports brands that always unveils stylish and top-quality sports gear for aspiring sports players as well as others.

As a brand, they have introduced a wide range of fabulous gears which have been opted by several famous sportspersons.

It is strengthening product innovation by making continuous efforts to enhance its value in people’s life. In the future, Vector X is all set to reach greater product variations along with a strong customer base.


If you opt for this spectacular pair of football shoes from the house of Vector X, it will be a smart choice that will take care of your requirements regarding your comfort level and simultaneously your other needs will also be met. This boot is one of the best football boots for hard ground at a cheap price.

Key Features:-

  • Material: Synthetic Leather
  • Sole: PVC sole
  • Color: Black and Grey
  • Cushioned and padded playing surfaces
  • Cozy and perfect fit
  • Stylish shoes can be worn on different occasions.
  • Extremely pocket friendly
  • A little heavy weight

9. Nivia Dominator Football Shoes

Last but not the least, the Nivia Dominator football stud has various extraordinary features and is one of its own kind.

It is designed by a unique technique that is: – direct injection molding technology. This technology bestows you a superior grip.

This high-quality stud is a single component shoe and a full TPU stud that is extra flexible from the toe area which helps you to kick the ball without hurting your toe. The heel area is hard that is helpful for firm balance as well as stability.

It retains the foot shape and yields to the ground excellence. The inner material is made of excellent quality and molded socks for adequate comfort and cushioning balance.


This particular shoe type is designed in such a way where the synergy of excellence and comfort together improves performance. We have mentioned this product in the last number, but this is surely the first choice of many who seek the extraordinary properties this product has.

Key Features:-

  • Material- TPU.
  • Upper – Seamless
  • Sole- ’’AIR MESH” TPU
  • Stud count- 14
  • AIR MESH sole is the sublime material used in this product.
  • Extra studs make you feel safe on wet and slippery grounds.
  • Only available in Blue colour.

Do You Know How to Choose a Football Boot? [Buying Guide]

best football shoes under 1000

First of all, let’s look at the tips you should follow while choosing football boots i.e. how to choose a football boot?

I: Where do you play?

What that ground is like where you usually play football. Is that ground firm or soft? Is the grass you play on artificial or turf? Or do you mostly play in indoor courts? Know about the types of football shoes.

#How does it matter?

On soft grounds, little long studs are required whereas plastic studs are ideal for the firm and natural ground. Shorter and hollow studs are perfect for the ground with artificial grass for a more firm grip that won’t make your knees bear any kind of pain. While playing indoor courts, a plain, non-marking rubber outsole is preferable.

II: What are you looking for?

What is the purpose you look for while settling for a shoe type? For some it is comfort however for others it is speed. Some look for power while others want control while wearing football shoes.

#How would your choice vary according to these four aspects?

Let us guide you through this!

For speed, you should consider weight and traction.

As far as power is concerned, you need to have solid football shoes that can let your foot bend in a natural manner.

Comfort is also most of the individuals’ choice when it comes to purchasing appropriate shoe material. For this virtue, a leather upper is beneficial.

And if we talk about control, it’s all about the grip, friction and a good connection with the ball.

III: What kind of material are you searching for?

Are you a fan of synthetic material or is it woven stuff that attracts you? Does leather hold your attention when you purchase football boots?

#Difference in the above written material:-

Typically, leather is the most comfortable upper material in shoes. However, you need to take care of a lot of your leather shoes.

As far as synthetic material stuff is concerned, it is becoming the most common choice of many of the acing players. This is also true that most of the synthetic upper are durable, thinner and lighter. This stuff aims to emulate the softness as compared to the leather.

Now let us talk about the knitted stuff. It is the boots of the future. The woven thread offers a sock-like fit with no distractions.

How to Choose Between Firm Ground, Artificial Ground and Soft Ground Football Boots – Watch this video


Now, We have ended up with this detailed article on the best football shoes under 1000 rupees and I hope you enjoyed reading it and were able to make your search easy.

Please share this article with those who are perplexed and are not able to make the right choice.

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you.!

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