Benefits of Leather Shoes [ 7+ Benefits & Shoe Care Tips]

Benefits of Leather Shoes [ 9+ Benefits and Reasons to Buy]

For centuries, leather shoes have been the first choice for many individuals owing to the fact that this sublime material offers various advantages and health benefits of leather shoes. Although many synthetic materials are being introduced in the market, they have never been able to affect the love and inclination of people towards leather.

Nevertheless, this fact can also not be denied that few people do not wear any material made by leather, not because they doubt this material’s quality, but because of their love for animals and their religious beliefs.

However, in many parts of the world where leather products are manufactured, the used leather is just a by-product of the meat industry. In place of throwing the valuable animal hides, most industry people prefer to make the best out of it.

Leather is loved by all shoemakers across the globe.

What are the health benefits of leather shoes?

  • Leather shoes prevent foot pain and discomfort.
  • Comfortable Fit to your feet.
  • Size inclusivity.

While there are some who hesitate to wear them as according to the products made out of leather are extremely expensive. But, has any best thing ever come at a cheap price?

Why leather shoes are better?

Leather shoes are better because it has many benefits which will be discussed later. Leather shoes protect our feet from dirt & dust, temperature any other things which cause problem in our feet while walking.

Different type of leather material is there in the market that is being used to create various products. These are top-grain, full-grain, genuine, bonded and split-grain leather.

Various products are made out of leather including fashion accessories, footwear, clothing, bags, automobile seats, and furniture but here let’s talk particularity talk about leather shoes. If you really want to buy best pair of leather shoes, Check some best formal shoes which are genuine leather made.

The variety of footwear’s you receive that are produced through this material is yet to be explored. You can wear leather shoes in your workplace or on any special occasion.

9 Advantages and benefits of leather shoes

#1: Leather shoes are Long-Lasting.

The first and most important benefit of genuine leather shoes is that they are durable. Everybody goes through the pain of spending their hard-earned money on shoes after every while. But when it comes to leather material-shoe, you will only have to spend once and be worry-free for the next few years.

The time and money spent while buying leather shoes are never wasted, even it’s an investment. Shoes made from the original leather can outlive other man-made materials. Synthetic shoes cannot stand anywhere in front of the ones made of authentic leather stuff.

So, wouldn’t it be wiser spending once and yielding more than spending twice on synthetic shoe products?

#2: Leather Shoes provides Extra protection and Support.

If you work in an active environment, then leather shoes are must-have shoes for you. They provide you with extra protection. For example, imagine you are working in your office and you have completely engrossed in your work and suddenly the tea you are sipping spills on your shoes. Don’t worry if you are wearing leather work shoes and boots as it won’t let that hot tea hurt you.

Of course, you cannot compare leather shoes with steel toe cap or composite capped shoes but they can surely save you from getting hurt by small accidents or injuries.

#3: Leather Shoes offer Better Fit than other shoes.

The leather material has the quality of moulding according to your foot shape. Due to its flexibility, it offers the perfect fit to the foot with different shapes. While this is not the case with other plastic or any synthetic material-shoe as they will not adjust according to your foot’s requirements. 

These shoes offer a nice grip to your feet as they let any foot with any shape accommodate so well.

Have you ever bore the inconvenience of walking while wearing a loose fit shoe and then experiencing pain in your leg? Well! Leather footwear offer to relieve this pain!

#4: Leather Shoes are Easy to clean.

Today, not everybody has the free time to wash and clean their footwear now and then. In this fast pacing world, where everybody is chasing excellence, nobody wants to waste a single minute on trivial things like taking care of their footwear.

But the importance of clean and tidy shoes cannot be denied. Imagine giving a presentation in front of your superiors while wearing a not-so-cleaned-shoe. Awkward right?

So why not opt for leather shoes that make the work easy and time-saving. It is easier to clean Leather footwear than other fabric shoes. A clean cloth can do the job, not daily, once a week will be more than sufficient. You can also take the help of good quality polish and then be free for many days.

#5: Leather Shoes are Water Resistance.

Can you work in a damp shoe in winters? Or even in any weather when you want to have complete concentration on the task and your feet are asking for relief!

In this case, looking for waterproof shoes becomes a smart choice. . The leather coating shoes are resistant to any liquids. Your feet should be free from any spills. This also adds to the life of shoes as no external damage is done to your shoes.

#6: Leather Shoes provides excellent Breathability.

You must be knowing that our skin breathes through its pores. Doctors also recommend keeping your skin exposed to the environment so that it can breathe naturally and stay healthy.

As far as our foot are concerned, they rarely get a chance of breathing in an open atmosphere. Some shoes aggravate the issue. But not leather shoes.

Genuine leather material let the air cross and reach your feet so that they can remain normal. The leather material absorbs the moisture from your feet and evaporates it that prevents the smell that comes after wearing non-breathable material.

SO, you get rid of the unbearable smell and won’t feel ashamed when you take your shoes off when you are surrounded by people. See here some of the best leather formal shoes for men.

#7: Leather Shoes are also Eco- friendly.

Choosing leather shoes always is a wise decision. The only source of leather is animal skin, as leather shoes are extracted from natural materials, it is eco-friendly. Unlike other cheap synthetic products that cannot be decomposed and are disastrous to the environment, leather doesn’t contribute to environmental degradation.

#8: Leather Shoes are Classic and Stylish.

There is a misconception among some that leather should be worn only at your workplace as this gives a formal look. You can’t deny that it is the best addition to your formals, but on any occasion when you want to slay, genuine leather will be your best friend.

The sleek and shiny leather makes shoes and even clothes look like a luxury item. It is a much better option than the manufactured material that looks odd. 

Leather is never out of fashion. You can put on leather shoes any time and people will not judge you instead you will be looked up to.

#9: Leather Shoes Smell good.

Nothing can be compared to the smell of the original leather. Man-made materials sometimes stink due to the involvement of several chemicals. Even after wearing these synthetics during a long shift, your feet can leave a bad odour.

Leather emits a refreshing scent that feels completely natural.

If you have never experienced smelling leather, do try it whenever you are in the shop. You will definitely be able to know the difference. Read why leather smells so good?

How to Care for Leather Shoes?

benefits of leather shoes

Cleaning our leather shoes and boots should not be a difficult task. So, here are some of our leather care tips:-

Cleaning Tip

On weekends or when you get time, take a brush and rub gently on the surface of the leather shoes, make sure that all the dust and dirt are removed. You can also use mild soap and warm water to clean your favourite leather shoes.

When you are done with all the surfaces of leather shoes and left with the soles, then take a specialized narrower brush and clean soles of the shoes with a mild shampoo and warm water. Read more…

Drying Tip

It is recommended that not to dry your leather shoes directly to the sunlight. As direct exposure to sunlight will make your leather shoes less durable and damaged.

Dry your shoes to room temperature – take out the sole and let it dry by itself. It won’t be time consuming as it sounds.

Conditioning Tip

As you know, “Prevention is better than Cure“. Regular taking care of your shoes will minimize your efforts in the cleaning of shoes. You can use some of the best polishes, creams, feeds and oils etc. these will enhance the look of your leather shoes and boots.


Hope you understood the benefits of leather shoes. Leather shoes provide you with extra protection for your feet. Leather shoes and boots are mostly loved by people who use them for work. Work boots and shoes are mostly made of leather because it is very safe and water-resistant or temperature resistant.

Investing in leather shoes is really worth it guys. Leather shoes have numerous benefits and advantages.

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